Tips for Buying Ideal Bedding Collections


We all love decorating the bedroom with classy bed sheets and pillow covers that make the room radiant and refreshing. If you’re looking for bedding then there are certain things to keep in mind. Home decor designers always have a particular theme in mind before they start shaping the look of the room. You should similarly follow such guidelines before you pick out bedding sets for a room in the house. There are certain things you should know about bedding before you even think about buying any. Did you know that the finest quality of woolen blankets is composed of merino wool? They’re the warmest and guess what if you want something non-allergic, synthetic blankets are a cost-effective choice. Such picks can only be made if you’re a smart homemaker.

Things to Consider

It doesn’t cost you much if you stop and reconsider your options while choosing bedding. Did you know that duvet covers are very affordable? As compared to a comforter, duvet covers can be easily swapped and are available in a range of materials like silk, satin and cotton. They’re lightweight and can be dry cleaned at a cheaper price than a traditional quilt. You can enjoy picking out a pastel floral print in the summer season or change to jewel based paisley in the winters as the variety is amazing.

While buying cotton bed sheets you should know that thread count defines the quality of the bedding you’re purchasing. Common thread count ranges from 150-200 while more expensive cotton spreads can range between 250 and 300. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will be. One of the important things to note is that a high thread count means that the sheets will last longer because they won’t fuzz. Such cotton bed sheets are warm during winters and cold during the summer season.

BedYou can consider buying a full flat sheet instead of a queen flat sheet since it saves cost of material. Thermal or easy-care cotton blankets are a popular choice because they allow air to flow through them during the hot summer months. Always ensure that you know what size of bedding you’re looking for. You can pick a single bed or double bed sheets after which the theme needs to be decided. Are you looking for a polka dots theme or a floral design? Whatever suits you then you can easily obtain the right kind of bedding.

The weave of the cotton bed sheets you buy is an important point to consider where you can choose from sateen, standard, pinpoint and satin weaves. You should know that sateen can be used on particular days but not for daily usage. Satin is a wonderful fabric to choose if you’re picking out pillow covers and if you’re thinking about getting a duvet or a quilt, duvets are a better choice. The online market offers duvet covers in variety so feel free to find a million sources that market beautiful home décor items.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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