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Google Plus: It’s not what you think


I am assuming that you are already aware of what Google Plus is. If not, go checkout https://plus.google.com/ today.

Most people think that Google plus is going be to just another product that google will throw in dead-pool soon. You’re mistaken.

Google is integrating plus into every other product that it owns including their core product – Google Search. Google calls it ‘Search Plus Your World’ (SPYW). 

You ask – Why should I bother ?

SPYW means that when someone in your network is searching for jewellery your links will appear in search results if you have +1’d them which means it has great potential to multiply your reach.

Thus you should +1 your links, ask your friends to +1 them too increase the reach of your products greatly. 

Action Step 1: +1 your links so that folks in your network can find them.
Note – if you don’t have +1 button integrated – don’t worry. Go visit google.com and then type ‘site:mirraw.com’ – replace mirraw.com with relevant domain and +1 those links.

Action Step 2 (optional): Create google plus page here:https://plus.google.com/pages/create

Note: If you are registered Seller on Mirraw – all the products have +1 button added to it.
Once you have uploaded products on your boutique click on plus one. 
Be generous, like other designers products and they in turn will like yours. 

Feel free to ask questions here.