2019 – Top 99 Simple Mehndi Designs that will Enhance Your Look


Mehndi  or henna is associated with positivity and luck. It is known as one of the oldest body art by humans. Women and girls decorate their hand and feet with it. Either be a wedding or festival, it will enrich the celebrations. Some of them like its fragrance, while few don’t. But with the time, Men also apply it.

Mehndi  is religious. For Hindus, it is a very important part of their tradition. Even the Gods and Goddess sculptures are decorated with it. Even for Muslims, it is equally important.

We have come out with 99 Mehndi  designs so that you can use it and look much more amazing. Here we go.


Multi-Patterned Mehendi

This graceful Mehndi  is perfect for the bride and is a perfect combination of modernity and traditions. It contains floral patterns, leaves, jaali, and bold-light strokes

Fascinating Florals

It is the most decent design made up of flowers. These are amazingly joined together and looks very pretty on hands.

Minimalist Pattern Mehndi

Many people don’t like heavy Mehndi . For them, these designs are the best. This minimal pattern Mehndi  design looks beautiful and sophisticated.

Sheer Mehendi Design

Circular pattern and dots look great together. This Mehndi  design is known for its identical pattern. It also has a bracelet.

Trail Mehndi design

The Trail on the back side of the hand is common, but what about the front? This uncommon and simple Arabic trail looks great.

Mandala Mehendi design

Mandala is a spiritual design and generally used by brides. Brides who don’t want a hand full of Mehndi , this design is best for them.

Peacock and Heart Mehndi design

This design is simple but bold and covers the space very beautifully. Peacock and Heart Mehendi  designs contain effortless stokes and drawing.

Raja Rani Designs

Raja Rani Mehndi  designs are very difficult to draw. It requires a lot of creativity. It contains face details of Rani and Raja

Diminutive strokes Mehendi designs

It is also a bridal Mehndi  design and looks very minimalist. When it is drawn outside of the foot, it looks very beautiful

Traditional Mehndi design

Marriage is known for a few special moments like sindoor and mangalsutra or varmala. Getting these moments drawn on your hand is even more beautiful.

Love story Mehendi designs

With time, Mehndi  has become an art. People love to have unique Mehndi  designs and that’s why they love to get portrayed their own love stories. It looks beautiful.

Rajasthan Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Mehndi  Designs are known to be very neat but complex. It is one of the most popular designs among women. It is picked by most of the brides

Multi-coloured Mehendi Designs

People usually get bored after putting that brown colour Mehndi  on their hands. They are looking for something different. That’s what Multi-coloured Mehndi  has become so popular. It includes stones, glitter and colours in it.

Gujarati Mehndi Designs

Gujarati Mehndi  Design is very eye-catchy and ethical. People want it to have on their hand. It is simpler than others and looks very clear.

Jewellery Styled Mehendi

Nowadays, people avoid to wear heavy jewellery but they love to let it drawn on hands. It looks like a person is wearing heavy jewellery or hand accessories. It can be drawn in the form of hath phool, rings, harness, and many more.

Mughlai styled Mehndi

At the ancient time, Mughals brought Henna to India. This was the time from when applying Mehndi  over hands came into the trend. Of course, the first is always unique and special for people.

Finger Mehendi Designs

Are you not into heavy Mehndi ? This Mehendi  design is very casual and gives special details to figures. These are easy to make and looks beautiful.

Mylanchi styled Mehndi

Mylanchi Mehndi  is unique and looks amazing when applied during the important and celebration occasions. This pattern includes some small detailing’s. It is enough to rock any event.

Pakistani Mehendi

Pakistani people love Mehndi  equally as Indians. Their designs are very pretty and arresting. They use different Henna than us. Try their full hand Mehndi  designs and embrace any traditional festival.

Elephant styled Mehndi

If you love to have something different on hands, try elephant-like patterns. Try this trendy design and have the most different look.

Unique elements Mehendi

This Mehndi  design is unique in every prospect. It has the elements of Warli painting and elements like earthen pots, swings, birds, and dotted patterns.

Motifs and checked patterned Mehndi

Motif and spread-over checked pattern is a great Mehndi  design. A Mehndi  artist can play with the designs and still, it will look amazing.

Arabic Mehendi design

Arabic Mehndi  design is inspired by the western world. It is very easy to apply and is very trendy when compared with Indian Mehndi  design. This is in the form of a trail and applied diagonally over the wrist.

Border Mehndi design

Border Mehndi  designs are mostly the choice of college girls and for someone who is totally fashionable. These amazing designs go well for any type of function.

Jhumki Mehndi design

This different and simple Mehndi  design with flowers and jhumkis theme enhances the beauty of hand. Interesting gaps and borders enhance the beauty of any Mehndi  design.

Princess feels Mehendi designs

Mostly Brides prefer this Mehndi  design. This amazing Mehndi  design has a castle and a sketch of a prince-princess. It will make you feel like a princess. You can also get it personalized

Marathi Mehndi designs

Marathi Mehndi  are generally very complex in nature and covers the whole hand. Mehndi  has a great value in Marathi Culture. It is used in every special event.

Circular strokes Mehendi design

It is a very simple Mehndi  design made from various circular strokes and easy ring-style pattern on figures. It is a great option for someone who loves the minimalist design

Eid Mehndi

As shown in the image, Eid Mehndi  is the perfect choice for a girl who loves mirrored images in 2 hands. Try this kind of Mehndi  design and beautify your hands.

Wedding Feelings

This simple Mehndi  design with many bride-groom and marriage elements is perfect for a bride who doesn’t like much Mehndi

Bangle Mehendi

Bangle Mehndi  is a great combination of bangles and bracelets made up of Mehndi . Try this Mehndi  design and enjoy the minimal though amazing look.

Paisley Mehndi design

Paisley is very common in Indian Mehndi  designs. One woman can enhance their hands by only drawing this Mehndi  on their hands. It is simplest though delightful

Bel Art Mehndi

This Mehndi  is known as the beginner’s Mehndi . It has always been one of the most beautiful designs among women.

Modern Line Mehendi

Every modern woman loves to have Mehndi  on their hands. Diagonal Mehndi  is what everyone adores. Line-patterned designs on one’s hand are simplest and modish

Simplest trails

As you know, a trail is also one of the simplest and amazing Mehndi  designs, it also best for a beginner. It will glorify your hands in the simplest way.

Trifling backhand Mehndi

This Mehndi  is another minimalist and beautiful Mehndi  design. It glorifies a woman’s hand. A lack of neatness design can decline the beauty of this particular design.

Smartest Mehendi design

A floral pattern is your love? Though you don’t like the heavy Mehndi  patterns? You can try this Mehndi  design. Simply draw florals to cover your hand and attach them all with the help of spacious lines. Add tiny dots to it and enjoy one of the amazing Mehndi .

Flowers mesh Mehndi designs

It is another floral Mehndi  design. It will glorify your hands with unique flower and mesh pattern looks in one of the modernistic forms.

Chinese Mehndi design

Refresh your simplest Mehndi  with contemporary Chinese Mehndi  designs. It is one of the fashionista design of this season. Mehndi  artists need just a couple of minutes to create this Mehndi  design on hands.

Marwari Mehndi designs

Most of the people believe that Marwari is the ones who come out with Henna. Their designs are known for their artistic patterns, captivating designs, and deep red colour.

Name Engraved Mehndi design

Not everyone is into permanent tattoos and though want to engrave one’s name on their hand. This Mehndi  design is one of the options for you. It is a pain-free and beautiful way to do so.

Diamond Mehndi design

Diamond Mehndi  designs are what every women love. In this, diamond motifs and patterns are drawn on the hands. This design is perfect for wedding and festive season. It is one of the famous design of 2018.

Bollywood styled Mehendi

Bollywood is known for their best dressing and fashion trends. Women usually get attracted to it. Mehndi  is also one of the parts of it. Having a Mehndi  design like one’s favourite actress is their dream.

Mylanchi styled Mehndi

Mylanchi Mehndi  style is unique and looks spectacular when worn during important occasions and lavish celebrations. Try this Mehndi  and rock any function by becoming the star of the event.

Bridal Legs Mehndi designs

Leg Mehndi  is what every woman loves on their marriage. And of course, if it’s about the bride, the perfecting is the key to success. It requires extreme neatness and accuracy as most of the time the Mehndi  on both legs are same.

Half Leg Mehendi

Again, there are some women who don’t like Mehndi , but on their big day, they want to apply some Mehndi  on their legs. Half Leg Mehndi  is something they can go for. A newly married woman can also go for this design

Royal Mehndi Designs

Drawing royalty through your beautiful Mehndi  is something that enhances your ethic saga. Play with some royal designs and enhance your simplest look.

Lace inspired Mehendi design

Lace can enhance any cloth. Similarly, Lace design can enhance any Mehndi Try this lace inspired Mehndi  and enhance the beauty of your hand.

Symmetrical Mehndi design

Mehndi  is all about creativity. However, making the same design on both hands is a task. This Mehndi  design is all the same on both hands. It is hard to make but looks beautiful.

Bracelet Mehndi designs

Same as bangle Mehndi  design, Bracelet Mehndi  design is all about minimalism. It will help you to get rid of chunky jewellery as this Mehndi  will give an illusion of bracelet.

Moroccan Mehndi design

Moroccan Mehndi  design is a great combination of squares and diamond shapes. It has many lines which make it different from others.

Geometrical Mehendi Patterns

You must know that geometry is all about shapes. So if we talk about geometrically designed Mehndi , it also contains many shapes like square, triangle, rectangle, lines, diagonals, etc. This Mehndi  design is different from others and is more on the modern side.

Theme based Mehendi Design

This Mehndi  is all about your personal life. In theme based Mehndi  design, you can ask the artist to draw your own story on your hand. This Mehndi  also include bride and groom faces.

Glitter Mehndi

Mehndi  made from Heena is mainstream, so why not try something different. Glitter is very in right now. Making use of glitter in Mehndi  is perfect for a young girl or fashion expert. It will go perfectly with your glittery outfit.

Traditional-Arabic Mehndi design

This Mehndi  design is a perfect combination of traditional and Arabic styles. These two are the best Mehndi  designs in the whole world, hence combining the two will definitely enhance your look.

Feather featuring design

Freshen your ethnic design by wearing a beautiful feather featuring Mehndi  design. It is a great combination of the modern and traditional look. Feather always make your look elegant

Uneven Style Designs

It’s not important that a woman will always like the symmetrically patterned Mehndi . Try uneven styled Mehndi  will give it an asymmetrical look. It contains many elements.

Calf and tip Mehndi design

Again, if you are not into jewelry, you can go for this Mehndi  design. It will give an illusion of a ring and bracelet. It gives a look of minimalism.

Outline Mehndi Design

Outline Mehndi  design is all about outlines. Here, the main designs are remain blank which makes it simple. It is generally made from a cone with a thick opening

Tattoo Mehndi designs

Tattoos are generally permanent. But Mehndi  is another way to get a temporary tattoo. Other than hand and legs, Mehndi  can also be applied to other body parts. It will give an illusion of permanent tattoos.

God featuring Mehndi

One of the most common and spiritual Mehndi  designs in the world is the one featuring god figures. It is the best for festivals and small family parties.

Back Paisley Mehndi

Having a paisley Mehndi  on your back is a way to go step forward. It is a western way of having a Mehndi , but it is very in right now.

Traditional Payal Mehndi

Some Mehndi  designs are totally unique and can’t be copied. This Mehndi design is one of them. It gives an illusion that a woman is wearing heavy payal.

Butterfly Mehndi

Butterfly Mehndi  is the best for a beginner. It gives a freshness to the ethical fashion. It is simple yet beautiful.

Chain Mehndi with dots

This design is easiest to apply and looks very minimalist and beautiful. Go for such patterns and let the dots and chain rock for you

Shoulder Length Mehndi designs

It is a dream of many women to get a heavy Mehndi  on their hand. Those women can go for shoulder length Mehndi . This design is incredible and covers your full hand

Kerala Mehndi

Kerala Mehndi  design is on more on the traditional side and complex. It contains a lot of elements which makes unique yet beautiful.

Jain Mehendi design

Every religion has their own speciality. In the Jain tradition, people focus on more details. When it comes to Jain Mehndi  design, they are very beautiful and comprehensive. It is easy to create and looks appealing.

Jodha Akbar Designs

Same as prince-princess Mehndi  design, here the whole focus remains on Jodha Akbar theme. It looks very beautiful and mostly preferred by Muslim brides.

Dome Shaped Mehndi design

Dome gives an illusion of beauty and simplicity. These designs are full of antiquity and elegant. This pattern takes no time to make.

Star designed Mehendi

Flowers are very common, so why not go for stars? It gives a look of modernity and will make you glow.

Floral with net Mehndi design

Florals and net designs are very common. Just imagining how great it will be to combine both of these designs together? It will look amazing and give and illustrating look.

Diagonal floral Trail

The diagonal trail gives an illusion of fullness. Nowadays women are looking for more simple and full Mehndi  designs, and this diagonal floral trail is perfect for them.

Leafy pattern Mehndi design

This Mehndi  design looks like a piece of jewelry. It is a great combination of leaf strings, coil patterns and flowers, applied with great perfection. It looks very elegant and gorgeous.

Minimalist and simple Mehndi design

This Mehndi  design is very simple. It looks very elegance either applied on hands of legs. In total, it doesn’t give an illusion of fullness.

Multi-dimensional Mehndi pattern

Like geometric designs, it is also unique in nature. It contains many patterns which make it unique. You can never make symmetry between the designs on both hands.

Visual Mehndi designs

This Mehndi  design is very simple and spacious, though it gives an illusion of fullness. It is low in maintenance and dries very fast.

A Spread of charkha Mehndi design

In this Mehndi  design, many charkhas or circles are combined together. It looks very beautiful and elegant. This Mehndi  is a great combination of western and Indian designs.

Glittery but not all Glitter design

This Mehndi  design is a great combination of glitter and Mehndi . Glitter is applied on some part of Mehndi  while combining with the glitter. It looks amazing on anyone’s hand.

Travelling Mehendi designs

Are you the one who loves to travel? You can go for this Mehndi  design. World map or travelling inspired Mehndi  will definitely make you feel minimal and adventurous.

Lotus Mehndi designs

Lotus is a symbol of worship. Having it as a Mehndi  will glorify your look. It is a symbol of positivity and wealth. Combining it with floral motifs will definitely enhance your look.

Half coverage Mehendi design

Half coverage Mehndi  design is very elegant and beautiful. When it is drawn of the toes, it will give a look of fullness. It is a perfect way to put Mehndi  on feet and staying minimalistic.

Combination of Work & Strokes Mehendi  design

There are many options when we talk about Mehndi  designs. Combining strokes and dots with some high designs will give a beautiful look. Sometimes repetition can be beautiful.

Feet jewelry Mehndi

Jewelry Mehndi  on hands is very common, but have you tried it on feet? It will look so amazing and elegant. And will look an illusion of jewelry

Dot and choker design on feet

An attractive mandala in the center connected with dots looks very beautiful on feet. It will enhance your feet in the same way like it enhance your hands

A Symmetrical Mehendi design on legs

Symmetry Mehndi  designs are on feet looks like you are seeing your one foot in the mirror. It looks very beautiful and magnificent.

Simple trails for kids

When it comes to the kid, it is very important to draw a simple yet beautiful design. It will enhance their hand and in a simple way.

Cartoon Mehndi designs

Children love cartoon characters. When it is drawn with the help of Mehndi , it will be adored by them. Ask a child which character they like the most and draw it on their hand.

Groom-bride Twinning

Nowadays, the groom also applies Mehndi  on their hands. Twinning the design with your future husband will look very beautiful and adorable.

Matching Hands-Legs Mehendi

Matching hand and feet Mehndi  is very much in trend right now. It gives an illusion of symmetry. Such designs can enhance your bridal look. It is also perfect for newlyweds.

Superhero logo Mehndi designs

Are you a superhero fan? What about having his logo on your hand? I know it’s amazing. This Mehndi  design just includes the logo of your favourite superhero.

Ring and Mandala Mehndi

This minimalist Mehndi  design contains a ring and mandala together. It looks so great on everyone’s hand. It is a good option for someone who doesn’t like heavy Mehndi .

Minimalistic around nails Mehendi

Are you not into back Mehndi ? This Mehndi  design is perfect for you. Here, you have put a little amount of Mehndi  on your hand without even disappointing anyone.

Relation embedded

Are you groom or bride’s mother or sister? This Mehndi  design is something for you. Embed a message on your hand and rock the show.

Patriotic Mehndi

Do you love your country? Ask the Mehndi  artist to draw your national flag or some of India’s related thing on your hand and rock the whole wedding season. This Mehndi  design is also perfect for any Cultural event.

Cultural Mehendi design

This Mehndi  design is best for someone who is very much into worshipping. Ask the Mehndi  artist to draw an Om or Satya on your hand and show your love towards God.

Dreamcatcher Mehndi design

Dreamcatchers are very in right now. It is said that dreamcatchers have the power to make your dreams come true. It’s the reason why many people love to draw it on their body. Draw it on your hand and show love your love towards western-Indian culture.

White colour Mehndi design

Is white your love? Then go for these Mehndi  types. This Mehndi  is made up of white colour and it really enhances the beauty of your hand. Be yourself and rock the whole show. You can also combine some other elements with and boost the white colour of Mehndi

Simple yet beautiful Mehendi design

Mehndi  is your love? This Mehndi  design is all about simple designs filled with Mehndi . It looks amazing on anyone’s hand, especially someone with broad palms. This Mehndi  design will make you look different from others.

This is our collection of 99 wonderful and delightful Mehendi  designs. Do you like it or do you want to add something on the list? Please share your views in the comment section.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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