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Gifts for Boyfriend


His birthday is coming up, and you are running helter-skelter for cover. It is tough to decide a gift for someone, and it gets worse when that someone happens to be your special someone. You don’t want to give something clichéd, and at the same time, you don’t have the budget for something really expensive too. So, what do you do? Well, for starters, read this article and pick up some ideas about what his birthday, or on Valentine’s Day:

  1. A classy poker set : If he has told you he does not gamble, do not take his word for granted. Guys love to gamble every now and then, even if it is just for fun with their friends. Gift him a classy poker set, preferably something which comes in a stylish silver briefcase, with good quality poker chips.

    Poker Set
    Poker Set
  2. Earphones/headphones : If your guy loves listening to music on his cell phone while travelling, get him a nice set of earphones or headphones. You can get your hands on a decent pair without spending too much. Sony, Blackberry, Bose are a few good brands that you could try out.
  3. An LED lit shaving mirror : Nothing irritates a guy more than a bad shaving mirror which leaves him with cuts and bruises. You want your guy to be nicely shaven too most of the times, right? Gift him an LED lit shaving mirror which is fog proof. The best gift for boyfriend, and for you too, since you save yourself from the itchy stubble.
  4. A pair of quirky boxers : If you are looking for valentine gifts for boyfriend, consider giving him a quirky pair of boxers. The gift is far from clichéd. There are a whole range of quirky boxer shorts out there, from Superman boxers to ones with ice creams all over them (suggestive!). You can always go for whatever excites your imagination.

    Fartman Boxer
    Fartman Boxer
  5. A customized website : If you are into mushy-mushy kind of love, a great idea for valentine gifts for boyfriend is a customized website. Get a website designed for him, complete with his name as the URL, photos of time spent together, some mushy quotes about him, and everything that he likes. Keep the serve password with you though. Just in case the relationship goes wrong, you can always the website to lambast him in public (just a thought!).
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