10 Best Saree Designs That Will Rock Your Big Fat Wedding Function!


Weddings are all about flaunting your attire. Everyone wants to look the best. Especially when we talk about women, they try their hundred per cent to buy a perfect outfit. But do you think that anything can look better than a saree?

Sarees are the best friend of women. It makes them look gorgeous and ethnic. After all, it has everything. When you don’t have anything to wear, you can grab a saree and rock the show. You can never go wrong with a saree. It is perfect for a festival, an office party and of course, the wedding. When you go to the market, you can find a huge variety of sarees, from which it becomes very difficult to choose. So if you want to renew your saree look for this Wedding season, scroll down and look at our collection of 10 amazing saree designs that will make you look picture-perfect.

#1. Enjoy the Richness of Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Saree can never go out of fashion. It looks elegant and beautiful on women of every age group. It looks great after draping and found in different designs. You can find it in different colours, textures, and shine which gives you no reason to say no to this saree design. These sarees are mostly crafted at Varanasi and found with golden heavy work. Pair this saree with a Juda, bangles, heavy earrings, and plain necklace and flaunt your function.

#2. Red Is What Every Woman Loves

Do you know that a woman can never go wrong with red? This vibrant colour is so perfect that even brides prefer it. It enhances your skin colour. When a red saree is combined with light golden work, it makes you look decent and perfect. Whenever you are going for a red saree, try to go for a light makeup look, it is because the light makeup will balance the dark colour of the saree.

#3. Always Go for Combined Pattern Work

A light colour saree also looks great when combined pattern work. Do you know why it is so? It is because the pattern adds life to a plain fabric. Just imagine how great it will look on you. Remember to go for some light patterns as more pattern work may look too much on you. Combine it with a plain blouse and light jewelry.

#4. Glamorousness of Black

Some people believe that Black is not a perfect colour for the Indian wedding season. But it’s not true, black can enhance the beauty of any women. It will give you a sophisticated look and make you look slim. Try to go for a black saree with a simple border and simple jewelry. Just like red, this colour also has a lot of power so too much can make you look weird. After all, simplicity is everything.

#5. Floral Is a Pattern of Every Season

Florals are considered to be very girly. Most of the women go for it as it never goes out of fashion. Flowers do not mean simple flowery print, it also includes leafy pattern and beadwork which makes a saree look heavy. You can go to the market and pick up any flowery pattern saree for this wedding season.

#6. Dual Colour Saree – Saree of the Season

It has been seen that many young girls go for this design of saree. Dual Colour sarees are very simple and beautiful. The manufacturers combine two colours in this way that the two looks amazing together. You can go for simple hairstyle and light jewelry and match the sober pattern of this saree.

#7. Grey Is the New Black

Ah! Grey is counted as one of the simplest colour of all time. It is not as simple as white and not as vibrant as black. It is so balanced that women of any age can go for it. You can buy a Heavy dark grey saree or simple light grey saree, it will look equally sober on you. You can combine it with heavy jewelry and enhance the simple and sophisticated colour of your saree.

#8. Famine Look of Pink

The pink colour is a beautiful colour and looks great on the women of any skin tone. The pink colour is the most preferred colour and when it is combined with heavy golden work, it becomes perfect for a wedding function. You can pair it golden jewelry and Juda look. It will look great in pictures.

#9. Sunshine Look from Yellow Saree

Yellow saree is perfect for a Haldi function and any day time function. The yellow colour is very bright and gives you a sun-kissed hue look. It will give you a perfect casual and feminine appeal. Slay your saree with traditional jhumkis and golden choker necklace. Get a hairstyle that suits your personality and look your best.

#10. Pastel Colour Saree Look

Pastel colours are in trend nowadays and no occasion gets completed with a pastel colour outfit. You must have seen Anushka Sharma wearing a pastel colour lehengas on her own wedding so why can’t you go for it? This colour saree will look sober and beautiful on any women. It will also enhance your figure. This saree has everything that you are looking for. Combine it with contrasting jewelry and simple hairstyle.

This was a list of 10 saree that will help you to rock your big fat wedding. If you are going for Saree shopping, remember to choose a saree that will go best with your skin tone. Also, remember to choose according to the occasion. These two things will help you to save money.

Vaishali Mhaske
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