Top 100 Patch Work Blouse Designs with Front and Back Neck Patterns


There are many different blouse designs available in the market but the most demanded blouse pattern is Patch work pattern. This kind of blouses looks more decent and adding more elegancy to your look. here we are trying to cover all types of styling and designs can be made up with the patch work pattern.

Patch Work Blouse Designs

1.patch work designs with kalamkari blouse:

One of the most engaging and tangy designs when combined with a beautiful patch work.

2. floral print patch work blouse designs :

Floral prints are always fantastic to grope and are enhanced by this sort of patch work.

3.Boat neck and patch work blouse designs :

A boat neck design with patches work only embraces your beauty and outlook.

4.Patch work on a net blouse designs :

Net finish is a term for sophistication and looks prettier when combined with silver patches work.

5.Patch work with sweetheart’s neck:

A patchworks design with sweetheart’s neck is always enough for grabbing attention.

6.Patches with heavy maggam work blouse designs :

You can go for a bright violet color blouse with such a heavy patches work.

7.Patch work on a half sleeved blouse:

This blouse design could be worn on almost any occasion and is very comfortable.

8.Printed patchwork:

Such a designer blouse with kalamkari print adds grace to your look.

9.Patch work blouse designs with frilled waistline:

The designer frills and waistline of this design make you look no less than a diva.

10.Back stripped patch work:

This bright and stripped designed blouse with contrasting colours is a must for your wardrobe.

11.Patchworks on stand collar:

Stand collar blouses depict sophistication with class, and a patches work adds to it.

12.Patch work and back button:

This is one of the latest designs having buttons on the back along with superb patch work.

13.Patch work blouse designs with piping:

A design with pipeline and colour combinations like black or mustard can go a long way!

14.Patch work with checks:

Such patch work blouses go with shades like yellow, and other bright colours and the check prints look fabulous.

15.Sparkling patch work blouse designs :

Such an attractive and sparkling black coloured blouse goes a long way.

16.Back key-hole patch work blouse designs :

This kind of design looks great on every skin tone because the shade is so right.

17.Patch work with orange blouse designs :

Such a bright colour gives a very happy finish to your blouse.

18.Classic Blouse blouse designs :

This blouse design has a low back string which goes well when mixed with a couple of other shades.

19.Mirror patch work blouse designs:

Mirror patchworks always give a very elegant touch to the design.

20.Traditional patch work blouse designs :

The design gives a very traditional yet classy look with half sleeves.

Blouse Neck Designs with Patch Work

21.Patch work with net:

Such a net design with pretty patchs work and fine piping seems sophisticated.

22.Occasional patchs work:

This blouse design is made with unique and attractive patchs work for special occasions.

23.Patch work blouse designs with round neck;

A round neck combined with mirror work and shades like orange or cream suits every occasion.

24.Patch work with full-neck:

Such a full neck blouse works well with shades like blue or grey.

25.Patch work with oval shape:

This oval shaped neck blouse looks even better with colour combinations and works.

26.Unique patches work:

This design gives you all the attention because of the colour themes like black and golden.

27.Patchworks with princess cut blouse designs :

Such a design with zipping and such on-going colours give a very positive look.

28.Patchworks blouse with semi sleeves:

Such multi-coloured and floral prints go best with sophisticated patches work designs.

29.Simple patchworks:

A pinch of yellow with shimmer can result in something unbeatable.

30.Patchwork with front zip:

This design with a front zip is very rare and classy.

31.Checkered patch work blouse designs:

Checks give a modern touch when combined with bright colours and simple work.

32.U-shaped patchwork:

What makes U-shaped blouses uncommon and prettier is a smart colour combination.

33.Y-shaped patch work blouse designs :

One can go for such a Y-shaped design on the back for every festive season with on-going colours.`

34.Floral patchwork:

Black is simply a definition, and when combined with floral patchworks, its beauty is only enhanced.

35.Cape style patchworks:

Capes are trendy in most outfit choices. A fancy patchworks on the front neckline can enhance it way too much.

36.Net and thread patchworks:

Details like pearls, threads and net give the most sophisticated look as per one’s requirements.

37.Back neck patchworks with a bow:

The definition of our patchworks on the back neck is enhanced by the bow, and so is the cuteness.

38.Patchwork with velvet:

You can go for a heavy kundan type patchworks on velvet cloth for class.

39.Black mirror patchwork:

When black colour is combined with mirror work and that too on a silk saree, that is a fashion statement in itself.

Simple Patch Work Blouse Designs

40.Black gold patch work blouse designs :

A black and golden patchworks can go well with embroidered sleeves or maybe a banarasi saree.

41.Traditional gold patchwork:

Such a golden patch resonates well with beauty, and you can choose a bright or pastel colour along with it.

42.Pink boat neck patchwork:

This type of patchworks design and colour seems very subtle and suitable for teens.

43.Teal and gold patchwork blouse designs :

This is a very classy and luxurious design when chosen with rare colours. It gives a very bollywood’ish feel.

44.Beige patchwork with zardozi :

Zardozi embroidery gives it a very contemporary and modern feel at the same time while beige colour enhances it.

45.Round back neck patchwork blouse designs :

A round neck can be made interesting with a contrasted colour patchwork blouse designs on the back.

46.U shaped back neck patchwork:

The back of this U shaped neck blouse is extended as a Beatle shaped leaf which is forever in style.

47.Double sided patchwork:

This is a different patch design. There is no golden patchwork in the middle but only on the sides and sleeves.

48.Square back neck patchwork:

The shape of the neck is enhanced into a square by the use of orange patches which have been used on the sleeves as well.

49.Back neck border patchwork:

The waist area has two joint golden patches which extend to the lower side of the blouse as well.

50.U back neck patchwork:

The shades of cream and green make the most out of it and it is enhanced by the red borders and thickened neckline.

51.Black and golden patchwork blouse design:

While the golden zari work highlights the patchwork, black gives it volume.

52.One-sided back neck patchwork:

In this design, the golden patchwork extends to only one side of the neckline. It is an interesting design.

53.Mid-blouse patchwork:

The patchwork is very narrow near the collar and wide in the middle, which is enhanced with the use of beads.

54.Ash and yellow patch work:

The ash colour enhances the neckline and cutting of the yellow material which gives a very classy finish.

55.Different coloured patchwork:

This is a very interesting design which has three different patches. The middle patch joins the shoulders from the neckline.

56.Blouse lining patch work:

The patches have been used on the sleeves and both sides but not in the middle of the blouse design.

57.Patchwork with jewels:

Stone decoration highlights the patches used in the middle.

58.Strip blouse patchwork:

Same coloured patches are on the sleeves to make it look right.

59.Multicoloured patchwork:

This design uses multicolored patches for covering the sleeves too.

60.Designer patchwork:

Simpler patches are used which are enhanced with the use of jewels.

Blouse Back Neck designs with Patch Work

61.Net and floral patchwork:

It is a combo of the net and floral patchworks in multiple colours.

62.Betel leaf patchwork:

There are numerous layers used and laces highlight the borders.

63.Mid-covering patchworks:

The back neck cut and waist’s middle part is connected by a patch.

64.Back open patch work:

The plain black material is combined with red for a gorgeous look.

65.Kalamkari patchwork:

It is unique and sees through designer blouse with prints.

66.Black and red brocade patchwork:

Pieces and brocades of black and red colour are used in the patchwork.

67.Stone patchwork:

A layer of stones and jewels enhances the sleeves and waistline.

68.Multiple colour patchwork:

The patchwork has three different material and colours in solid.

69.Kalamkari based patchwork:

Kalamkari design extends to the elbows from the waistline.

70.Sleeveless brocade patchwork:

Goes well with silk sarees and the golden border is used as a highlighter.

71.Checkered Patchwork:

A checkered saree is combined with a blouse with checkered patchwork.

72.Maggam work and sheer patchwork:

Add this sheer patchworks to silk sarees with maggam designs.

73.Bead patchwork:

There is a use of pearls and bead patchworks for plain or lacy sarees.

74.Back patchwork with a bow:

With patchworks all over the back, bow adds to the looks.

75.Floral patchwork:

The deep neck is complimented with floral patchworks.

76.sheer high-neck patchwork:

It is a combination of floral over chiffon material and high neck.

77.Half and half patchwork:

Such kundan embroidery goes well with both plain as well as party wear.

78.Kutch patchwork:

It is a combination of raw silk and patchwork in Kutch form.

79.Deep neck patchwork:

It is when a deep neck is combined with piping.

80.Thread and pearl patchwork:

Net, thread and jewels only add to the finesse of the patchwork.

Patch Work Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees

81.Patchwork with tassels:

These are the blouses with deep backs and tassels.

82.Velvet blouse with thread patchwork:

Thread work is used to embrace the grace of velvet.

83.Designer georgette patchwork:

Such a Chinese collar combo is rare with intricate thread work.

84.Pigeon hole with zardozi work:

Zardozi work when combined with red silk, defines grace.

85.Aari patchwork:

It is another example of Aari cut patchworks with silk.

86.Patchwork for pattu and silk:

A patchworks of zardozi or maggam on plain sarees is very graceful.

87.Simple patchworks:

This is when golden border strips are combined with half sleeves.

88.High-neck with tulle patchwork:

Plain blouse color could be contrasted with embroidered sleeves.

89.Cape-style patchwork:

It is a unique blend of capes and patchwork.

90.Velvet patchwork:

It is Manish Malhotra’s velvet patchwork with Kundan work.

91.Glass patchwork:

Such a glass patchwork rocks on both high as well as boat neck.

92.Cotton print patchworks:

A patchworks of cotton is combined with ¾ sleeves.

93.Jewellery patchwork:

Use of jewellery in the patchwork is to increase the ethnicity.

94.Mirror patchwork:

It is some warrior style mixed with mirror patchworks.

95.Maggam patchwork on full sleeves:

This blouse could be paired with lehenga or heavy sarees.

96.Moti patchwork:

A pastel saree with pearl work looks as graceful as anything.

97.Sweetheart neckline and pearl patchwork:

White blouse goes well with intricate pearl patchworks and silver piping.

98.Flat sleeves patchwork:

It combines an illusion neckline with chiffon fabric.

99.Heavy stone patchworks:

Heavy stones can really enhance plain saree and design work.

100.Golden patchwork with boat-neck:

Such golden patchworks on raw silk looks very royal.

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