25 Magical South Indian Sarees – Must Have in Your Wardrobe List!


South Indian sarees is a simple name to a broader class of collections. The alluring dazzle collections of saree with unique and impressive designs is truly a visual treat. The colorful league is totally an invitation for a shopping spree. Get yourself along to know what the south Indians have in store for your saree collection.  

  1. White and red combo beauty
    The saree comes with a white designed body and a red pallu. The pallu is exquisitely well designed with traditional designs and is very attractive to women of any complexion. The typical south Indian saree is at its best with big borders and heavy pallu designs.
  2. The heavy silk handloom saree
    South Indian sarees are popularly fabricated from Tamil Nadu. It is renowned among the world of sarees. The sarees in this category will be teeming with artistic feature and heavy work ideal for special occasions and functions.

  3. The White With Golden Borders Designers
    The sarees among this category are well crafted to provide sheer. These sarees are completely bordered with the southern style golden color. Special works on pallu designs, make these sarees adorable on any woman.

  4. Coimbatore sarees
    Coimbatore holds a major hub for incredible sarees, designs, and material. These sarees suit nobody of any type. These sarees are crafted with rich texture and quality material that would be the right type of saree wear that could suit any occasion casual or formal.

  5. The simple red south Indian saree
    These are the simplest of traditional sarees that are popular over the southern parts of India, especially in Tamil Nadu. The saree is filled with extensive floral, peacock (anapakshi), line patterns. You will look stunning with an intricate designed red south Indian saree let alone from whichever place you are.

  6. Kanchipuram saree
    Kanchipuram saree’s are a way of tradition among the south Indians. Bridal sarees are decked from Kanchipuram alone. With blue, the king of royal colors, no doubt any fair complexion women will look bedazzling.

  7. The blue cotton saree
    Cotton sarees gives a separate elegance to the draper. The look is incredulous if the saree is blue colored cotton material, with the draper being thin. You can never stop someone from stealing multiple glances at you. Suitable for all your daily office wear collections.

  8. Dharmavaram silk saree
    These sarees are unique masterpieces that you can never find in any other. The borders are plain with golden strips, whereas the saree’s body is filled with complex patterns over the entire length. The saree also comes with attractive colors from mild subtle to dark bold colors.

  9. Bridal sarees
    It is stunning in almost every attribute that you will look for, be it design, color, richness, and texture. Better than any other models, the bridal sarees comes with a peculiar shine. You will definitely lose yourself among the red bridal collections.

  10. South Indian wedding saree
    These are exquisite collections that are almost as grand, than any other saree type available. The wedding sarees come with stoner work, Ari work, patchwork and much more designers customizable by the bridals. The saree stands out with bright colors and vibrant designs.

  11. Designer Sarees
    Designer saree’s have a special place in the heart of saree lovers. It is the best choice when you are looking for strong design work and alluring designs to take advantage in your looks. It is the best choice for informal occasions.

  12. Maharashtrian saree
    Want to try cool designs? Checking in for cultured cross sarees, Maharashtrian sarees are a built-in collaboration with designs from two different cultural combinations. All you need is a good eye to pick the right color and design choice for you.

  13. Borderless Designer saree
    Some sarees are entirely out of usualness. Borderless saree lets you experience a borderless epitome of beauty. There are the polka (butta) patterns over the entire length that adds grandeur as well as simplicity.

  14. Self-colored saree
    With recent days, a self-colored (completely same color) sarees are more on the ramp. The preferable colors in this range are the common subtle colors like peach, pink, orange and red. These are party or function oriented sarees.

  15. Yellow and pink combo saree
    If you have been following up trends in the south Indian saree world, there is more of a spree on the yellow and pink combo sarees entirely ranked as a category. This combo is entirely alluring and enticing to the viewers.

  16. Bold plain sarees
    Commonly marron colored, sarees of this range are simple yet very beautiful. Suits fair complexioned people aptly. It comes with mild bordered and plain over the entire length, an ideal choice of saree for office goers.

  17. The mallu sarees
    The trademark mallu sarees are the complete white sarees with a plain border usually golden, red, green or black. The mark their own sheer grace with a matching accessories and border color blouses.

  18. Lightweight silk saree
    To cater to the needs of young and old, the trends of scaling down the traditional heavy sarees became serious. This set of extraordinary sarees come in a bright embossed design ideal for small functions.

  19. Grand pallu sarees
    A certain sect of silk sarees comes with a very grand and gorgeous pallu design, but with a very simple zari and bodywork. The bodywork is very simple and neutral. This is preferable over the older age ranges.

  20. Shimmering transparent sarees
    Transparent only means its thinner in texture and thickness but very grand in looks. The zari work is extraordinary in these sarees. They come with plain pallu and heavy border works. Ideal for any night party wears and functions.

  21. Multi-colored cotton sarees
    This was previously an age-old trending resurfacing to the present trends. It’s a cotton counterpart of the traditional silk saree popular among the south Indians.

  22. Rich Multi-coloured silk saree
    The multi-colored (palum-palam) saree is famous among south Indian silk sarees. These have started getting along in other dress types and age groups too.

  23. Pochampalli sarees
    Tailored from the Telangana state to prep a perfect ethnic look, which goes beautifully with traditional jewelry set.

  24. Kalamkari sarees
    The penned down designs of Kalamkari manually designed and crafted for outstanding ethnic appearance.

  25. Pattu sarees
    Popular among the women population of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It usually comes in bright colors and bold designs. Sometimes sculptures art are also a part of the design on the pallu. Decked with gold jewelry leaves you stunning.

Sarees are adorned with an endless ocean of collections from everywhere. Impress yourself with the finest and grab all attention!

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