Let Your Dupattas Do The Talking


Fashion and Clothing are an inevitable part of our lifestyles. With the passage of time, the term “fashion” has taken various styles and forms, and so are the clothing options that we have in today’s time. And lucky are we, the ladies, for having the highest options available, right from head to toe.

The importance of having the right fashion sense in today’s world is not a secret to anyone. Especially for the females, because, let’s face it, the “so many options” has surely come with an added pressure to look perfect all the time. A little mismatch and then you are just one step away from losing a nerve. So, why not make our closet a little sorted and save ourselves from all the embarrassment beforehand?

For this, the first step would be to learn a bit about different women apparels, especially the ones we do not pay much attention to. One of such underrated apparels is the “dupatta”. We surely love them, but when it comes to wearing, we do not generally pay any heed to the design and material and let the color play the cards.

But hey! Are we wearing our dupattas right? Have never thought about it? Well then, it is time you do.

Do you really know what kind of dupatta will give the perfect finishing touch to the traditional look you are aspiring to achieve? Worry not! We have brought for you the tricks and tips for draping that perfect dupatta.

Here are the 15 types of Dupatta that you can choose from for complementing that traditional look you dream to flaunt:

15 Types Of Dupattas For Stylish Women

1. Net duppata:

The net dupattas- Aren’t they everyone’s favorites? And they are sure to find a place in every girl’s closet. Whether you wear it halfway over your head, or through your back holding with both the hands or flaring over your shoulder, it just gives your traditional attire that perfect touch. The light weight of the material and that gorgeous shine make it all the more easy to keep it flaunting all the way. Ocassion: Weddings, pre-weddings, auspicious events.
Fashion verdict: Make them a part of your bridal outfit and wear halfway over the head.

2. Velvet Dupatta:

The love affair, with its creamy fabric, lavish and royal look, makes your look effortlessly alluring. Can be worn flaring over the shoulder or like a shawl. Ocassion: Bridal outfit, pre-wedding festivities, fashion shows, high key family events and parties.
Fashion verdict: can be made a part of bridal attire.

3. Georgette Dupatta:

Georgette never runs out of trend, do they? Georgette is a lightweight, dull-finished crepe fabric. It is made in solid colors and prints and is used in different kinds of clothing. Ocassion: casual meetings and gatherings, lawn parties.
Fashion verdict: Pair them with matching kurtas and suits or kameez with denims.

4. Zardosi Work Dupatta:

The Royal Zardosi! The term Zardosi is comprised of two Persian terms “Zar” meaning gold and “Dosi” meaning embroidery. Zardozi embroidery work depicts elaborate designs using gold and silver threads along with studded pearls and precious stones. Presently, zardosi embroidery is also a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and silk thread. Occasion: Wedding functions, high key parties.
Fashion verdict: They can be a part of bridal attire, would also go well with equally heavy and royal suits, lehengas.

5. Banarasi Silk Dupatta:

The banarasi silk dupatta, woven from a fine variant of silk from Banaras is certainly a piece of sheer elegance. They come in both heavy designs and minimal work depending on the occasion and requirement. Ocassion: Family events, parties, wedding festivities, religious events.
Fashion Verdict: Pair them with simple and contrasting salwar suits.

6. Tussar Silk Dupatta:

Tussar silk or the “wild silk”, is an exquisite thread obtained from a wide winged moth. Tussar silk is highly valued for its natural gold color. The embroidery work and prints in the golden texture lend a very antique look to these dupattas. Ocassion: wedding functions, pre-wedding festivities, festivals, religious events.
Fashion verdict: can be paired with simple salwar suits in contrasting color, with sarees as well.

7. Pashmina Dupatta:

Pashmina, a Persian word meaning “made from wool”. This fabric or wool gains its origin from the heavenly Kashmir. The beautiful Kashmiri art found in these dupattas are not a kid’s play. It takes about more than a month to perfect this beautiful art work. And no wonder when you drape it, it adds on your look that instant sophisticated and grace. Ocassion: Social gatherings, fashion and art concerts, marriage ceremonies.
Fashion Verdict: Pair them with contrasting suits. Can be worn like a shawl too.

8. Kantha Embroidered Dupatta:

Woven with kantha fabric, coupled with an unique hand embroidery style, these dupattas gain their origin from rural areas of West Bengal. These embroidered images, prints are beleived to depict images from the vedic times which help them earn an additional touch to their beauty. They can be worn flaring over the shoulder or like a shawl. Ocassion: Religious events, formal meetings, social events, galas, teaching, low key family parties.
Fashion Verdict: Pair them with very simple and subtle kurti and palazzos or trousers.

9. Chiffon Dupatta:

The shimmery chiffon! Chiffon dupattas are made from silk, polyster and nylon. Inhibiting a little resemblance to georgette, they have a transparent and glittery look. They might not be an “yes” all the time, but there are certain occasions when they can be a perfect pick. Occasion: pre-wedding, social gatherings.
Fashion Verdict: make them a part of matching kurtas and suits with minimal make up

10. Patachitra Painted Dupatta:

Patachitra style of painting is one of the oldest and most popular art forms of Orissa. These paintings are very intricate consisting of images mainly depicting mythological characters, folktales or the daily lives of common people. Besides cloth painting, they are also found in the form of wall paintings and palm leaf engravings. Occasion: Casual meetings, office, religious events, formal meetings, low key social gatherings.
Fashion Verdict: Pair them with white or light colored set of kurtis, or suits or very few designs.

11. Pom Pom Dupatta:

Who isn’t a fan of poms poms, right? Be it just some fluffy balls in the hands of a cheerleader or the cute little balls finely engraved at the edges of your dupattas, they are something which are sure to turn heads. So, don’t miss to add som pom pom dupattas in your closet to make it little fun and funky. Occasion: Family events, pre-wedding festivities, fashion shows.
Fashion verdict: can be paired with contrasting one colored suits, crop tops and skirts.

12. Buti Dupatta:

Woven with handloom fabric “Buti”, these dupattas are a gorgeous piece to complement your traditional look, be it for a low key social event or pre-wedding festivities. These dupattas are embedded with beautiful designs on the borders or on the bodies which keeps hanging loose giving it an unique touch of elegance. Occasion: evening parties, pre-wedding festivities, social gatherings, religious events, low key family parties.
Fashion Verdict: Pick the bright colors and pair it with a contrasting Kurta and palazzo.

13. Ikat Dupatta:

Ikat is one of the most ancient techniques of dying which originated in various parts of the world. It generally involves dying of fabrics like “cotton” and “silk”, which results in very engaging patterns. In fact, the word “Ikat” itself means to tie or bind. Occasion: office, teaching job, casual gatherings, formal events.
Fashion verdict: They would go really well with contrasting kurti and leggings, with simple and minimal accessories.

14. Chanderi Dupatta:

The Chanderi dupattas have gained their name and origin from the small town of Chanderi in MP. These dupattas have a shimmering texture. They are very light weighted and have a lavishly beautiful look. Ocassion: Festive hours, religious functions, college days.
Fashion verdict: pair them with simple kurtas, suits and flared palazzos.

15. Cotton Silk Dupatta:

The comfy cotton! The product gains its soft, silky properties from the fabrics cotton and silk which make it an almost first choice for almost all the pretty ladies out there! Ocassion: Office, teaching jobs, casual meetings, formal gatherings, social gatherings, religious events, low key family events.
Fashion verdict: Wear with simple light colored kurtas and palazzos or denims.
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