9 Types of Wedding Jewellery to Pair with Your Red Bridal Lehenga


Wedding is the most precious day of the women’s lives and they desire to look the best on the same. Therefore, they look for the best outfit and makeup. But do you think only these two things can define a women’s wedding attire? No! Jewellery plays a very important part of it. The right jewellery can create magic and help you to shine on the whole occasion. However, you can’t go for any piece as Wedding jewellery have their own gracefulness. So here are some handpicked Wedding jewellery alternatives that will look perfect with your Red Bridal Lehenga:

1.The glory of Gold:

 If you want a goddess-like look on your wedding day, simply take a golden embroidered or embellished Heavy gold necklace and combine it with your red lehenga. You can combine gold with pearls as they beautifully combine with each other. Chokers necklaces combine well with haar necklaces.






2. Combination of diamonds, emeralds and polkis:

As you know red lehenga is classic so it will look perfect with classic emeralds, polkis and diamonds combination. Most of the pride go for this combination as green can do wonders with red. You will fall in love with this glorious combo.

3. Stones with dazzling black beads:

Just like green and white, black beads also combines well with the bridal red lehenga Black beads and stones looks great on a Wedding jewellery frame. You can minimal to heavy pieces and enjoy its heart-stalking look. You will love the detailing.

4. A Touch of Turquoise:

Turquoise colour also goes well with red bridal lehenga. It makes your jewellery look royal. And there is no such rule that brides can’t experiment with Wedding jewellery pieces. But when you are choosing this colour, don’t go for too much turquoise as it may ruin your designer jewellery. A little pinch of turquoise will work well.

5. All Kundan, pearls and polkis:

A blend of polkis, Kundan and pearls look really amazing. It is one of the prettiest combinations as it you will get a royal feeling on your D-day. This combination will take everyone’s mind away. You can go for Kundan and polka chokers necklaces and combine it with layered pearl haar.

6. Blingy Diamonds and Polkis:

If you want to go for something classic and blingy with your red lehenga, simply go for the diamond and polki designer Wedding jewellery. This combination does wonder on your wedding day. You will admire the expensive look of this combination.

7. Green Beads can do magic:

No other colour can look as glorious with red lehenga as the green looks. You can choose your designer Wedding jewellery with green beads and enjoy its off-beat look. This pop of colour can do miracles with your overall look. Just don’t forget to do too with green as it may ruin your attire.

8. Alluring Navrattan:

Another designer Wedding jewellery that one can choose is Navrattan. As the name suggests, it is made up of nine semi-precious stones. You can choose the heavy chokers necklaces and pair them with matching Nath, earrings and mang tika. It will help you to add a regal touch to your red lehenga.

9. Sparkling Diamonds:

Nothing can beat the sparkling look of diamonds as it helps you to shine most authentically. It looks shiny and elegant and you don’t have to do too much with these pieces. Such Bridal designer jewellery will look great with other attires too. So get such Wedding jewellery for your wedding day.

No Bridal Jewellery is completed without the chokers necklaces and haar necklace combined with matching Nath, earrings and mang tika. You can either go for artificial pieces or something original, both with look great with your wedding attire. So choose the perfect Wedding jewellery with your Red Bridal Lehenga and enjoy its glorious look. Never afraid of taking risks. After all, it’s your wedding and you deserve to look perfect.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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