Gifts for Diwali


 Whether it is a birthday anniversary, Valentine’s Day, festival of Diwali, or any other occasion, choosing a gift for someone is always a stressful affair. You don’t want to gift something mundane, and yet, you can’t see too many choices around you.

If you are at a loss of ideas for Diwali gifts, here are some ideas that will help you get some more ideas.

Corporate gifts for Diwali

When giving away corporate gifts for Diwali, you want something classy. You want to come across as a classy organization that means well for its customers.  A few good ideas for corporate gifts for Diwali are:

  1. Mubhi Tree – According to religious beliefs, Mubhi Tree is the tree of life. It is supposed to replace darkness with light, metaphorically speaking. When you gift your clients a Mubhi Tree, you are essentially wishing them prosperity and wealth in a classy manner.
  2. White metal jug set – If a client is really special, gift him a jug set in white metal. It is a replica for silver, is not too heavy on your pocket, and at the same time, looks elegant too.

Diwali gifts for him

Looking for a purposeful Diwali gift for him? Generally, men prefer to keep it understated. Going by that, here are a few gift ideas for Diwali for him:

  1. Candle holders in casted aluminum- Give him a set of candle holders in casted aluminum. It is a good alternative for silver, and looks gorgeous on a center table.
  2. Poker set- All men love to gamble. If your man denies it, he is obviously lying. Moreover, gambling is a part of Diwali traditions. According to Hindu beliefs, gambling on Diwali brings you more wealth. Gift him a classy poker set for Diwali. It could be something in a chic silver briefcase.

Diwali gifts for her

Generally speaking, women are more artistic than men. They love more intricacy in things that they wear or purchase. That should work as a general guideline when looking for Diwali gifts for her. Some ideas:

  1. Meenakari set- Every woman in this world loves jewelry. But you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for that. Go for a replica Meenakari set on Diwali. Replicas are as beautiful as the original, and coast far less.
  2. Saree with shimmer- Let her shimmer in the festival of lights with a shimmer saree. Almost all colors work well, but if she likes it chic, go for slightly understated tones like sea green, or maybe something chic in black.

Diwali gifts for children

Children absolutely love the festival of Diwali. The whole atmosphere is just electric for them. While a pack of firecrackers is an obvious gift for them, here are some other ideas for Diwali gifts for children;

  1. Some colorful books on Diwali- You want your kids to know the story behind the festival of lights. Gift them some nice colorful books on Diwali. They will enjoy reading through it and learn about the culture of India as well.
  2. A pot of plant- Most kids love greenery. Diwali is a nice time to gift them a plotted plant. Ask them to take care of it and see how much it grows till the next Diwali.
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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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