9 Super Creative and Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas


India is the country where we always celebrate all occasion together with family, friends and loved one. We always think about making our home decoration special each day And on Diwali, this requirement becomes the first priority for all of us. We always give our best to decor sweet home. This Diwali makes your occasion more special by recording your home in a unique and creative manner.

On this Diwali, we have to go for some of the creative ideas to make the days with to experience. We have mentioned the best tips and tricks to do DIY for Diwali home decor. So decor your home like a professional do with just keeping some tips in mind and no one will bit you in your creativity. Just Go with the following simple 9 Diwali home decor ideas and be the master of your own creative house.

Quick Tips For Diwali Home Decor

  • Be creative and explore the internet for new ideas.
  • Think about the colour combinations.
  • According to the colour of walls select the lightings.
  • Candles are a must to lighten up things.
  • Use creative Mat or floor carpets.
  • Try To use Weast to create the Best.
  • Do not forget to choose marigold Flowers (genda-phool).

9 Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas

1. Wall Colours and Creativity

Of course, your home will shine if your walls will shine. Give them extra work or design your wall by making different ethnic paintings on it. You can draw a nice bird or do some artwork with trades. There are many designer paintings are available in the market. You can select paint according to the wall colour and think about the rule of three or make it beautiful with just one big painting. If you don’t wanna spend money on buying painting then you can make simple canvas colour painting with multiple colours, they will definitely shine your walls and adds a punch of creativeness.





2. Lighting is the Key

Diwali does not look like Diwali if there is no light Diwali decoration. Definetly light decoration will help you to add a punch of elegance. You can install different lights in your house but think about the colour selections of lights. Select lightings according to the wall shades otherwise it can be a reason to spoil the last look.

3. Be Creative With Paper Lamps Or Thread Lamps

Designer lamps are the heart of Diwali. We always trying to search for new and designer styles of Diwali lamps in every year and purchase them from the market, but you know whats If you have time to do simple DIY with these lamps then definitely you should try for it after all festivals are meant for such cool inventions.

4. Love For rangoli

Many ladies are so excited when it comes to drawing beautiful rangoli. Yes, rangoli will always add a beautiful, creative and elegant look to your house. Use multiple colours as you can and don’t try for the difficult one you can try simple elegant designs which makes your work simple and also looks beautiful.

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5. Diwali Cannot Be Diwali Without Genda-phool (Flower Decoration for Diwali)

We can say that flowers are the magical element that has the ability to change the vibes. Especially in Diwali, you can use them to make your Diwali decoration more sophisticated. You can draw a beautiful kolam Rangoli with flowers or make toran with colourful flowers, Or any think just be creative. Flowers will never disappoint you. 

6. Duppata and Paper Cup Lights

If you want to add more stylish items in decoration then you can remove window boring curtains and add a colourful dupatta with some fairy lights. Try to make lights look more creative you can try paper cup lightings to make it looks perfect in all way.

7. Jar Lights and Candles

Definetly Diwali days are special but nights are beautiful and they will always give you unforgettable experiences. This Diwali you can lighten up your room with a simple glass jar and add fairy lights to it. Believe me, they are super gorgeous and beautiful. You can try to lighten up the candle in a glass jar they look superb together.

8. Hand Painted Diyas

Nothing can bit the vibes of Diya in Diwali. This year you can try to be more professional by painting them in colourful shades. You can use glitter to add more shine to it. If you did nothing on Diwali decoration and just add such Diya then definitely this decoration idea is sufficient and you do not need to do more after this trick.

9. Traditional Toran And Wall Hangings

Last but not least handmade woollen toran will help you to shine your door. You can also try for different traditional wall hangings to make things more traditional and match Diwali vibes.

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