15+ Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes, Images, Quotes & Messages for Brother and Sister


Rakhi is an Indian occasion where all sisters tie a trade of rakhi on the brother’s hand and wishing for his long and happy life. This occasion reminds us unconditional love bond between our siblings and everyone celebrating this bond by tying rakhi on the brother’s hand and brother promises to the sister that he will always be there for her, protect her in any situation of life.

Meaning of rakhi is very deep and represents the strongest bond between siblings. Many ladies love to share some thought and feeling through heartfelt messages and quotes. If you want to wish your sister or brother on rakhi then this sharing sweet texts can be a better option or you can create a greeting card and write these quotes in it which will definitely remind you cute memories which you have spent together.





Raksha Bandhan Wishes for Brother

“Hey Bhai, I know you are always there for me in any ups and downs of my life,
I just want to say thank you for your support.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Brother, Love You!”

“We are not together on this Raksha Bandhan But, My love for you will never change
Happy Raksha Bandhan Brother!”

“You are my Sunshine
You are my support system
You are everything to me
Just Wanna Say Love You brother,
I will never stop irritating you,
Happy Raksha Bandhan brother!”

“On this occasion of Raksha Bandhan,
Just Wana Say that I’ll be always there for you and
I feel blessed to have a brother like you in my life.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Brother!

“Thanks for always being there for me as a strong pillar,
Happiest Raksha Bandhan Bhai”

“You are the only one who supports me All the time,
I can’t explain how much I love you brother”
Happy Raksha Bandhan!”

“You are all- in- one package for me,
having a sister like you is like having a best friend in life.
let’s promise to make more great memories together,
Happiest Raksha Bandhan!”

“The holy thread I tie on your wrist strengthen,
our bond more you are the best brother in the world
and I love you from my bottom of my heart!”

Raksha Bandhan Wishes for Sister

“You are all- in- one package for me,
having a sister like you is like having a best friend in life.
let’s promise to make more great memories together,
Happiest Raksha Bandhan!”

“I always Thank god for giving me brother like you.
It’s a great journey of growing up with someone like you,
Thanks For being part of my life.
Happiest Raksha Bandhan sister!”

“In my life, you are the one who supports me in all way,
Love you, Sister, I promise you that I’ll be always there for you.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Sista.”

“I wishing you a very happy Raksha Bandhan,
There is no love like sisters Love. Love you siso.”

“We fight together, We help one another,
We Share our biggest secrets together,
Yes, your my sister from another mother!
Happy Raksha Bandhan to my sweet sister!”

“You always listen and supports me without judging me,
I always thank god for blessing me with a sister like you,
Happy Raksha sister!”

Raksha Bandhan Wishes In Marathi

“नाते तुझे नि माझे हळुवारपणे रुजलेले ,
अतूट असो बंध आपुले मनापासून जपलेले,
रक्षाबंधनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !”

“हातावर राखी बांधून दे आज वाचन मला,
जगाच्या पाठीवर कुठेही असशील तरी साथ देशील मला,
हैप्पी रक्षाबंधन!”

“रक्षेचे बंधन बांधून झालास तू पठीराखा माझा ,
या राखीचे बंध नक्की सांभाळणार हा विश्वास आहे माझा,
देवचारणी हीच प्रार्थना असाच असच खुलत राहो बांध हा बहीण भावाचा,
हैप्पी रक्षाबंधन !”

“बहिणीसारखी दुसरी मैत्रीण नसते ,
भाग्यवान असतो तो ज्याला बहीण असते,
रक्षाबंधनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !”

“आईने दिलाय जन्म पण तू घेतलीस सगळी काळजी माझी ,
तुझं हास्य नेहमी खुलत राहावं हीच देवचारणी प्रार्थना माझी,
हैप्पी रक्षाबंधन ताई.

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