10 Designer Sarees for this Diwali Season


Diwali is one of the few festivals that is celebrated in every part of India. It is a festival of lights, colours and vibrancy. People tend to wear new clothes on this day and show their excitement. But when we talk about women, they usually get confused while choosing the best outfit for themselves. This is because Ethnic wear looks the best on Diwali. It makes people look Indian and pleasant. However, out of all the outfits, something that looks amazing on every woman is a saree. A saree is a long piece of cloth that is worn by draping around the body. It is worn with a petticoat and blouse and found in many different designs and colours. Unlike any other Indian attires, the saree has a special place in every women’s heart. So do you ever get confused while picking the best saree for yourself? You must have. So this Festive season, we have chosen 10 designer sarees for you so that you can look the best in this Diwali season. Slide down and have a look!

1.  Purple Plain Faux Fabric Saree:

Are you looking for a dual colour saree for a different look? Simply pick this purple saree. It has a turquoise colour mixture in itself that helps you to look gorgeous. The green border with golden work makes it look special. Even the same work is found on its pallu. It comes with a purple blouse with the same design and golden work so that you can get a Royal look. You will enjoy its contemporary vibes on Diwali day.

2.  Mustard Embroidered Shraddha Arya Saree:

 Embroidered mustard saree is perfect for someone who wants to look glamorous in a light-weighted attire. It is found in vibrant mustard and pink colour, which comes together in a beautiful way. Heavy embroidery at the lower part of the saree makes it really glamorous. Also, it has beautiful work on the borders. The pink embroidered full sleeve blouse compliment amazingly with this saree.

3.  Pink Embroidered Georgette Saree:

 If you are a fan of soberness, then this pink embroidered saree is perfect for you. This saree is a combination of pink and beige colour and looks perfect on every skin tone. The Lower part of the saree is found with heavy pink and golden embroidery work, which makes this saree look heavy. It comes with a matching blouse. Even the pink pallu with overall border work helps this saree to look really pretty.

4.   Blue Linen Bhagalpuri Saree:

Bhagalpuri Saree fabric is an artificial fabric that looks exactly like real silk. This beautiful turquoise saree is made up of the same colour. It comes with a heavy border with floral golden embroidery. The overall look of this saree is really royal. To make this saree look even more beautiful, this saree is found with a fully embroidered blouse that matches with the border. You will fall in love with its mythical vibes.

5.   Blush Pink Embroidered Kanchipuram silk blend saree:

Pink colour is loved by almost every women and it is because of its feminine vibes. This Kanchipuram saree is found in beautiful blush pink colour and looks fabulous on one woman. It has an overall golden print and a dark pink border with embroidery work. Also, the beautiful dark pink blouse with amazing embroidery work and keyhole design at the back combines well with this saree. It will help you to get the pure vibes in the Diwali season.

6. Maroon And Golden Embroidered georgette saree:

 Maroon colour is another colour that is preferred by many women in the Diwali season. It is because of its glamourizing nature. This saree is found in the same colour. To create a balance, it is merged with the beige colour fabric and golden embroidery work. It comes with the same maroon blouse and golden work and the neck and sleeves end. It will make you look perfect at the Diwali party.

7. Red Embroidered Georgette saree:

If you want to wear something dark, bright and eye-catchy in this Diwali season, simply pick this beautiful red saree with overall booti work and amazing green border with floral embroidery. It looks royal and helps you to shine in the rest. The green blouse with the same floral and golden embroidery work combines well with this saree. You will admire the heavy look of this saree.

8.  Dark Blue with orange embroidered georgette saree:

Dark blue is known for its bold nature. When it combines with orange colour, it becomes a balanced combination. This saree has both colours. The lower part of the saree is in dark blue colour, beautiful embroidery work and floral printed gota as its border. The whole pallu is in orange colour with golden floral embroidery and sleek border. It comes with a royal colour blouse with golden embroidery on the neck and sleeves. You will admire all the elements of this saree.

9. Red Printed Chiffon saree:

 If you are not a fan of heavy embroidery work and looking for something easy to carry for Diwali, simply get this Red printed chiffon saree for yourself. It comes with a plain red pallu and the print on the remaining part of the saree. The sleek border with light green touch adds life to this saree. Also, the green simple blouse with minimal work at the sleeve end will help you to get a flawless look.

10.Green Floral Print Linen Saree with Blouse:

Are you tired of wearing dark colours in the Diwali season? If yes, then this parrot green saree is perfect for you. This saree is very lively because of its colour. The embroidered booti-shaped pattern on this saree makes it even better. It comes with a contemporary floral border that has the pearl work at its end. The matching blouse with heavy golden embroidery makes this saree perfect for Diwali. You will admire the playful look of this Indian attire.

The above-given sarees have everything that you must be looking in your Diwali outfit. These are found in skin-friendly fabrics, amazing border and prints, vibrant colours and amazing work on themselves. You simply have to know your choice and choose the perfect saree for yourself. But do you think a right drape is enough for you to look amazing in the Diwali season? No! You have to accessorise it in a perfect way. So with your saree, get the right footwear and jewellery. Don’t do too much as it’s a festival and not a wedding function. Also, don’t forget to dress up according to Diwali Pooja or Diwali Party. Knowing the location will also help you to look the best in your Diwali saree. Try to create a balance as it will define your overall appearance. And most importantly, don’t feel shy to play with your makeup. It is hard to complete your saree look without the perfect makeup.

So that’s all friends! Pick the best saree for yourself, accessorise it in the right way and simply feel beautiful in the upcoming Diwali season.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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