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India is a country with a rich culture and festivals are an integral part of it. Family and friends always come together at these occasions, but the one that is most special and celebrates the bond shared between a brother and a sister is Raksha Bandhan. It literally means...
Holi is the most colorful of Indian festivities that is celebrated by one and all. It is on this occasion that a array of colors are seen on everything and everybody. The concept of playing with colors on this day has transcended to a whole new plane where the...
Indian Wedding
India is the only country comprising of various religions and traditions having their own cultures and customs. All different wedding ceremonies have their own importance and beauties. In every wedding the most common thing is the bride is the important highlight of the ceremony.  These are some of the...

Diwali Decoration

Diwali is the Christmas of India. You can feel the happiness in the air, lights all around, and general bonhomie among people. Diwali is also the time when people “dress” up their houses with colors, lights and much more. According to Hindu beliefs, decorating your house on Diwali is...

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