Navratri Dress Colours for 9 Days to Make your Navaratri More Colourful



The festive season is just a month away from now, and the excitement in the air cannot go unnoticed. Several people are midway between their crazy shopping spree already. Women simply cannot get enough of the number and variety of items in the market. Add to that the bonus of attractive discounts and sale on a number of gorgeous ethnic wear, and there is no stopping women and men alike to queue up outside stores or spend hours online getting their perfect match this festive season.

If you haven’t yet begun shopping or are still what to wear this festival for that extra attention, you’ve come to the best place. You know, as they say, festivals are about colour, mirth, and happiness. While the mirth and happiness bit can come alive with your beautiful personality, the part where we mention colours is something you can leave to us.

Adding colours to your look this festive season is the key to be in trend while at the same time blending in with the festivity and joy that the season brings. There are going to be so many events lined up, isn’t it? One cannot deny the fact that the many days of Navaratri have many moods too. Why go for the same boring colours for all these different days then? It is time to play up a little.

Every one is Excited for Navratri???? Navratri kab hai???? Here we have listed Navratri dates of 2019:

  • Day 1 Sunday – 29th September 2019
  • Day 2 Monday – 30th September 2019
  • Day 3 Tuesday – 1st October 2019
  • Day 4 Wednesday – 2nd October 2019
  • Day 5 Thursday – 3rd October 2019
  • Day 6 Friday- 4th October 2019
  • Day 7 Saturday – 5th October 2019
  • Day 8 Sunday – 6th October 2019
  • Day 9 Monday – 7th October 2019

1.The Orange Salwar Kameez

The beginning of the Navaratri marks excitement, fervour as well as prayer. There are too many decorations to handle, a number of special dishes to cook, special shopping to do for the festivities and whatnot. What better than the salwar kameez for a day when you need to run errands but at the same time look your perfect self with this navratri dress!

The colour orange would work just perfectly for the day time look, considering the timing of the festival activities. Besides, it would blend in perfectly with the equally bright and pumped up the atmosphere on a day like that. You could go for a nude coloured navratri dress and dupatta with an orange colour kameez for the best combination. The rest of the look would be complete with your beautiful smile!

2.The White Anarkali

The Navaratri is also a time for special family gatherings and get-togethers. Elders and younger ones often come together for sharing some lively moments. There are times when people hum tunes together and remember old times.

What better way to look great at such a family gathering on one of the navratri dress nights than being decked up in a white Anarkali suit. It is graceful and embodies the elegance of a woman. This also goes perfectly with such evenings of the Navaratri where you wish to portray the elegant side to yourself. Just pair the navratri dress with long hooped oxidized earrings and maybe ethnic belles while letting your up in a graceful bun. A stroke of kajal would work wonders to seal the look.

3.Red Ghagra Choli

If the Dandiya night is something you look forward to every year with great ecstasy, the red Ghagra Choli is perfect for you. Now, there would be many who would prefer to go the traditional way and don a colourful navratri dress duo, but if you wish to look unique and gorgeous in the crowd, red should be your colour. Besides making a statement, it is also the colour of love. Who knows you find your special someone on a special night as well?

4.Royal blue Kurti

There is a reason why the colour blue tends to be the most favourite navratri dress of all. The navratri dress looks equally good on everyone and comes in such a wide variety of beautiful shades and tones that one can never simply get enough of it.

As for the festival time, bright colours are the usual picks, isn’t it? A navratri dress of royal blue colour would, therefore, be the best option. The colour goes completely with the mood of the Navaratri and tends to look gorgeous with all kinds of jewellery, ranging from metals to pearls to stones. The Kurti can be paired with any kind of bottoms you like – a white palazzo, beige trousers, black Kurti or even a golden skirt. The looks you can create with it are just awesome and would fit in perfectly on any of the Navaratri days.

5.Yellow Palazzo Suit

They say yellow is the colour of the Indian festival. And it is kind of true, isn’t it? From a major part of the decorations to the idols themselves, the colour yellow is omnipresent. That is why giving this colour a miss in your wardrobe for the festive season is a complete no-no.

Palazzo suits are so much in fashion these days that your Navaratri would remain incomplete without it. Keeping all the errands aside, festivals are also that time of the year when most Indian women get to flaunt the best of their wardrobe. In such a case, a yellow palazzo suit would help you not only make a statement but also add tons to your already lit-up mood. The colour yellow works best with silver, so you already know what to choose for accessorizing the look.

6.Green-coloured Paithani Saree

The saree is something we cannot afford to miss out during the Navaratri, isn’t it? Several people in the eastern part of the country celebrate the Durga Puja during this time, and pandal-hopping is like a mandatory ritual every year. Meeting up with old friends, appreciating the craftsmanship of the people who build the pandals, and munching on delicious street food – all these and much more are some parts of the festival that is the Navaratri or Durga Puja.

The saree, therefore, would add tons to such a sparkly night, wouldn’t it? We suggest going for the iconic green paithani saree, with a black blouse, say. If you wish, you could go for a backless option as they are so in trend these days and add such a powerful vibe to the loosely draped saree end. The fabric of the saree is another important question, and cotton sarees would work wonders. Seal the look with a big black bindi on your forehead and a generous application of kohl. All heads would turn to look at you as you pass by the colourful stalls that evening!

7.Grey Patiala Salwar Suit

The ninth day of the Navaratri is very important, for it is the day many families worship the nine Durgas by feeding young girls and worshipping them in their residence. It is a day that tends to be a really busy one for the family members, but a really rewarding and satisfying one in itself too.

You could choose to go for a grey Patiala navratri dress look on this special day, adding much to the youthful vibe you carry in your personality. The Patiala suit is easy to carry and rates high on the current trend cards. Besides, it adds a dash of youthfulness, which is a mandate for any festivity, isn’t it? The colour grey would keep things seem less pop, for this is a day you tend to spend at home doing chores and you wouldn’t want to be wearing unnecessary bright colours after all.

8.Purple Churidar Suit

Nothing works better for the Indian woman than a simple yet elegant churidar suit, does it? When it comes to festive occasions as well, the churidar suit is something that saves the day. Comfortable, stylish and unconventionally ethnic, the churidar suit is not too boring and neither too loud.

Purple would be the navratri dress to go for simply because of the touch of royalty it adds to your look, without letting you make the effort to add any dash of festive vibes to your personality artificially. The colour purple is also not that common these days, especially among festivals, amidst crowds of reds and blues and greens. Therefore, it is sure to lend a unique look to your charisma.

9.Peacock green designer saree

More and more women are resorting to designer sarees these days, or even ready-to-wear ones, for the simple reason that these are much fancier and more fashionable compared to their traditional counterpart. Besides, having a designer saree in your wardrobe and not getting to flaunt it is such a disappointment. So, when it comes to Navaratri, women do get a chance to look their pretty best and make heads turn with their statement look.

A rich colour like peacock green perfectly sums the look up, because of its elegance and richness. The colour would work wonders for all skin types and would look great when paired with golden or silver jewellery. It goes without saying that this would be the ideal pick for the Dashami, when everyone is decked up in their very best out of all the other days, and when it is time to bid farewell to the most beautiful and happiest festival of the year.

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