30 Bridal Blouse Designs That Could Complete Your Look in Wedding!


Being a bride is a tough job. There are a bunch of responsibilities, a flow of emotions and a whole lot of pressure. Wedding day is the one the bride must be the most happy. After all, the bride is the focus of the wedding and the wedding photographs. In a scenario like that, one cannot compromise her look and attires.

Choosing the right lehenga, jewellery and especially design can be a challenge. However, your lehenga and jewellery could entirely depend upon the design of your Bridal blouses because it will complete your look.

Classy Bridal Blouse Designs to Look More Elegant

    1. Back bow Bridal blouse
      A hot look straight from the fashion trends of 2015, back in trend of 2019. The choli has simply a knot to be tied on the back in a bow. There is, of course a hook to avoid wardrobe malfunction. Tip: a back bow looks absolutely stunning on a ¾ sleeves blouse.

    2. Silver blouse
      Remember the old school disco clothes that were embellished with overlapping layers of hangings that spread as you twirled? Well, this choli is very similar. You could simply add silver or golden or matching embellishments to the whole just the sleeves and your look will be of a most rocking bride ever.
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      Well, this blouse is very similar. You could simply add silver or golden or matching embellishments to the whole blouse or just the sleeves and your look will be of a most rocking bride ever

    3. Feather blouses
      An attached drape embellished blouse
      This one is straight from Priyanka Chopra’s closet. The feather blouse is highly tending since the end of 2018. It gives your look a touch of fantasy, just like your wedding is supposed to be. Tip: you can also take a matching feather dupatta to enliven your look.

    4. An attached drape embellished choli
      This is extremely fashionable pattern. It has a dupatta attached, which makes the work of the bride really easy. The embellishment adds to the heavy, bridal look.

    5. A sequin blouse
      If you want to go with a simple lehenga, then the best you can do is pair it with a sequin choli. It will only add to the simplicity and elegance, also give a heavy look to your lehenga. Tip: a champagne colour sequin choli goes best with green and/or red lehengas.

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    6. A bohemian embroidery choli
      Marriage is an adventure, then why not make your wedding clothes too? A bohemian embroidery is much like a multi-coloured tribal work that adds to the personality and gives the bride a fun look.

    7. Classic round back blouses
      This is the simplest trending choli that you can choose to wear. The cholihas a wide open round shape back and a semi circle in the front. Tip: The choli goes best with extremely heavy lehengas

    8. Strapless blouse
      A bold look for a bride. This pattern adds a modern touch to the complete look, plus it could simple and stylish at the same time. Tip: big choker jewellery go best with off shoulder Bridal blouses.

    9. Off shoulder sleeves blouse
      TThis is another modern look, which can be fused with the traditional look of ¾ sleeves. Tip: ¼ sleeves would also look good, though not much traditional.

    10. Cold shoulder blouse
      The modern style has taken over almost every line of clothing, from tops to shirts to gowns to suits to blouses. A cold shoulder clause is a classy and an elegant choice. Tip: cold shoulder high neck designer blouse pattern will give you a classy look.

    11. Thigh-length jacket blouse
      If you don’t want to expose much of your stomach and want to go for a classy style, then thigh long jacket is the perfect style for you. This blouse is generally collar style and avoids the use of a dupatta.

    12. Choli style blouse
      Sabyasachi fans, this one’s for you. The famous choli style transformed into a blouse gives you a perfect traditional look. Tip: a net dupatta, goes best with a heavy choli style blouse.

    13. ‘Koti’ blouses
      This is a jacket style upper waist length blouses. A front open blouse with an adjustable length of the neck. Close all the buttons and you have a high neck blouses, open a few and you have a deep neck blouses. Tip: sleek jewellery goes best with a koti designer blouse pattern.

    14. Ruffle blouse
      Ruffle is a new trend that became highly popular in 2018. If you want to give your lehenga a little gown-like touch, then ruffle neck and sleeves blouses can solve all your problems.

    15. Gold floral embroidery Bridal blouse
      If your lehenga is extremely heavy then you might want to go for this choli . You can choose whatever neck design and sleeves length, the gold floral on the base colour contrasting that of your lehenga skirt with save the day!

    16. Lace blouse
      Lace work had gone out of fashion, but it seems to have hit the market again. A classic choli with a deep front neck and an open back seems to be the right choice for almost every lehenga. Tip: a full sleeves lace choli is the definition of grace.

    17. Bell or flowy sleeves blouses
      This is like the styles that are worn by celebrities at award functions and events. The fusion of a traditional designer blouse pattern with bell or flowy sleeves could make your look extremely trendy.

    18. Overall Beaded embroidery Bridal blouse
      This is the shimmering look that every bride must wear in at least one of the wedding rituals. The beaded work gives a heavy look and adds to the richness of the lehenga or skirt. Tip: sleeveless beaded choli will class up your look.

    19. Patch work choli
      If you want to try something new then you can always go for a random patches embroidered choli . The gold embroidery gives a rich look, and the random colour patches combined in a single choli make for a beautiful look.

    20. Cape choli
      This one is a popular Manish Malhotra look. A simple inner paired with a cape. The cape can be embroidered and made of different fabrics like net, satin, etc. however, with a net cape, the inner must also be embellished or embroidered.

    21. Cutwork choli
      If you want your designer blouse pattern to speak for the moment then this is the one. Cutwork Bridal blouses mean attachment of meaningful patches like Ganesha, doli design, Mangalam, etc. that add meaning to your blouse.

    22. High Neck choli
      The most popular choice is a high neck choli . A high neck Bridal blouse can have be backless or back open stuck together with hooks or buttons. Tip: full sleeves high neck Bridal blouse could make you look extremely thin and elegant.

    23. Backless choli
      From Sonam Kapoor’s wedding clothes collection, the choli has a studded and embellished front and the back has two trying that keep the blouse together. Tip: you can add latkans matching with your lehenga to the threads.

    24. Sleeveless classic blouse
      The choli has a sleeveless look with a v or round front neck and the back is preferably wide open. The blouse works best for thin brides and is a simple yet stylish choice.

    25. Net Zardosi blouse
      This is a very stylish and designer blouse pattern which is based in net. The net fabric has a transparent high neck, however the rest of the chest is and sleeves are embellished and embroidered with Zardosi.

    26. Backless net blouse
      net provides for a transparent back for designer blouse pattern, which technically keeps the designer blouse pattern backless. The blouse can have a zip on the sides. The back net can be filled with embroidery or bordered with dots Patti or embellishment to give it a classier look.

    27. Boat neck blouse
      The neck spreads throughout the shoulders, much near to being cold shoulder. Boat necks are elegant and a graceful choice to make for a bridal lehenga. The sleeves can be full or ¾ with an attached border.

    28. 3D mirror work blouse
      This designer blouse patterncould simply refine your look. The designer blouse pattern if full of stone work including the sleeves too. The blouse has a base colour matching the colour of the lehenga and goes well with simple lehengas.

    29. Halter neck blouse
      Saved the best for the last. Halter neck blouse is a style from the past that has never gone out of style. The blouse wraps around the neck, leaving the back completely open aside from one patch at the back that binds the complete blouse.

    30. Bows blouse
      If you are looking to bring about a modern touch to your lehenga, then this style could help with just that. Side bows give the suggestion that the blouse has no opening in the front or at the back, rather has ribbons and knots to be tied on the side. Tip: one side bow, instead of two can make your look more chick.

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