13 Classy Pot neck Blouse Designs to look Beautiful


Nowadays, blouses are found in many designs. One such style is Pot neck blouse design. This type of blouses is known for its simple small pot shape formed on the back side of the blouse. It is mostly found with the string that is used to tie from the back side. The knot or string is used to hold the blouse tightly to the body. In this modern world, designers are concentrating on designing some amazing blouse designs looking beautiful with pot neck patterns. Some are heavy, some are minimal while some have different strings.

Mostly Pot neck blouses come with a tied and hook design with some beautiful hangings. Here is a list of 13 Classy pot neck blouse designs that will look really beautiful.

1.Full embroidered Pot Neck blouse:

A blouse with a lot of embroideries gives an effect of heaviness. A pot neck design on its back can add an effective look your designer blouse. These patterned blouses are already heavy and when a pot neck is added to it, it balances the whole look. A pot neck on the back can add a good vibe to any simple saree.

2.Flat bottom Pot Neck blouse:

A fashionable blouse with the heavy embroidery on the light material looks fantastic. The quarter sleeves make it even better. You can get such blouse with the pot neck at the back in the contemporary shape. You will love its elegance and sophistic look at any festival or function.

3.Halter Neck Pot Back Neck blouse:

Halter neck design at the front is known for its collar-like effect. When it has a pot neck at the back, it becomes very stylish. The designs at the front and back remain the same while keeping it quite revealing from the back. It has the strings which are used to keep both ends together.

4.Cap sleeve Pot Neck Blouse:

This type of Pot neck blouse doesn’t come with the strings, rather it is connected with the help of a hook. It makes a triangle-like shape at the back as from down, it is connected with a single broad lace. The cap sleeves are slightly longer than the sleeveless blouses and it looks fabulous with such attractive back.

5.Butta Embellished Golden Pot Neck Blouse:

Butta is the small fake diamonds or pearls studded on the blouse. The golden colour is known for its elegance. And when it combined with the butta pattern it looks like a heavenly match. Such golden blouses with Pot neck at the back looks stunning. It is tied with the strings of the same colour.

6.High neck Pot pattern blouse:

High neck blouse is usually closed and gives a collar-like effect. When it combined with the pot-shaped design, it started showing some skin. The combination of these looks beautiful. The outline of the pot neck usually comes with heavy border work. It is a great combination and a traditional and modern look.

7.Laced Border Pot Neck border:

May silk and cotton blouses come with the amazing laced work on the border. When such blouses start coming with the pot neck, it starts looking more beautiful. Here, the pot neck comes with the same border work and knots to tie both sides together. It will enhance the beauty of the blouse.

8.Double Hook Pot Pattern blouse:

Pot Neck saree bloused also comes with some elegant and simple look. It has the two hooks, one on the top and other at the lower end of the blouse. It gives a keyhole-like effect which seems to be unique and different. The small diamond or pearl work on such blouses look more fantastic.

9.Pot Neck mirror Work blouse:

A pot neck blouse design with the mirror work around the border enhances the beauty of the blouse. The cutwork and borders add a contemporary beauty to the back of the blouse. It also comes with a Dori or strings, which helps in tying the two ends of the blouse together.

10.Boat neckline blouse with the round Pot Neck:

Boat neckline is loved by every woman because it looks extremely elegant. These blouses come with the quarter sleeves and a pot neck pattern at the back. It makes a round shape with the help matching border. It is connected with the help of hooks, one on the top while two or three on the bottom.

11.Dynamic layer Pot neck blouse:

Silk with the quarter sleeves looks beautiful, but when it is combined with the pot neck back blouse, it becomes better. So do you think of having two or three pot neck openings? This type of Pot neck pattern has the same. At the upper part, it is tied with the help of strings, but the other two openings connect with the help of hooks. Also, you will love its Indo western look.

12.A pot neck blouse with a bow:

Pot neck blouses are known for its beautiful tying pattern on the back. Earlier the Dori and hooks were used to tie both ends, but now, the designers have come out with the more interesting way: BOW. Here both ends are tied with the help of two long fabric, which forms a bow-like design. Although, it comes with a hook at the upper part of the blouse. You will love its girly look.

13.Stunning Cross-style of pot neck:

There are some blouses that come with a cross styled pattern. Here two different fabrics form a crossing shape. If its style is normal then you can’t expect its tying style to be basic. It comes with a side tying. It looks elegant and modernish. It doesn’t come with an upper hook or strings.

Choose any type of Pot neck blouse and add beauty to your saree of lehenga. You can even choose according to your style and dress requirement. If you know these 13 styles then you get a great knowledge about this pattern.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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