Style Your Dupatta in 6 Different Ways – One Dupatta Many Looks


Have you ever thought of styling your dupatta in some cool and interesting way? If you haven’t, then you are in the right place. Today we are talking about 6 very interesting ways to tie your dupatta in such styles that it looks extremely beautiful though different. You can carry these styles with your normal outfit and add excitement to your whole look.

#1. First Look:

  1. Take your dupatta widthwise and make some small plates in it. Secure it with the help of a safety pin.
  2. Place it on your shoulder. Take a waist belt and use it to keep it on the place.

Your Red carpet dress is ready. You can carry it with your dress or with a suit and add a western touch to it. If you want to take that same look to another level then follow the further steps:

  • To move forward to another look, Take the other hanging end of the dupatta and fold it a little bit, i.e., almost 1/4th.
  • Tuck it underneath your belt across your waist-line.





It will add the Indian touch to your dress and looks like you are wearing your dress in such a way that it looks filled with Indian pattern.

#2. Second Look:

  • Fold your dupatta in the half and place both corners in the middle of it. Secure them with the help of a safety pin.
  • And by doing this, you are ready with your jacket.

Place your both hands in each opening and wear it as a jacket. You can wear it with shorts, jeans or dress and add the Indian touch to your whole look. Not only this, you can wear it with your Patiala or normal suit. Also, you can style it with some statement pieces.

#3.Third look:

  • Tie your dupatta around your neck in the way that it looks like a halter top. You can either tie it or secure it with the help of a safety pin.
  • Now, take a sleek belt and tie it around your waist. It will help you to define your waistline. And your A-Symmetrical dress is ready.

If you want to do more with this style, then follow the other steps:

  • Take the two handing ends to the back and secure them together with the help of a safety pin.
  • Place that underneath your belt so that it looks like a dress.

In this way, you are ready with your own a-like peplum dress. Wear it over a short fitted dress and enjoy your bold though sweet look.

#4.Fourth look:

  • Divide your dupatta into two equal parts and place it across your shoulder. Make sure that it is maintaining a symmetry.
  • Wear a waist belt while covering the front.
  • Now, take the one end of the dupatta and secure it with the help of the belt on both sides.

In this way, you are ready with your long jacket. You can style your skirt or plain kurti with this dupatta look and add energy to your outfit. Also, it will give you an illusion that your jacket has pockets.

#5.Fifth Look:

  • Take your dupatta and make some plates across the half part of it. Secure it on your shoulder with the help of a safety pin.
  • Then, take the other end and make the plates in the middle of it. Take it across your waistline and secure it to the other side of the dupatta with the help of safety pin.
  • Wear a belt around your waistline and tuck some part of the dupatta to it.

In this way, your loose and beautiful dress will get ready.

#6.Sixth look:

  • Fold your dupatta into half and place it on your shoulders.
  • Take the other hanging end and secure them both with the help of pins. Do the same on the other side.

In this way, you will get ready with a beautiful Indo-western Shrug. You can wear with the off shoulder dress or any normal dress. You can also style it with a statement piece.

These were some ways in which you can make the same dupatta look different and beautiful. You can wear it in any way and flaunt your Indo-western look. Do tell us which style is your favourite.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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