15 Colorful Bindi Designs that You should Try in This Wedding Season


Bindi is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Bindi’ that means a dot or a tiny drop. It is a decoration that is worn between the eyebrows and centre of the forehead. The most popular colour of bindi is red and it is mostly worn in South East Asia.

The Bindi is worn at the centre of the forehead as that place is known as the hidden widow or the third eye. It is said that bindis hold strength and energy of the wearer. Even the red bindi is counted as the symbol of love, power and strength. It protects the women from misleads and make her strong. And the best part is that it can be worn by the women of any religion, except Islamic Religion. Now, the bindi has become a part of the fashion symbol and jewellery. It is found in many different styles and patterns.

As the Bindi is counted as the Traditional part of our culture, it has many values. A single designer tikka has the power to enhance the beauty of a person. They love to experiment with its style, materials, colours and sizes. Each pattern has its own values and categorized according to its look. So here are 15 most popular styles of the bindis, that will give you a chance to experiment and play with trends. Read more and explore different designs:

1.Traditional Red Bindi

One of the most common types of Bindi is found in red colour. It is worn in the middle of your forehead, i.e. between eyebrows. In many states, it is found in a bigger size while some prefer to wear it small. Even it can be made using vermilion. It increases the beauty of married women.

2.Long Line Bindi

You must have watched the Indian TV shows, where the female villains tend to wear a different style of tikka, which are usually long. Those style of bindis are known as long line bindi. It is also worn at the centre of your head. This bindis helps in adding a length to your face and looks the best on a wide forehead and oval face.

3.Marathi Bindi Design

Many states have different styles of this design, one of them in Maharashtra. These bindis are again worn in the centre of your forehead and its shape represents a semi-curved moon, tilted upside down. It is mostly worn by the Marathi women who live in the coastal areas or are connected to their culture.

4.Maang Tika Bindi Design

Do you know you can wear your bindis as a maang tika? Yes! This bindi design is worn on the upper part of the forehead. It can be embellished or simple, as per the traditional attire and personal choice. This bindi is a good option for someone unable to find a perfect maang tika for themselves.

5.Stone Bindi Design

One of the beautiful and expensive styles of the bindi is made using stones and colours. It is worn at the Indian functions and with the typical ethnic attires. You can either make it by combining individual stones or get it in the sticker form. You will fall in love with its blingy look.

6.Layered Design

You can judge from the name that Layered bindi is made by combining two or three individual bindis. All are combined in such a way that it becomes a beautiful combination. These can be simple and stylish. This can be designed by using different colours or different embellishment elements.

7.Modern Design

In today’s world, women love to experiment with their style and looks. Therefore, modern designs are loved by everyone. It is mostly seen on the TV actresses, who tend to wear something personalized. These are generally elongated and designed using the layers and stone.

8.Snake Bindi Design

One of the unique design is found in the snake shape. These are generally wavy and loved the charming Indian Women. It looks amazing on the women with the long forehead as it has a curvy and long shape. These bindis are very sleek and that’s why these can be worn with less traditional attires.

9.Mirror Bindi Design

Wearing a small mirror is very much in trend. It adds a contemporary touch to an overall look of a woman. These are small mirrors that are shaped differently and decorated with beads and stones. It will enhance the overall look of a women by adding a shiny effect to it. These will also look amazing with casual attires.

10.Tilak Design

Tilak design is again very popular in India and is worn on the forehead. Not only women, but men also tend to wear it. These are preferred on big occasions or the success celebrations. Even the Indian grooms use to wear it on their wedding day. In short, this bindi has a special place in our history. These can be easily designed using the tika, Chandan and white paint.

11.Circle Black Little Bindi Design

One of the easiest and cutest design that will beautify your look is circle black little bindi. It is worn at the centre of your forehead as a small dot. It can be also designed using black kajal. It is counted as the traditional bindi of South India. You will adorn the simplicity of this beauty.

12.Floral Design

If you are looking for something feminine to beautify your look, simply get it in the floral pattern. It is a combination of flowers, leaves and stems. These are very easy to design and looks the best with colours and stones. These are worn at the centre of your forehead by the young women.

13.Paisley Design

If you are a fan of floral Bindis, you are going to admire the beauty of Paisley bindi. It is originated from Persia and is a form of a droplet. You will admire the beauty of this bindis and can choose it in a small or long shape. To add more beauty to this look, get it with some floral elements.

14.Bridal Design

For unique and eye-catching elements, wear this style of bindis with your wedding attire. It is designed using stones and glitter. These are long and worn in the middle of the forehead and above the eyebrows. The traditional style of bridal bindis are found in red and white colour, but now, you can find it in any shape, size and colour.

15.Arrow Design

Another bindis design that is very popular in our daily soaps world is Arrow bindis. It is sporting and points downwards. These are usually found in black colour, but with time, you can see different embellishment elements in it. You will admire the anchor look of these bindis.

These styles of Bindi designs are worn across the world. It is counted as the jewellery that can be experimented in endless ways.

You can decide which bindi style is your favourite and play with its patterns. There are no rules and no guidelines, it’s just you have to look beautiful in it.
So do you wear bindi with your Indian attires? Which one is your favourite style? Tell us in the comment section.

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