50 Unique Baby Boy Name with Meaning


Are you welcoming a little baby boy at your home? And getting confused while choosing the right name for him? We understand that everyone near you has their own suggestions and that’s why the whole process becomes full of confusions. So to make the whole selection thing easier, we have come out of 100 unique baby boy names that will suit the boys of today’s time. These names are unique and electrifying and your boy will admire it when he will grow up.

Latest Indian Baby Boy Names

1.Nakul Nakul is a cute name that is taken from Mahabharata. It was the name of Sahdev’s twin brother and was counted as one of the five Pandavas. Also, this is another name of Lord Shiva.
2.KushalKushal is another wonderful option for new parents. It is trendy and means ‘clever’ and ‘perfect’.
3.KarthikKarthik is a name that is ruling every girl’s heart. It is a month of Hindu Calendar and means the ‘someone who bestows courage’.
4. Karan: Karan is a perfect name for parents who don’t want to experiment with their kid’s name. It is traditional and means ‘a warrior’.
5. HrithikHrithik name is related to Indian Mythology. It was the name of a sage and means as ‘an intelligent person’.
6. RishabhAnother popular and unique name in India is Rishabh. It is an Indian name and means ‘deep knowledge’.
7. SabhyaSabhya means ‘refined’. It will give the gentleman vibes to your son when he will grow up. It will give royal vibes.
8. GauravAnother evergreen name is Gaurav. This name is again coming into fashion. The meaning of this name is ‘honour’, ‘dignity’ and ‘pride’
9. EklavyaThe Eklavya is another name from Indian mythology and is totally historical. He was a student of great teacher Dronacharya. This name means ‘loyal’ and ‘brave’.
10. AdnanThe Adnan was an ancestor from ‘North Arabia’ and means as ‘Lion’ and ‘Bravery’. This name is very popular among Indian parents because of this meaning.
11. AditAdit name is derived from a popular Indian name Aditya. It is getting a lot of popularity in India and help you feel happy. This name means ‘from the beginning’, which will be perfect for an Indian boy.
12. AbhimanyuAnother famous and beautiful name from Mahabharata is Abhimanyu. He was the son of Arjun. This name means ‘Intelligence’ and you can even select its short form as ‘Abhi’.
13. AadeshOne of the popular and notable name for ten decades is Aadesh. It is a notable name and you can’t ignore it. This name means ‘command’ and ‘order’.
14. DakshIf you want your son to feel special, then choose Daksh as his name. It means ‘precious son’ and gives heavy vibes.
15. PranavPranav name is derived from ‘OM’ and plays a very important role in our culture. This name means ‘primordial mantra’ and has a lot of religious vibes.
16. AgastyaIf you want a unique name for your son, then you can go for Agastya. It is an Indian mythological name and means a ‘Saint’.
17. DarshIt is another unique name that is followed by Indian parents. It is a modern variation of Lord Krishna’s name. Your son will admire this name.
18. ZaynMany parents look for the Muslim names for their kid and this trend is becoming very popular. So in that case, the Zayn is ruling everyone’s heart. It is the name of a popular singer and means ‘bright’.
19. TejasTejas is another popular name that means sharpness. If you want your child to feel special and become intelligent, then go for this name.
20. Devansh:Every child is special and made by God. But a name that justifies this feel is Devansh. It means ‘a part of God’. Your kid will enjoy getting this name.
21. PratyushPratyush is another unique name that is originated from the Sun. It is a Hindi version of ‘Sunrise’. This will help your child to grow and shine like a sun.
22. ShivanshMost of the Indian parents choose this name because of its mythical nature. This name is based on numerology or birth star. It means ‘an important part of Lord Shiva’.
23. Advaith:If you want an uncommon name for your son, then choose Advaith as his name. It stands for ‘unique’ and ‘free from duality’.
24. AdvikAdvik is a short and unique name for boys and it will give the uncommon vibes. It is an ideal pick for you as it means ‘creativity’. Your child will admire this name throughout his life.
25. NavinNavin is a modern and perfect name for your son who has added a new motive and reason of happiness to your life. This name means ‘something new or fresh’.
26. BodhiIf you want to do something creative with your son’s name, then choose something new for it. The Bodhi is a surprising name that means ‘enlightenment’. It is related to the Buddhist concept and was the name of the tree where Gautama Buddha gained his enlightenment.
27. ChetanChetan name stands for gusto and zest that a new person brings to your life. This name is gaining a lot of popularity because of the famous author Chetan Bhagat.
28. OmOm name can never go out of fashion as it is the symbol of Hinduism. Your kid will admire this spiritual name.
29. AnikAnik is another unique name that starts with alphabet A. It means ‘strong’.
30. RudraRudra name has gained a lot of popularity with time. This is one of the names of God Shiva. It means ‘someone who removes pain from your life.
31. ArushIf you want a short and beautiful name for your son, then go for Arush. It means the first ray of sun. It is unique and trendy.
32. RaahithyaFor the parents who are looking for a different name for their kid, go for Raahithya. It means a wealthy man.
33. AtharvThe Atharv is a spiritual name that means ‘the first Veda’. It is also another name of Lord Ganesha. This name is unique and beautiful.
34. MadhavadityaSome parents love to experiment with the name of their kid. If you are also one of them, then choose Madhavaditya as his name. It means ‘of the springtime’.
35. ShauryaShaurya means brave. Giving this name to your son will definitely make him brave.
36. AnshShort names are very much in trend as they are easy to pronounce and spell. Another such name is Ansh that means ‘a musical note’ or ‘part’.
37. AyaanAyaan is a trendy name in both Hindu and Muslim culture. It stands for ‘destiny’ and good luck’.
38. ArnavArnav stands for ‘ocean’. Give this name to your son and let her swim alone and make his name.
39. ReyanshReyansh is one of the popular names and is another name of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘a ray of light’.
40. VihaanVihaan stands for ‘dawn or beginning of a new era’. It will suit amazingly on your newborn son, who has given a new reason for your life.
41. VivaanVivaan stands for ‘the first rays of the sun’. It is one name of Lord Krishna and that’s why it has the musical qualities. This is extremely striking.
42. AaravAnother popular name for baby boys is Aarav. It is modern and gives rich vibes. It means ‘wisdom’ and ‘peaceful’.
43. BanzanBanzan is the perfect name for the parents who love to experiment with their son’s name. This name means Indestructible Mountain.
44. EkalingEkaling is a name that can be adapted by people of every religion. It is trendy and fun. It means ‘Intelligence’ and ‘smartness’.
45. ViksyaAnother unique and trendy name for boys is Viksya. This name is used to describe someone who is astonishing. If you want your kid to go in some creative field like acting and dancing, simply choose this name.
46. IravajIravaj name is used to denote someone who is born in water. Every kid is a great swimmer, but this name is special. It is also one of the names of Love God Kaama.
47. ArihantArihant is a Prakrit as well as Sanskrit word that means ‘Conqueror’. Here, the person can conquer his inner vices like attachment, anger, jealousy, and greed. This is an evergreen name and your kid will admire having it.
48. OjasOjas is an incredible name and is very famous among Indian parents. This name stands for ‘glow’ and ‘brilliance’. Indian parents love this name because of the strength of this name.
49. PratykshaPratyksh is another popular name in India which is used in both Hindu and Muslim culture. It means ‘appear’ and ‘respectable’. Also, it is used to indicate someone who is real.
50. SiddharthSiddharth name can acquire its position in the Top names. It is very popular in India and means ‘one who has many accomplishments to his credit.’

Out of these names, you can choose something that suits the personality of your son. Still, is it hard for you to look for the best? Here are some tips for you:

  • The name should be trendy and sounds the best.
  • Go for the unique name but don’t do too much with it.
  • Look for a meaningful and gender-specific name.
  • The name should honour your culture and tradition.
  • It should be short or should form an easy to pronounce nickname.
  • The name should suit the child when he grows up.
  • Lastly, you should be convinced with your son’s name.

Naming your child in the right way is very important. You should select it well. Just remember to not be too fast and patiently look for the best. We hope our list will help you out. Good Luck!

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