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India is the country of culture and festivals, we celebrate festivals by gathering all together. For Indians, 15 august is the day of celebration and happiness because its Independence day for all us. Independence Day reminds us that how we got this freedom. This is the important day because it’s a day of saluting sacrifices made by all freedom fighter to safe our countries future.  15 August called an independence day because, in 1947 on this day, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Indian raised the Indian National Flag on the red fort of Delhi, Which means that India is independent and free from all kind of authoritarian from British.

This day becomes the best day for all Indians and after this day each year, we are celebrating this independent day as a cultural day.  On every 15th august, Flag Hosting and other cultural programs taken place in a government or commercial institute in all over the country.

This coming ceremony of Independence Day we are going to celebrate 73rd years of independence. For the first time, it’s true that we cannot celebrate this ceremony by gathering all together due to COVID 19 pandemic becomes serious in India, But We can celebrate this ceremony by staying at home or you can also celebrate this ceremony by maintaining social distance and by following all other lows underlining by government. Every Independence day reminds us of the sacrifices made by the legends, army, police officers and freedom fighter who made us proud and fight for us to get this independent life. There are ways to celebrate this ceremony by staying at home like you can share deep messages, heartfelt wishes and you can also send videos which remind us of the sacrifices of all freedom fighter.

Let’s take one minute for thanking all doctors, nurses, Cleaning worker, Police Officers, Watchman’s who becomes the freedom fighter for all of us against this dangerous virus COVID 19. These people helping us from past more than 4 months and working 24*7 to get out this corona virus from our country. Big Solute for them and let’s help them to win this war against corona virus by staying at home and staying safe. These are the best heartfelt quotes of happy Independence Day which reminds us the how our freedom fighters went through lots of pain to get this dream of independent India in reality.

We can’t take this day for granted because we got this Freedom after suffering a lot.
So take a minute to Thank and Solute our freedom fighter.
Happy Independent day!

Never Forget sacrifices of Hero’s To Brings Up this Shiny Day.
15 August, 73rd years of independence.
Happy Independent day!

On this Independence day,
Take A minute To Say Thank You to god for this priceless day.
Happy 73rd Independent day!

Let’s Feel proud to Be the Part of this Grate Nation of Multiple hearts but one soul.
Proud to be An Indian. Happy Independence day.

Carried with caution,
Coated with honor,
Fulfill With warmth,
Moments of Independent,
Proud to Be an Indian,
Happy Independent day!

I always respect the culture of My Country and proud to be an Indian.
Happy Independence Day!

This the moment of Pride,
This is the Moment of Joy,
This is the moment to celebrate Independence.
Happy Independent Day!

On this Day Just remember that
No Nation is Perfect
Its Need to be made it Perfect
Happy Independence Day!

May the Indian Nation Flag always Fly high,
Happy 73rd Independent Day!

ये देश है वीर जवानों का
अलबेलों का मस्तानों का
इस देश का यारों
इस देश का यारों क्या कहना
ये देश है दुनिया का गहना!
Happy Independent day!

आईये इस स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर करे कामना स्वस्थ और स्वच्छ भारत की,
आप सभी को स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएं!

73 स्वतंत्रता दिवस लाये खुशियोकि सोगात,
आये इस पल को जिले साथ,
और कोरोना जैसे बीमारी से मिलकर करे दो हाथ |
Happy Independent Day!

देना सलामी इस तीन रंगो को ,जिस से तेरी शान है,
रहे हमेशा ये तिरंगा ऊंचा जबतक इस दिल में जान है !

शान देशका ,मान देशका
ये तिरंगा सन्मान है देशका
रहे सलामत ये तिरंगा जबतक है जवान देशका|

ना ये सरकार मेरी है
ना ये रोब है मेरा,
बस इस बात पर इतराते है,
की में हु हिंदुस्तान का और ये हिंदुस्तान है मेरा|
जय हिन्द! जय भारत|
Happy Independent Day!

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