Top 25 Trendy Designer Silk Saree Blouse Designs


Sarees are the fashion statement every woman wants to be able to pull off. From farewell to freshers to festivals to weddings to daily wear, saree fits all kinds of purposes and occasions. From saree styles to saree designs to colours to fabric, there are a lot of decisions a women needs to make while opting to wear a saree. This article will make those choices a little easier for you.

Silk sarees are back in trend. To be fair, silk sarees have always been in trend, but to see even the millennials adopting the style is a breathtaking moment for the fashion industry. Given below is a list of top 20 trendy and
simple blouse neck designs for silk sarees that you can choose from, with your trendy silk saree:

  1. Bow back blouse
  2. Patch work blouse
  3. The basic blouse
  4. Net blouse
  5. Embroidery blouse
  6. ¾ Sleeves Bordered Blouse
  7. Pot Neck Blouse:
  8. Zari work blouse:
  9. Full sleeves blouse:
  10. High neck blouse:
  11. Nehru neck blouse:
  12. Round collar blouse:
  13. Off shoulder sleeve blouse
  14. High neck,cold shoulder blouse
  15. V-neck centre cut blouse:
  16. Necklace blouse:
  17. Boat neck:
  18. Plain sleeveless:
  19. Kundan and mirror work blouse:
  20. Gold stone embellished blouse:
  21. Button Row blouse designs for saree
  22. Puff sleeve designer blouse for silk sarees
  23. Maggam work silk blouse design
  24. Velvet embroidered silk saree blouse designs
  25. Jacket designer blouse for silk sarees

Classy Simple Blouse Neck Designs for Silk Sarees

  1. Bow back blouse:
    This blouse is a balanced fusion of modernity and ethnicity. A bow knot in the back of a broadly open blouse will make your spook completely contemporary.
  2. Patch Work Blouse
    A plain silk saree requires no second thoughts. However, your plain silk saree can be embraced more if paired with a patch work blouse.

  3. The Basic Blouse
    If you have less time and still don’t want to compromise your look, a silk saree paired with a basic blouse can save the day. A basic blouse is basically a broad but round shaped front neck and an open back with a thread to tie and full of half sleeves.

  4. Net blouse
    4.This is chick look every woman must wear once in her 20s and/or 30s. There are various designs available in net blouses itself, including net on the sleeves, neck, back or overall. However, the most stylish in today’s time is a completely open back with a thin net covering.

  5. Embroidery Blouse
    To give a heavy look to your saree, an embroidered blouse could simply raise the stakes. Tip: you can choose to wear a contrasting colour blouse with embroidery done is same colour as the saree.

  6. ¾ Sleeves Bordered Blouse
    The traditional lehenga is a landmark in the fashion industry. A plain blouse with a desirable neck and ¾ sleeves sharing the same border as the saree could enliven you complete attire.

  7. Pot Neck Blouse
    The most creative you can get, when it comes to a blouse, is with the back design of your blouse. A pot neck blouse is a traditional look and you can add a ‘latkan’ which will give a fun look to your blouse.

  8. Zari work blous
    There are various options for blouses to be paired with a plain silk saree and zari work is one of the most unique pair one can choose to go with.

  9. Full Sleeves Blouse
    9.he suggestion here is of a modern full sleeves blouse with a deep neck and with sleeves and shoulders embellished with heavy embroidery.

  10. High Neck Blouse
    If you looking for a blouse to wear with your silk saree to a formal event, farewell, graduation or small function, this would be the perfect choice. High neck blouse with ¾ or full sleeves goes best with both heavy and plain sarees.

  11. Nehru Neck Blouse
    The idea is that of a blouse with Chinese collar. The blouse is in shape of a crop jacket, sleeveless and front open. This is an old design, revived currently within the fashion industry.

  12. Round Collar Blouse
    A simple blouse with a heavily embellished round collar, that overlaps a part of the pallu of the saree is definitely in the good books of the fashion industry.

  13. Off Shoulder Sleeve Blouse
    This is a completely modern blouse style to which one can add a hint of ethnicity by adding hanging beads on the edges of the sleeves.

  14. High neck, Cold Shoulder Blouse
    14.This is a bold choice to make when it comes to blouse designs as not everybody can pull this one off. The high neck adds to the elegance and the cold shoulder gives it a trendy touch.

  15. V-neck Centre Cut Blouse
    Another bold look for a silk saree. V- neck blouses are centre deep with a large amount of exposure, however decent. A full sleeves V-neck centre cut blouse can save the day.

  16. Necklace blouse
    This makes the whole process of dressing up a lot more easier. The blouse has a piece of artificial jewellery work attached to the neck, which adds to the grace of a silk saree.

  17. Boat Neck

    The classic ‘Vidya Balan’ style! A boat neck blouse which a deep back design and ¾ sleeves is the frontrunner of Silk saree blouses. You can combine the border blouse with this one for a perfect look.

  18. Plain sleeveless
    You don’t have to think about what your age is, when it comes to this blouse. A plain sleeveless blouse is the simple explanation for grace and elegance.

  19. Kundan and Mirror Work Blouse
    The blouse works best for weddings and family functions. Kundan and mirror work blouse works as a simple but heavy solution that gives a heavy look to your simple silk saree.

  20. Gold stone Embellished Blouse
    Silk sarees usually have a touch of gold in them, therefore this blouse is a must have. The gold stone embellished blouse can be paired with any colour silk saree.
  21. Button Row blouse designs for saree

Button row silk blouse designs have earned quite a significant amount of popularity recently. They are super adorable and have started being a preferred blouse design choice because of their stylish looks while maintaining modesty. 

22. Puff sleeve designer blouse for silk sarees

To add a little bit of oomph to your silk saree, a puff sleeve blouse design is just the perfect option. The puff sleeve blouse pattern looks quite trendy and traditional, hence making it excellent to wear with a silk saree at festive occasions or weddings.

23. Maggam work silk blouse design

One of the most decadent forms of embroidery known in the Indian fashion world is the Maggam work embroidery. You can pick a piece that is heavily embellished or opt for the one that is on the lighter side. As you wear a maggam work blouse with a silk saree, be ready to have all eyes on you.

24. Velvet embroidered silk saree blouse designs

You might be wondering if two dramatically different fabrics like velvet and silk can work well together. Well, have a look at these stunning brides busting fashion limits by wearing these gorgeous velvet blouses with a silk saree like a total beauty! A hint of embroidery on the blouse is just the excellent touch that it needed. 

25. Jacket designer blouse for silk sarees

A jacket-style silk saree blouse design is for the unconventional and fun women who can’t ever get enough of playing with their silk saree look. The jacket with needlework is a major thumbs-up when it is about pulling it off with a silk saree and making these women rock the saree look like a boss!

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