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Draping Styles

Wearing a hijab is a sacred and cultural practice that varies in technique and interpretation across various countries and societies but it is basically a headscarf worn by many women as a symbol of modesty and privacy. For women, wearing the hijab is a manifestation of their belief and faith, a way to affirm one’s values and an instrument to focus on inner beauty and qualities rather than outward appearance.

Often women who wear hijabs worry that they can’t try out as many different styles as other people. But we are here to tell you that’s not true at all! You can mix up things as often as most women mix up hairstyles.

Are you looking for a unique hijab style that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and confident? Here are 10 fashion tips to choose from.


The most effortless and common hijab style is the traditional wrap which is women’s favorite choice when they are in a hurry or running short on time. It is effortless to wear, making it most suitable for beginners to become accustomed to wearing a hijab.

The best thing is that it goes well with all hijab fabrics, so you can wear it in all temperatures and on all occasions. Here is how to wear it.

  • Set the hijab on the head, with one end left a little longer than the other. 
  • Wrap the more extended side around your face, leaving the shorter one relaxed. 
  • Secure it with pins, and voila you are all set. 

This style is also an easy yet trendy way to wear your hijab. The name is self-explanatory, indicating how it will look when worn. The most suitable fabrics for this style are chiffon or viscose, making it perfect for events, weddings, parties, etc. You don’t require too many pins or a hijab cap, too, so you can begin right away with your favored hijab. Here’s how to wear it. 

  • Place the center of your hijab on your head, keeping both ends at the same level.
  • Use a safety pin to secure it around your chin. 
  • Throw the right side of the hijab to the left shoulder and do vice versa. You have your flawlessly tied “over the shoulders” hijab wrap.  

All women who wear a hijab know the grinds of keeping the hijab pins in place. Putting so many pins on your head to attach your hijab style can occasionally get painful, and you want to get rid of them at any cost. 

Here is a solution for those who want to keep it basic and effortless while still being fashionable. All you need is your scarf, and you can get started. 

  • Place your hijab on your head with or without an inner cap with both ends identical. 
  • Wrap one end around your neck and leave it at the back. 
  • Wrap the second end too, and tie it in a knot with the other end at the back of your neck. 
  • An option is to wrap one end around it and bring it to the front. 
  • Repeat the same with the other end, and you are done. Stylish glam in seconds. 

Just like the classic, this is a typical style and looks more like an upgrade of the classic wrap. This one makes your hijab voluminous without any extra accessories. You can pair it with your office attire or party outfits.

To wrap this hijab, you can use a scarf of any fabric of your choice. If you are using silk or any other slippery fabric, you can wear a hijab cap for extra security. 

  • Place the hijab on your head and hold one side longer than the other. 
  • Secure it under your chin with a safety pin and wrap the short side around your head with the aid of pins. 
  • Use the longer side to wrap around your face and secure it with the pins. 
  • Leave the longer end loose after putting pins, and that’s it. 

As you experiment with various hijab styles, you become more proficient at creating chic looks. The criss-cross layered hijab is one of them. It is very appropriate for weddings, dinner parties, and other related events. 

You need an ample amount of pins and an inner cap to get the soundest results. Let’s see how to do it. 

  • Take a rectangular scarf and put it on your head, leaving one end shorter than the other. 
  • Pin it under your chin. 
  • Take the shorter end and pin it on your head without covering your head. 
  • Repeat the same with the longer end forming a criss-cross on your head. 
  • Now take the longer end and wrap it around your face, securing it with a pin at the side of your face. Go girlie.

The turban style wrap is a more contemporary hijab style and is famous in the fashion industry and the corporate world. It provides you with a special professional look, and you can pair it with long skirts, gowns, or salwar suits. 

The best fabrics for the turban wrap is cotton, jersey, or viscose. Your hijab must be rectangular to get the perfect oomph.

  • Put the hijab on your head and secure it behind your neck with a pin. 
  • Take one end and wrap it around your head and secure it with a pin at the end. 
  • Repeat with the other end. If you don’t want to use pins, you can tuck the ends in your scarf. 

When the temperature rises, wrapping the hijab tightly around your face may become challenging. Luckily, we have different relaxed hijab styles perfect for summer. This hijab style offers full coverage and looks trendy. 

You can wear it to a ceremonial event, a dinner date, or even to your workplace. All you need is a rectangular hijab, an inner cap and a few pins. This is how it is done. 

  • Wear an inner cap and place your hijab over it. 
  • Place a pin at the top of your head so that the hijab does not move.
  • Wrap one end loosely around the neck, draping it over the shoulder. Secure it with a pin if you want. 
  • Leave the other end just like that, and you are all set to rock your look. 

The top knot is a more sophisticated version of the turban, designed to be chic and quirky for formal occasions. It is simply excellent for you if you want to flex your embroidered necklines or gorgeous neck pieces. 

This hijab style is an exceptional solution for women who wear sun or optic glasses. You may go ahead with any hijab fabric for this style, but cotton hijabs are popular for the best volume. Here is how you can style it for a showstopper look. 

  • Frame the scarf on your head and wrap both ends over each other at the back of your head. 
  • Bring both ends at the top of your head after wrapping them around your head. 
  • Tie both ends in a knot at the front of your head and wrap the loose part around it to create volume around the knot.  
  • Feel free to use hijab pins to keep the knot secure and present your best self. 

The tucked-in style is an excellent kind for professional attire and refined looks. Many hijabi athletes also wear their hijab in this manner to keep it from coming in the way of restriction free movement. It goes pleasingly well with high-neck or collared shirts. 

You can either take a square scarf or a shorter rectangular scarf for more convenient wrapping. Chiffon, satin, and silk scarves are simply flawless for this style. Let’s see how it is done. 

  • Fold your square scarf to get it into a triangular shape and place it on your head. 
  • Secure it under your chin with a pin for better coverage. 
  • Wrap both ends tightly over each other around the neck and secure it with a pin. 
  • Tuck the remaining part in your shirt and use pins if required. 

The smart Turkish-style hijabs are prevalent among women who wear a hijab. They present full head coverage and boost your everyday casual attire. You can wear a Turkish-style hijab just like that to your office or workplace.

For this style, you require a square scarf, mostly silky. They come in diverse colors, prints, and designs to choose from. Here is how to wrap it for that chic hijab wrap. 

  • Fold your square scarf diagonally to give it a triangular shape. 
  • Place it on your head from the center. 
  • Wrap both ends around your neck and tie them together in a knot. 
  • If the ends are longer, tuck it in your shirt and get a neat Turkish-style hijab look. 

How to wear a hijab without pins

  • Wear your hijab with an under scarf:

Girl, try popping on an under scarf beneath your hijab. The under scarf will hold everything in place so you don’t need pins. Make sure to put it snugly on top of your head. And go for a hijab in non-slip material – game changer!

  • Dangle Hijab Fabric Over Your Shoulders

This style is so chic and perfect for everyday wear. Hold the hijab in both hands, making sure the material isn’t folded. Place it directly on the center of your head. Then split it into two sections and flip each part over the opposite shoulder. This criss-cross shape keeps the fabric from sliding around.

  • Tie The Hijab Behind Your Neck

For this relaxed look, use a lightweight, manageable fabric like chiffon or georgette. These materials are easy to tie and won’t add too many bulks. Pull the fabric tight to avoid wrinkles or pleats before putting it on your head. Make sure it sits smoothly on top. Let the ends hang down your back, below your shoulders. Take the ends and tie them together in a loose, comfortable knot at the nape of your neck. You can tie it tighter for more stability or looser for a casual vibe. This style keeps everything in place without needing pins!

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