Beautiful Maang Tikka Styles for the Indian Bride


The wedding season is right around the corner and you still have a wedding dress pending! Of all the occasions that can be the most entertaining, a wedding definitely is a bliss so if you’re the bride to be accessorizing matters. With a wedding dress already chosen the next step is accessories and what comes first to mind but a maang tikka. One of the most traditional and authentic jewelries to adorn on your wedding day, this accessory is hard to miss out on!

With the number of styles that are being introduced, there are different kinds of maang tikkas available in the market. Right from single gems to oversized maang tikkas, you should be able to find one that suits your features and face structure perfectly. Blend in with your bridesmaids and score through a luxurious collection of maang tikkas that will blow your mind away! If you’re eager to note the different ways in which you can wear maang tikkas here’s an exclusive look:

One Tier Maang Tikka

1. Small Kundan Style Pendant

One of the authentic forms of wearing a maang tikka is a small kundan which fits perfectly on any shape type and brings out the beauty of your features. Such a traditional style is popular with brides who prefer the conventional and elegant look.

2. One Tier Maang Tikka

Thinking of going bold with a one tier maang tikka? Incredibly gorgeous, such a style which is also known as ‘matha patti’ adorns extra layers on the sides and looks like a fallen tiara on a bride’s head. Sleek in design, it must be given utmost care during the occasion and suits women with a round or oval face.

3. Jhoomar

Elegant, sophisticated and oh so classy! The Jhoomar will definitely outline the shape of your face in the most incredible means which is actually a traditional ornament for the Muslim bride. Falling on the left corner of the forehead it adds a royal appeal to your look.

4. Multi-tier Maang Tikka

Well, making a bold and highly traditional statement with a multi-tier tikka is definitely a ritual with women who want to look like queens! And they most certainly do because this hot favorite consisting of multiple chains and embedded with crystals, rubies, and precious stones etc looks exquisite on brides with a broad face.

5. Borla

Thinking of wrapping your wedding in a completely cultural way then the Borla is one of the simplest and elegant forms of wearing a maang tikka. Popular in Rajasthan and Haryana, this maang tikka comprises of a single spherical shaped ornament which can be embedded with precious stones like rubies, diamonds etc. It looks absolutely breathtaking on round faces so if you’re aching to have a try why not?

6. Side Swept Style

Off recently one of the most popular styles that have been introduced in terms of a maang tikka is the side swept style which looks amazing on long faces. If you have a sharp jaw line you should definitely pick out this style which is known to be a nawabi tradition with its side swept variation.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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