Sister Sizes – The Secret of Ladies Bra


Shopping for Bras are not as simple as shopping for clothes. Determining the size would not be enough to find the correct bra for yourself. You would also need to know the shape of your breasts, band size and the cup size. Buying bras you would see that all of these information would match to become a single number and this is where you would need sister sizes.

What do you mean by sister sizes?

Sister sizes are basically a group of equivalent sized bras that are related by their cup volume. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways in which you can find the right bra size so that it would help you to get the correct bra for yourself. This is very important not only to look good but also to stay healthy.

For most of us, since our childhood we have learnt that there is a single size for the bras and if that fits us somehow then that would be the end of the story. But that is not the case. You should remember that the size of the bra basically works like a ratio, the cup size volume varies with the band size and hence it is important for you to know the sister sizes. If you are unfamiliar with your cup size volume or band size , then knowing the sister sizes would be the most helpful thing for you.

How to calculate the right sister sizes?

Firstly, you would have to choose the right band size. If your band size is too tight then loosen it up a bit and in case it is too loose, then go for a tighter band size. It is important to choose the right band size for yourself that would fit you in the best possible way. This might sound complicated but the thing is very easy, try all the band size and see which fits you the best.

The best thing about sister sizes is that even though they can be counterintuitive but it is the right way to find the best bra size for yourself. This means that if you are wearing a bra of a given cup size and find the band size to be too tight, then you can go with its sister sizes which would fit you the best solving the problem of your band size as well.

But you might worry that sizing up or down would potentially change your cup size, as going up or down by a cup size might seem to be odd. But wearing them you would feel that the cup are the same to the other but with an increased or decreased band size. This would help you to get a much better fitting bra.

Calculating the right Sister Size

Here is a table showing how sister sizes actually works:

Consider this table and think of this situation. For example, you take a 30B bra and see that the band size is too tight on you. You would then have to size up the band and hence you can choose 32A. This would  ensure that your bra fits you well and the band size is also appropriate. Similarly, if 30B is too loose for you, then you would need to size down and choose 28C. Doing so you would find that the cup fits great and the band would also be of the right size. Now if both the cup size and band size does not fit you well, then you would need to go up for looser fitting or down for a tighter fittings.


Will the sister sizes vary between brands and models?

Well technically it should not but looking at the real world, it does. Various brands and even models can have different sizes when it comes to sister sizing up or down. Hence we would recommend that you go with the same model or brand when you decide to sister size up or down.

How many times should you sister size?

We would recommend you not to sister size more than two or three times unless you really need to do that. Sister sizing more would mean that you would have to alter the bra size and might have to use an extender or shortener to change the band size.

Now that you know all about sister sizes, we hope that you would be able to find the correct size for yourself and rock all of your favorite dresses with confidence.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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