20 Different Bra Types That Every Women Should Know!


For every woman, a bra is an essential body garment, which cannot be avoided at all (of course, excluding your bedtime). To match the outfit, it is pivotal to have the right kind of bra appropriate according to the size. In addition, equally important is to know the fact that most of the women (64%) are wearing a wrong bra. Hence, it is crucial to understand the importance of the right size and right bra, which is suitable for your body.

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Classy Bra Types and styles For You

#1. T-shirt Bra

Most of us are in an illusion that padded bras are similar to t-shirt types bras. However, they are not at all similar because the t-shirt bra generally comes with moulded protection or maybe an underwire and they are not padded. They are designed in a way, which provides comfortability and gentle support while wearing the sassy t-shirts.

#2. Strapless Bra

As the name suggests, there are no straps in the strapless, but it is strong and comes with wired under-band. This types of bra is appropriate for the off-shoulder and cold-shoulder outfits. The most crucial point to keep in mind while purchasing the strapless bra is Perfect Size. If the size of the types of bra is loose, it will slip off frequently and if the size of the bra is tight, then you will remain uncomfortable the whole day.

#3. Push-Up Bra

Just like the name sound, Push-Up bra gently pushes your breast upward to give a sexy cleavage. If you have a smaller bust line, then push-up bra is perfect for you. Generally, the push-up types of bra is padded on the under-side of the cups and therefore, you should look for the right size. Moreover, the push-up bra comes in all sizes starting from size A to E.

#4. Lace Bra

Lace bra is an exceptional types of bra style as the fabric of this one is smooth and feels great on the body. Of course, it is a fancy and little expensive bra type and there are different types in lace bra as well such as padded, push-up etc. Thus, you can purchase some lights shades or hues in lace bras to match with the attire.

#5. Padded Bra

The most common and popular types of bra among women and girls of all ages is padded bra. The reason behind its high-demand is that it is comfortable, versatile and proper fitting. For different bust size, the padded bra has several coverages and necklines. So, choose according to your breast size.

#6. Sports Bra

Are you searching for a workout bra? Then you should definitely purchase the sports bra for your closet. During the rigorous exercises, the sports bra prevents the bounce and keep your breasts firm. Thus, you can choose the colour and pattern according to your choice and maintain the regularity in your exercise schedule.

#7. Stick-on Bra

Most of the times, it happens that while shopping we are in a perplexed state which type of bra can be worn with this outfit. The broader necklines and shapes of the attires make it difficult to match the bra. In such situation, what you need is Stick-On bra. The adhesive and silicon pads of the stick-on bra stick to your body and remain intact. It is not at all like your ordinary bra style but meant to cover the nipples.

#8. Bandeau Bra

Just like a tube top, Bandeau types of bra works similarly. There are no hooks and pins at the back side and have to wear from the head. Undoubtedly, bandeau bra is absolutely comfortable and support your breast equally. There are miscellaneous designs and fabrics in which you can easily get the bandeau types of bra.

#9. Balconette Bra

A Balconette bra gives gentle support to your breasts and a rounded appearance. If you are planning to wear a broader and wider top or blouse, then your most preferred choice should be Balconette bra. The wide straps and horizontal neckline makes it a perfect bra, which will surely remain hidden under your wide top or a blouse.

#10. Demi Bra

Demi bra is absolutely great for the smaller and firmer busts. The cup size of the demi bra is small and a lower cut due to which there is lesser coverage. The main support of the demi bra is its straps and bands. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right size according to your breast type.

#11. Convertible Bra

There are multiple benefits of purchasing the convertible bra. You can wear it one strap, two-strap, crisscross or even strapless according to your choice. The straps of the convertible bra are detachable and can be hooked them in different slots at either front or back. Hence, you can enjoy the benefits of a convertible bra in the price for one.

#12. Longline Bra

The stylish and functional longline bra extends until the belly button or maybe little shorter than that. The longline bra is definitely a body-hugging bra style, which will perfectly team up with the evening dresses. You can wear it an entire day long without worrying about the comfortability and the bra remain intact.

#13. Maternity Bra

The maternity bra is specifically designed in a way to give full support and comfort to the pregnant or newborn child’s mother. It is made of elastane fabric in the moulded cups, which are subject to change according to the shape and size. In addition, the cups are removable, which clearly means that the flaps can be unhooked easily during the breastfeeding.

#14. Bralette

The best and the worst thing for every woman is wearing bra whole daylong. However, with the Bralette style of bra, you can easily relax every day without any worry. It is absolutely free from underwire, pads and not even structured. The umpteen design of the Bralette will never make you feel uncomfortable even if it is a night. You can wear it with backless tops, see-through dresses or even wider neckline blouses.

#15. Plunge Bra

A Plunge bra is the only solution for all the dresses/tops that have deep V cuts and V-neck style. If you have plunge bra in your closet, then you will surely be going to save your time in planning and choosing the right bra to match with the outfit.

#16. Transparent Bra

Another one in the list is transparent bra. In transparent bras, the back and the straps are transparent. This type of bra is needed to wear some sassy and stylish dresses and blouses, which are generally made of flimsy and satin fabric.

#17. Racerback Bra

Racerback bra is not like the ordinary and conventional bras, which has shoulder straps or bands. In this type of bra, the straps are like collarbone and thus, makes it extremely convenient to wear during the workout time as well.

#18. Halter Bra

A Halter types of bra is extremely trendy and popular among all women and girls. The reason behind its popu7larity is that it can easily be worn with tank tops, strapless tops, tube dresses or Racerback T-shirts. Obviously, they are comfortable and convenient to wear whether whole day or night.

#19. Wireless Bra

As the padded and wired bras are in trend nowadays, it is important to wear the wireless bra frequently because the wired bras constantly poke your breasts while digging into your skin. Therefore, it is important to shift from the padded or wired bras to wireless bra, as they are comfortable to wear anytime.

#20. Full Support Bra

Full support types of bra gives maximum coverage to your breast. Specifically designed for older women who have sagging breasts. Thus, it gives the firm and round shape appearance to the breast. This type of bra comes in all types of shapes, sizes, colours and fabric.

 Here is the complete guide about the 20 different types of bra, which you should definitely look for while purchasing the one for you!

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