8 Trendy Jewelry Designs For This Wedding season


Jewelry is one of the human kind work of art which has been developed since an early age and still exists today. Jewelry is an object decorated in many types of materials and has a long history. Jewelry has always been an inseparable part of traditional Indian attire. Considered as an embodiment of a woman’s persona, jewels not only adorn the body but also uplift our energy.  


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Jewelry holds a very spot in the heart of Indian women. Women from all walks of life are equally fascinated by jewelry. However, the struggle for matching the jewelry Design with the outfit is real. This article brings to you the 8 latest and greatest jewelry design for this season.


Earring is knowns as Jhumka in some parts of India. The Rajwadi Jhumka belongs to Kashmir and is a favorite of Indian women for all the right reasons. This pair of earrings is on the heavier side. The part that sticks to the ear is a flat circle and has pearls studded on it. Attached to it is a hemisphere which has intricate craftsmanship. This hemisphere is also heavily studded with smaller pearls. Under the hemisphere, there is a white pearl hanging. The whole piece is made from gold and has a royal feel to it which makes it perfect for wearing in the wedding season.


An oxidized jewelry set has a pair of earrings and a necklace. They look gorgeous without burning a hole in your pocket. They have a lustre which is different than that of gold and silver ornaments. The shine on oxidized jewelry is very similar to that of platinum jewelry Design . The quality is, however, inferior to real metals. But you really can’t complain about anything looking at the price point of oxidized jewelry Design . This kind of jewelry is perfect for wearing to Navratri parties and garba nights.


Chand means moon and bali means earrings. Therefore, chandbali means earrings that are reminiscent of the moon. These pieces were popularized by Deepika Padukone in her movie Ram Leela. The part that sticks to the ear is rectangular in shape. A moon like design using metal is crafted along the breadth of the rectangle. Below that, a white pearl is fixed using a minimalist yet stylish contraption. The metal used in the making of chandbali is mainly gold. IT has intricate designs all over it which are only visible when you look closely. These are perfect for wearing on the wedding day.


Silver is cheaper and harder than gold. However, it is still one of the most valuable metals found on the earth. It is perhaps the best conductor of electricity but we still don’t use wires made of silver simply because they will be much more expensive. The silver necklace is a bit uncommon but that’s the beauty of it. They are heavy and beautiful at the same time. Silver stays the same for a very long; all you have to do is safeguard it from deodorants and perfumes.


Temple jewelry Design is an ancient form of Indian jewelry Design art. Initially, it was associated with adorning the idols of gods and goddesses. Later, it was patronized by classical dancers and slowly the designs have become a part of an Indian woman’s bridal attire as well as occasional attire. Temple jewelry Design is characterized by some of the finest handiwork, kept alive by only a handful of craftsmen left in the villages of South India. Temple jewelry Design is believed to be very auspicious as wearing it elevates our energy and cleanses our aura, because of the presence of divine forms.


When you are confused as to what to wear to a casual or office party, pick a pendant stringed to silver or oxidized chain. Pendants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and metals as well. Pick the pendant with which you resonate the most. You can also swap pendants and chains. A pendant will never fail you and therefore you can wear it on any casual occasion without any worries.


Layered necklace designs have always been a thing in the southern part of the country. Slowly but surely, this jewelry Design trend has picked up a lot in all parts of the country in recent years. A layered necklace set consists of a pair of Rajwadi style earrings, a mangtika, and the necklace itself. All the pieces have a similar design scheme on them. These types of jewelry sets are a perfect pick for this wedding season.


This is basically a crown that you tie on your head with some part of it resting on the forehead. It is heavily studded with diamonds of different sizes. This item tops the jewelry list of every bride. This item will get you one step closer to achieving the look of your dreams.

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