Top 20 Bridal Nose Ring Designs To Add More Grace in Bride look


In India, Nose ring is commonly known as ‘Nath’, which is important bridal jewellery in conjunction with the heavy necklaces and earrings. A stylish nose ring or Nath will definitely alter your look, therefore, whatever the design and style you choose to wear should be elegant and stylish.

The best part about bridal nose ring is that you can simply wear it without any requirement of nose piercing specifically. Rather than choosing the gold Nath, you should opt for the stylish and trendy design because maybe you’ll never get a chance to wear it again.


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To pick and choose the best bridal nose ring design, here is the list of top 20 bridal nose ring designs curated for you!

1. Thin Hoop Design

The simple and thin hoop design is appropriate for those who love to carry such design easily. Without any adornments, this stylish piece of accessory will be perfect for every bride.

2. Conventional Nose Ring

The conventional nose ring is heavy and absolutely adorned with pearls. You can easily wear this conventional style Nath with the pearl necklace for a great combination.

3. Coloured Nose Ring

Nowadays, there are an enormous variety of colours and style available in nose rings. You can easily purchase any coloured bridal nose ring design to match with the necklace or earrings.

4. Minimalistic Bridal Nath

Well, minimalistic bridal Nath is quite pretty in design as the hoop is small, but embellished with the diamonds on it for an elegant look.

5. Coloured Stone Bridal Nose Ring

To match with your Maang Tikka, the coloured stone bridal nose ring will be a perfect choice, isn’t it? It will definitely complement your maang tikka and other jewellery.

6. Intricate Bridal Nose Ring

The big hoop and intricate design of this nose ring make it a stunning accessory for brides. Those who can easily manage with such big hoops and designs, then this nose ring is certainly for them!

7. Tiny Nose Ring

Do you want a simple and tiny nose ring to match with the outfit? Well, you can pick and choose this elegant piece of jewellery for the bridal look.

8. Flowery Nose Ring

In this Nath, there is a flowery pattern design attached with the chain of the nose ring and the hoop is quite big. For a traditional look, you can purchase this contemporary style of the bridal nose ring.

9. Kundan Nose Ring

If you are an arbiter of fashion, then you must be sniffing out for the latest and trendy bridal nose rings for your special day. In such a situation, you should go with the Kundan Nath, which is little mighty in design.

10. Nose Ring with Pearl Chain

To make a style statement, you must wear a statement and fashionable bridal nose ring, which is encrusted with the detailed work and pearl chain. And, this stunning piece will definitely do that to add charm and glamour.

11. Nose Ring with Studded Chain

The small hoop design and a studded chain in a bridal nose ring are absolutely mesmerizing. The small and tiny droplets in the chain are cherry on the cake.

12. Pearl Encrusted Nose Ring

The pearl encrusted Nose ring with an elaborate chain and elegant design is appropriate for the brides. The best part is that you can wear it in future to pair it with any attire.

13. Layered Nose Ring

Nowadays, multiple layered nose rings are in tandem with pretty golden work is alluring for all the brides. Moreover, there’s a pearl encrusted in the hoop, which surely adds glamour to the bridal look.

14. Tiny Stones Nose Ring

For a simple yet royal look, you can prefer to buy this appealing and enticing bridal nose ring which has tiny stones studded in it.

15. Gold Nose Ring

If you love wearing gold jewelleries, then gold nose rings also come up with a diverse number of styles and design with big hoops and statement work.

16. Nose Ring without Chain

The Kundan Nath without any chain is in the latest fashion trend. The medium sized hoop with a Kundan work is one of the great choices for the brides.

17. Oversized Bridal Nath

The oversized bridal Nath has a hoop which is quite large than the normal size and there’s a plain and thin chain attached with the hoop.

18. Classic Nose Ring

The classic and vintage style bridal nose rings are in rage among the brides. Even in classic and vintage design nose rings, you will get a wide variety of exclusive collection. Choose the best design for yourself!

19. Kundan and Pearl Coated Nose Ring

What about the blend of Kundan and pearl in a bridal nose ring? A fabulous and an elegant choice! You can even co-ordinate the rest of the jewellery according to the nose ring.

20. Maharashtrian Style Nath

For every Maharashtrian Bride, the traditional and conventional design of nose ring is their foremost choice to pair with the wedding outfit because of its classy and stunning design.

To conclude, Nath or Nose rings are worn by the majority of Indian women and thus, the list of the stylish and latest nose rings for the brides is actually long.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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