2019 Modern Style Lehenga Neck Designs That Every Woman Should Follow


There are probably 100 different styles of lehengas. Each one has a different USP. Men won’t be able to understand these different designs but women surely do. Rajasthani women have the best sense and knowledge of wearing a lehenga. The lehenga trend has slowly but surely established its stronghold in the whole country. Be it a festive occasion or a wedding, the lehenga is the choice of a large majority of women. However to style it perfectly, the choli needs to be perfect otherwise the attire will look a bit out of place.


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Lehengas excite women more than any other piece of clothing. The neck designs of lehengas have evolved over the years and today we see different types of lehenga neck designs starting from halter neck to the corset style neck. 2019 will witness the best lehenga neck designs of all time. Some of those designs are mentioned below to help you select the best lehenga.

#1. Traditional Neck Design:

There is nothing better than a traditional design on a traditional piece of clothing. This neck design is simple yet magnificent and highlights the collarbone. The back is deep and the neckline has golden embroidery which perhaps is the unique proposition of this blouse piece.

#2. Boat Neck Blouse:

As the name suggests, this neck design is reminiscent of a boat. It appears like the blouse is hanging from shoulders. A fringy design looks the best on this type of blouse.

#3. Modern Loose Plunging Neckline:

If you are looking for a design that is sensual and elegant at the same time, this is the right one for you. In this blouse, you can flaunt your distinctive collar bones and the necklace as well.

#4. Halter Neck Blouse:

The halter neck blouse grabs the neck like a choker necklace and the strings go to the back. The blouse has a sleeveless design and the part that grabs the neck has intricate mirror work on it.

#5. Corset Style Neckline:

This neck design is for women who have a thing for the modern style. The blouse piece has an indo-western theme going all over it. The neckline on this one has silver and gold embroidery. It ditches the traditional lehenga design but still it is a favourite of brides across the country.

#6. Modish Cut Neck Design:

The neckline on this one is perhaps the prettiest. The blouse itself has a floral design and the neckline is cut in the same way. It has become the most sought after lehenga neck design in a very short period of time.

#7. Broad Neck Design:

Evident from the name, this neck design has a broad and deep neck design. It accentuates the neck and the collar bones. The blouse generally has intricate floral embroidery which is perfect for wedding.

#8. Satin Strappy Neck Design:

The blouse is made from satin fabric which is very soft and comfortable. The neck has a rounded ‘V’ design. The surface of the blouse doesn’t have any print or design. Still the neck design looks very beautiful.

#9. Moon Cut Neck Design:

As the name suggests, this blouse piece has a moon cut-out for the neck design. The rest of the blouse is fairly plain with a sleeveless design. Brides who wish to experiment with the neck design can totally go for this design.

#10. Crop Top Off Shoulder Neckline:

This blouse is reminiscent of the modern crop-top that girls wear. The strap of the blouse rests on the side of the shoulders. The neckline is straight and joins the shoulder straps. This neck design gives a bold look and complements your collar bones, neck, and shoulders.

#11. Illusion High-Neck Blouse:

This is the most creative blouse style from the bunch. The blouse is stone studded with some beautiful net-work that extends up to the neck.

#12. V-Neck Design:

This neck design is perfect for occasions when you are really confused on which neck design will suit the lehenga the best. This design is evergreen and will probably never get out of fashion. This design is evergreen and every women must have this neck design in their wardrobe.

2019 is going to be the year of lehengas and therefore a perfect neck design is mandatory to compliment the lehenga well. Hope this list of neck designs helps you select the best neck design for your choli.

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