12 Happy Pongal Wishes and Greetings with Images


Pongal is a harvest festival of South India for the Hindus. The celebration includes decorating cows, the processions and the ritual bathing. It is celebrated to thank the sun god for agricultural abundance. The word “Pongal” is also referred to as a sweet dish made up of rice boiled in milk and jaggery which is a custom to consume on this very day.

This festival is celebrated for mainly four days which is the Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal and the Kanum Pongal. It is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and is a major Tamil festival in Sri Lanka. This festival is also widely observed in other parts of the world like USA, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Mauritius, South Africa, Canada etc.   These occasions are very important in our life to show our love and care for the people we love. So there are few wishes that you can use to send greetings to your family, friends and relatives who stays far away from you so that it makes their day a special one:

  • “May bounties of happiness and wealth come during this festival to you and your family. May it be full of precious moments and happy hours so that you all enjoy and relax and have a fresh start. I pray that it is the start of your brighter days filled with prosperity and wealth. Have a gleeful Pongal.”

  • “Here`s wishing for a good harvest and a blissful year ahead. May you be happy and I hope that you get the most out of everything. I also hope that the Pongal sweet dish spreads the sweetness and goodness to your family. Hope this celebration of this festival is better than the previous one. Wish you lots of love and happiness to you and everyone.”

  • “Pongal marks the beginning of the month Tai and is celebrated for four days. I hope these days will be something so great that you remember it forever. May it bring prosperity and good luck and fill your days ahead with happiness. I hope it renews all the good tidings and it brighten up your heart forever. Stay Happy.”

  • “I hope this Pongal be a happy one and you enjoy this festival in the charm of our tradition. May it brims you with togetherness with loved ones as this festival marks happiness and good wealth and goddess Parvati shower her blessings. I wish that it marks the end of the negativity and difficulties and brings in success and peace.”  

  • “Hope this Pongal lights up your home with joy and prosperity for today and always. May the spirit of this festival brings you good fortune and I hope good luck touches your feet and it brings success to you and everyone around you. Wishing you a very happy Pongal.”

  • “Sending my warmest wishes to your family as you merrily celebrate this festival and welcome the harvest season. I wish you everything that this auspicious occasion is meant to bring. Stay happy and joyful and I wish that this festival add a new freshness into your life. Have fun and happy year ahead!”

  • “I`d like to convey my warm regards and feast Pongal Vaszthakal while you enjoy your day. I hope it brings happiness and peace. I hope all the endeavours become a success with freshness and fragrance enter into your life.”




  • “Wishing to this happy festival that will bring you good luck and the blessings that you deserve. I hope this harvest season marks the start of a cheerful and warm year which brings in happiness always. May each day ahead brings you sweet surprises that fill your world with content and peace.

  • “As you celebrate this festival to welcome the good fortune and prosperity along with the overflowing milk, I wish all the happiness in the world that has come and is yet to come to you and your family. I hope it brings tremendous good luck and joy that takes you to a new level of success. Happy Pongal.”

  • I wish this Pongal brings in everlasting happiness and joy to you and the people around you. May god bless you with good fortune and peace. I hope it brings you closer to the people you love so that you can be with one another and live happily. Wishing to a very Happy Pongal.

  •  “Accept my distant wishes for your family with a sincere heart. I miss those moments when we used to celebrate this festival together while having the tasty sweet `Pongal`. It was fun and a merry time and will always remember that. I hope everything that you do brings happiness and peace and a joyful celebration. I wish you good health with a shower of love so that it lasts forever. I hope that we will be able to celebrate Pongal the very next time, till then stay happy and power smiles every day and let it stay with you forever. With warmest regards, Happy Pongal.”

  • “Let’s make a wish to the people we love that we bring happiness and peace to those people. I hope this festival brings out the goodness in you and makes you happy so that you can spread it to the world. I also hope that it brings in calmness and fulfilment of the dreams ahead for you and everyone. Have a Happy Pongal.”

In this post I have shared some collection of Happy Pongal greetings. I wish everyone a very peaceful Pongal with the happiness that will last forever. I hope it spreads smile, strength and perseverance to the people and I also hope that it brings in the content and peace within you. I wish that all the goals, friendship, love and happiness are achieved. This festival will inspire you in its own traditional way to learn and spread love to the world. You can send these wishes to the respective desired people to show your love and affection to them by making the use of the above wishes. Time for the feast and lots of fun. Happy Pongal 2020!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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