20 Different Types of Sleeves Designs You Should Know


There are several distinctive types of sleeves in silhouettes, but are you aware of all of them? Except for few designs and variations, there is no doubt that you too aren’t aware of the different sleeves patterns.

Therefore, to add the fashion words cognate to sleeves in your dictionary, you definitely need to catch the glimpse of the below mentioned 20 distinctive sleeves designs that are in fashion trend.

You can try these sleeves types for dresses, blouse, tops, gowns, shirts, frocks.

  1. Slit Sleeves
  2. Slashed Sleeves
  3. Raglan Sleeves
  4. Puff Sleeves
  5. Victorian Sleeves
  6. Petal Sleeves
  7. Peasant Sleeves
  8. Off Shoulder Sleeves
  9. Mutton Leg Sleeves
  10. Kimono Style Sleeves
  11. Juliet Sleeves
  12. Floor-Touching Sleeves
  13. Flamenco Sleeves
  14. Cold Shoulder Sleeves
  15. Cap Sleeves
  16. Butterfly Sleeves
  17. Bishop Sleeves
  18. Bell Sleeves
  19. Batwing Sleeves
  20. Angel Style Sleeves

#1. Slit Sleeves

Slit style sleeves usually have a long vertical slash, which is commonly known as the slit. The slit style sleeves come in various short dresses or tops in fashion garbs for the woman.

#2. Slashed Sleeves

The long sleeves in tops and t-shirts, which has multiple slits or slashes, are known as slashed sleeves. The patterns of slashed sleeves can either be horizontal or vertical.

#3. Raglan Sleeves

You must have seen various T-shirts in which the sleeves generally starts from the collar and goes down till the underarm in a diagonal pattern.

#4. Puff Sleeves

The classic and vintage puff sleeves need no introduction. Puff sleeves are short in style and clumped together to create a puff. Moreover, puff sleeves come in diverse fashion vestures such as shirts, t-shirts and even in short or maxi dresses.

#5. Victorian Sleeves

Victorian sleeves became popular and trendy in 19th century and even in this era, every woman prefer to buy the garbs in Victorian sleeves. Additionally, there are different styles and patterns in Victorian sleeves.

#6. Petal Sleeves

The stunning and elegant tops and blouse with petal sleeve are must for the wardrobe collection. In petal sleeves, the two petal shaped panels overlap each other like a rose flower.

#7. Peasant Sleeves

Peasant sleeves are directly inspired from the boho-chic culture. The slackly-fitted sleeves which have puffy shoulders and clamped at the wrist are what we call peasant sleeves.

#8. Off Shoulder Sleeves

Nowadays, off shoulder sleeves are extremely trendy and high in demand. In off shoulder sleeves, there’s nothing over the shoulders and sleeves start from the upper arm.

#9. Mutton Leg Sleeves

In mutton leg sleeves, there is puffiness at the shoulders similar to puff sleeves, but there are no ties or races at the wrist and more gradual in design.

#10. Kimono Style Sleeves

The long, airy and loosely fitted Kimono sleeves have deep armholes. Kimono style sleeves are inspired from the Japanese culture and now available in various fashionable shirts and dresses.

11. Juliet Sleeves

The puffy design of the Juliet sleeves at the top of the shoulders and then tightly fitted till the wrist is definitely abrupt in style, but came in trend in the medieval period.

#12. Floor-Touching Sleeves

As the name suggests, floor touching sleeves usually reache at the floor. The breezy and long loose style of these sleeves makes it classy as well as sassy.

#13. Flamenco Sleeves

Flamenco style sleeves are absolutely fitted at the forearm and in the end, there are flared ruffles. In Spanish culture, the women wear the dresses with flamenco sleeves.

#14. Cold Shoulder Sleeves

Apart from the off shoulder, cold shoulder sleeves are equally fashionable and stylish. The basic difference is that in cold shoulders sleeves there are cut outs at the shoulder.

#15. Cap Sleeves

The short but cinched cap sleeves simply cover the shoulder area. There are many tops, dresses and blouses in which cap sleeves are available.

#16. Butterfly Sleeves

Butterfly sleeves are quite similar to cap sleeves as it also covers the shoulder portion, but there is flared design in the front in butterfly sleeves.

#17. Bishop Sleeves

A long loose sleeve style, which has puffy sleeves and clamped together at the wrist with large cuffs is called the bishop sleeves.

#18. Bell Sleeves

The prominent bell sleeves are fitted at the top and blazed out at the bottom. You must have seen trendy and modern dresses in bell sleeves.

#19. Batwing Sleeves

Batwing sleeves or also known as dolman sleeves have a deep armhole and reaches at the waist level quite similar to kaftan style sleeves.

#20. Angel Style Sleeves

The long airy and flared angel sleeves are fitted at the upper arm and have different flares at the bottom in asymmetric patterns.

So, these were the top 20 distinctive sleeves designs and styles, which you must know while purchasing the fashionable and trendy western clothes.

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