15 Authentic Bandhani Saree Designs To Rock the Party


Bandhani is an authentic Indian style in itself. It might take you by surprise that bandhani is one of the oldest forms of tie and dye.
Bandhani is a very colorful style with attractive patterns. Generally made from fabrics like cotton and silk, the price range of the saree depends on the finesse of the work.
Bandhani saree Designs are a versatile style. It was worn ages ago by the Royals at weddings, worn by Rajasthani and Gujarati wives on a daily basis and is now regaining its essence within the wedding sphere. Bandhani has again become a rising star in the industry. Big brands and designers have started to adapt the bandhej , also known as bandhej style, in their works to create a fusion or entirely a new work of bandhani altogether.


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The enticing bandhej motifs is what keeps the style running and alive within the global fashion market. The main state that sells the most authentic style of Bandhani saree Designs is Gujrat, however, due to the ever increasing popularity, the style is distributed and exported, to be made available all over.

Every Indian woman should have at least one authentic bandhej style saree. These sarees can be worn at any occasion and make for an alluring attire.
Given below are a number of authentic Bandhani saree Designs that you must take into account while buying a Bandhani saree:

1.Gota Patti Bandhani

If you want to take your Bandhani saree one notch up, then Gota Patti is be one of the most appropriate options. Gota Patti can be used as a border or even all over, which will give it a further more traditional look and perfect for family gatherings. The Gota Patti also give Bandhani a rich look, which can also make for beautiful bridal wear.

2.Embroidery and Bandhani

Who doesn’t love a good twist and round with threads, and what better than to do it on a colourful base. Embroideries have always been a plus point in Indian wear and especially in sarees. Yeh bandhej saree with embroidery all over or simply on parts of the saree make for a heavy and rich traditional wear.

3.Jodhpuri Bandhani

if you want to wear traditional, then why not go all in. Jaipuri bandhej is a unique work famous for its finesse. The work is available in all natural colours and fabrics.

4.Gujarat Bandhani

Made out of motifs like nature, leaves, vines, etc. The Gujarati bandhej are the most authentic. The largest producer and consumer of bandhej work remain to be Gujarat, therefore, the best and most authentic one could be obtained from Gujarat itself.

5.Mirror work Bandhani

Mirror work has its own charm and look. Most of Yeh Indian wears have at one point of the other adopted to the mirror work. bandhej ani work bordered with mirror work could be suitable attire for occasions like weddings, family gatherings, etc

6.Kundan work

Kundan work has always been a part of Indian culture. The work is rich, heavy and elegant. Therefore, a bandhej saree with Kundan work on the borders or in patches could turn out to be an alluring choice.

7.Print and Bandhani

As mentioned earlier, the designers have completely evolved the bandhej Designs. Nowadays, printed sarees are light in weight, casual and yet smart, however, when the same printed saree is mixed with a little tie and dye, it makes for a beautiful outcome. The print could be on the plates, pallu or all over.

8.Banarasi Bandhani

Going for an extremely traditional yet stylish look could be your best option. If you aren’t sure about an authentic Bandhani saree Designs, then you might want to go for a fusion of Bandhani Designs with Banarasi. Banarasi work is highly popular and subtle and therefore it would balance the funkiness of a colourful Bandhej saree.

9.Embellished Bandhani

sometimes Bandhani Designs could be too casual for a grand occasion. However, the colours and the patterns make it a suitable fit. So, embellishments make it a complete set. The beads, stones or wires give the saree an elegant and graceful look.

Bandhani saree Designs could be chosen simply on the basis of the colour as well. It is because the colours play a major role in the overall appearance of the work, design and patterns forming the bandhej. Therefore, on the basis of colour, given below are some Bandhani sarees designs.

10.Multicolor Bandhani

What is better than one of two colours is a whole lot of them. Multicolour Bandhani saree Designs includes a number of natural shades, which makes it a perfect choice for summers.

11.White and Pink bandhej

White colour always makes for a royal look, therefore, you might not want to skip out one this colour. The combination is a lovely one and a warm pink specifically makes for a lovely outlook.

12.Shades of blue

Blue is the only colour that looks good at all times and occasions, may it be a daytime event, morning one or a night time. A Bandhani printed saree, gelled up in a proper combination of blue including ink blue, turquoise, sky blue, navy blue, etc. makes for a beautiful saree.Fabrics, too, play a major role as each fabric hugs the body in a different way thereby affecting the look of the saree on each person.

13.Cotton bandhej

Cotton is the most comfortable fabric for summers. It is light in weight and hugs Yeh body in all the right places. In summers, your best option could be a colourful Cotton bandhej saree to be worn to small events.

14.Silk bandhej

bandhej work looks completely natural on fabrics such as cotton and silk. The silk fabric is a party wear, rich looking fabric which comes in handy during winters. Although an authentic silk bandhej saree could be expensive, but it is totally worth it.

15.Crepe Bandhani saree

One of the fabrics that bandhej work is readily available in is crepe. Crepe gives the saree a unique texture and structure. The saree has an amazing, ‘flowy’ fall and the design is complete when paired with stones or mirror work.

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