10 Hair Accessories that can Enhance the overall Bridal Look


If you love to play with accessories then this blog is something for you. Whenever we talk about Indian weddings, you can’t deny the fact that women love to look the best on her big day. There are so many accessories available to style your neck, hands, ears and nose, but have you ever think of having something special to style your hair?



There are so many accessories available that a bride-to-be must have. Some also help her to achieve that Bollywood-perfect looks on the big days. Here is a list of such 10 hair accessories that will help you to look gorgeous on your big day:

Best Hair Accessories to enhance your look

  1. Juda Pins:
    With Juda Pins we don’t mean the simple black pins that are used to make a juda, we that mean some jewellery pieces which looks traditional and are used for multipurpose. These Juda pins help to tie the juda in a perfect way and accessorise it in a beautiful way. These are a simple and elegant part of hair accessories.

  2. Mathapatti:
    Either you are going for an open hairstyle or a bun, Mathapatti will always enhance your Indian look. The market is full of Mathapatti designs. Some are minimalistic which some are chunky, but this variety gives you a wide range of options. These usually come with multiple chains that add beauty to your head. The best part of this hair accessory is that you don’t have to do too much with it.

  3. Jhoomars:
    In the old time, Jhoomars were worn by the Muslim brides, but now it has become a necessity of every woman. It looks extremely beautiful and heavy. You can also call it as a replacement for a Mathapatti. Some women wore it individually while some combine it with their maang tikka.

  4. Maang Tikka:
    Again, Maang tikka is a hair accessory that is found in many different designs and patterns. It falls in the centre of the head or along with the maang. There is a different property of each maang tikka. It is available in many sizes, shapes and designs. You can choose according to your outfit.

  5. Punjabi Paranda:
    Punjabi Paranda is an important part of Punjabi dressing. This looks perfect with a braid. You can find it in many patterns, designs and effects. You can also find a paranda with natural flowers. If you wear paranda on your hair, you will not need any additional hair accessories. But if you like to have a heavy look then there is no compulsion for not going for other hair decorations.

  6. Flowers:
    One of the beautiful and elegant hair styles with flowers. Flowers are also known as gajra is used to enhance the beauty of juda or tied hair. It is an important part of South Indian Bride’s attire. With flowers, you can achieve a heavy or minimal look. It smells very good and feels majestic on the hair.

  7. Braid Embellishments or Jada billau:
    It is another beautiful hair accessory worn by South Indian Brides, Jada Billau is worn along with the length of the braid. It gives a very heavy effect. It is a combination of flowers and flower type accessories. Not only this, you can find it in gold and silver. These hair accessories look the best with the temple styled jewellery.

  8. Hairbands:
    The hairband is one of the most beautiful and minimal hair accessories of all time. It is mostly worn by the Christian brides on her wedding day. It looks highly western. This perfect hair accessory looks great on the short hair where the stylish cannot do much with it. Also, it helps to keep the hair at the place and make them look stylish and good.

  9. Gem Bobby Pins:
    Bobby pins are one of the oldest types of Hair accessories. It helps you to keep your hair in place. But have you ever heard about the bobby pins with gems? It has a shiny thing on the top. You can use it in many ways and spoil your choice. Also, it adds the power to your juda in a very simple way.

  10. Tiara:
    Tiara is one of the princess style accessories. If you want to achieve that fairy-tale look on your big day, then you can go for Tiara. It makes you look extremely royal. Also, it looks great with a veil. The market is full of different types of Tiaras, which gives you a lot of options.

Choose your perfect Hair Accessory and add a flavour to your overall attire.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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