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Diwali is the Christmas of India. You can feel the happiness in the air, lights all around, and general bonhomie among people. Diwali is also the time when people “dress” up their houses with colors, lights and much more. According to Hindu beliefs, decorating your house on Diwali is supposed to be an invitation for Goddess Lakshmi to reside in the house for an entire year.

The diwali diyas at Diwali Celebrations at Ban...
The diwali diyas at Diwali Celebrations at Bangalore 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth according to religious Hindu beliefs. Religious beliefs aside, it has been scientifically proven that a well decorated space triggers certain hormones in the brain which make you feel happy.
Whether it is the happiness quotient or the money quotient you are after, here are some ideas for Diwali decorations which could make your abode stand out:

  1. Use contrast of colors – No doubt, Diwali is a festival of brightness and lights. But a little subtlety makes everything stand out. While decorating your home or office, use a lot of contrast in colors. For example, keep a Ganesh Deepak in muted tones like silver or copper in a brightly lit corner.
  2. Do not forget to decorate the plants – Lighting against plants looks absolutely stunning. Decorate the plants in your house with lights. You could even keep one or two plants inside your living room. Keep them in a corner and decorate them with lights. Your entire room will light up in a very warm and ambient glow.
  3. Get a Mubhi Tree – Mubhi tree is the tree of life. It stands as a symbol of bringing light into the dark corners of your life. Get one in brass and beautify the corner of your drawing room. The contrast of shadow and light when the Mubhi Tree is lit creates a very interesting effect.
  4. Use artistic candle holders – For the centerpiece of your room, use artistic candle holders, preferably in tones of silver and black. When light falls on silver or other muted tones, it creates a beautiful effect.
  5. Always use ambient lighting – You do not want your house screaming “look-at-me” from the rooftop. Ambient lighting always works well. Light up your rooms in warm colors. You want to give your rooms a very soothing atmosphere. You could also save electricity by going for ambient lighting. Instead of using tube lights, light up your rooms with diyas and candles. Aroma diyas work well to give an ambient and soothing atmosphere to your home.
  6. Get some wall hangings – Go for wall hangings in brass. They look classy and beautiful, compared to bright wall hangings that interfere with the brightness of Diwali. Diwali decorations all about having a mix of subtlety and brightness.
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Yogesh Chavan
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