60 Different Salwar Suit Designs for Stylish Women!


Salwar is known as one of the iconic Indian outfits of all time. It is very comfortable and worn by most of the Indian Women. Today, the market is full of different designs. You can pick any design according to your style and rock your whole day. We decided to serve you with 60 such salwar suit designs that will look great on anyone.

1.Simple Salwar kameez

Simplicity can never go out of fashion. It is made up of cotton fabric which feels comfortable on the skin. It is perfect while doing household work and going out on a hot summer day.

2.Chudidar Salwar kameez

It is another simple and comfortable type of Salwar Kameez. It is made up of cotton or linen and worn with a Chudidar. It looks beautiful on the women with a slim figure.

3.Patiala Salwar kameez

Patiala salwar has a Punjabi look in it. It has an amazing print on itself and looks perfect on every occasion. This kameez is loved by the most Bollywood actresses.

4.Palazzo kameez

Palazzo dress is a combination of Palazzo loose pants and kurta. It looks graceful and stylish. This kameez comes with different border work, embellishments, Patchwork and Embroidery.

5.Sarara Salwar kameez

Sarara is one of the fashionable styles of this era. It looks extremely beautiful. It is perfect for all wedding functions. It is a combination of heavy kurta and pants which are thighs and loose from the bottom.

6.Anarkali Salwar kameez

Anarkali kameez are heavy and flowy in nature. It got famous at the time of the Mughal Emperor and after that, it has become very famous. The Market is full of Anarkali Dress-like kameez.

7.Party wear Salwar kameez

Party wear suit are long and made up of heavy fabric. It has some heavy work on itself. The embellishments and broad border make it perfect for any function.

8.Salwar Suit with jacket

Salwar suit with jacket looks extremely amazing. It adds layers to your simple dress. Indian Jacket looks great on any Salwar kameez .

9.Heavy Punjabi Salwar Suit

It looks a lot like a Patiala kameez but have more embellishments on it. It is very shimmery and looks perfect at any party.

10.Bandhani Salwar Suit

Bandhani Salwar kameez is all about Bandhani Print. It comes with different tie and dye patterns that never go out of fashion.

11.Flowery Print Salwar with kameez

It is a combination of light kurta and flowery print lower wear. It is mostly worn by the college going girls and the market is full of it.

12.Dressy Floor-length salwar kameez

This kameez is extra-long and looks like a dress. It touches the floor and flowy in nature. It is usually worn in the parties.

13.Flowy Salwar kameez with Jacket

This dress looks exactly like an Anarkali dress but includes a jacket. It found in heavy material which makes it perfect for functions.

14.Pakistani Salwar kameez

Pakistani Suits looks extremely beautiful and classy. Just like Palazzo kurta, it looks sober, simple and elegant. It feels comfortable.

15.Bollywood Salwar Suit

Bollywood styled Salwar kameez is elegant and gives a heavy effect. It comes with a matching dupatta. It is a great combination of simplicity and attractiveness.

16.Kurta with heavy Churidar

Usually, this Suit design is perfect for a Night party. It has some heavy work on the bottoms which helps you to flaunt your legs.

17.Kurta with Floral Print

In this kurta design, the Kurta is covered with the floral print while the base colour matches the Lower. It looks perfect in the summer season.

18.Cigarette Style Salwar Suit

It is one of the trendiest Pakistani kameez. It hugs the body in an amazing way and makes you look bold. It comes with tight pants.

19.Skirt and Kurta style

It is a combination of long kurta and skirt. It looks more on the trendy lehenga side. It looks millennial and comfortable.

20.Leggings and Kurta with a Slit

This suit comes with a front slit and worn with the leggings. It is trendy and looks extremely royal. It is found in many fabrics.

21.Bell Bottom Style Salwar suit

It is a well-known fashion of the Nineties which has made its comeback in today’s trends. It is the combination of traditional Bell bottoms and Kurta. It looks classy.

22.Dhoti Salwar Suit

This Kurta set includes a fancy kurta and Dhoti. Dhoti is mostly worn by males but it looks great with a kurta. It looks like a Patiala.

23.Loose Harem Salwar

It is kurta set with a kurta and Aladdin pants. It looks like a Dhoti. These are airy and comfy. It doesn’t hug the body like leggings.

24.Afghani Salwar Suit

Afghani Salwar suit is a combination of Balloon type bermuda and Kurta. It is loose, narrow and has some pleats on it. It is very trendy in India.

25.Bow-styled Salwar Suit

Bow style looks cute on anyone. It is a Salwar Kameez with a Bow. It is worn by many Models and actors. The fabric can decide the occasion.

26.Salwar Kameez with Backless design

The backless pattern is very trendy. It gives you a western look. The front side of this suit is covered. It is easily found in the Market.

27.Pants salwar Suit

This Salwar Suit is a combination of a kurta and Pants. The Market is full of this style of Kurtas and makes your body look slimmer.

28.Strappy Suit and Salwar

This dress has straps like a Spaghetti. It looks fashionable and bold. It can be paired with pants, leggings and salwar.

29.Suit with the sequence work

Sequence works look extremely modern. It gives you the perfect shimmer and attractiveness. The salwar with the Sequence work is perfect for the party.

30.Wedding Salwar Suit

If you are looking for a suit that looks perfect in a wedding, then you can go for such dresses. It has layers and combined with a Lehenga.

31.Batik Print Salwar Suit

Batik Print looks very comfortable in the summer season. It is a long-lasting comfortable and bohemian.

32.Kutchi Salwar Suit

Kutchi Print is a Gujarati salwar. This suit has thread and mirror work on itself. It reflects the real culture of the State.

33.Jaipuri Suit

This suit has the famous Jaipur print on itself. It has many colours and gives an expensive effect. This is mostly found in the cotton fabric.

34.Neck Pattern Salwar suit

Neck Pattern Plays a very important role in defining the whole look. This kurta pattern has some colourful neck work that is the best for any occasion.

35.Designer Suit

The Market is full of different patterns and designers. It looks extremely heavy and polite. It has a Tinkle bell look.

36.Trendy Salwar Suit

It is a long straight suit with different shades. It has a heavy Kameez and a matching legging that looks great in the festival season.

37.Plain Salwar Suit

This suit is plain one colour salwar Kameez. It has elegant sleeves and sophisticated look. It is perfect for daily wear


38.Georgette Salwar Suit

Georgette Dress looks modern is very trendy. Most of the dresses are made up of this material. It is very light in weight.

39.Lucknow Salwar Suit

Georgette Dress looks modern is very trendy. Most of the dresses are made up of this material. It is very light in weight.

40.Chikan Salwar Suit

Chikan Work is very in. It looks extremely beautiful. Most of the rich women prefer to wear it. It is the Ideal dress for the summer.

41.Mirror work Suit

Chikan Work is very in. It looks extremely beautiful. Most of the rich women prefer to wear it. It is the Ideal dress for the summer.

42.Resham Work Salwar suit

Resham Work looks very beautiful on a suit. It has a smooth fabric and comfortable look. You can play with different colours and hues.

43.Khadi Salwar suit

Khadi is one of the famous fabric of India. It looks perfect because its mild colours balance the whole look. It is a very lightweight Salwar suit.

44.Ethnic Print Salwar Suit

Khadi is one of the famous fabric of India. It looks perfect because its mild colours balance the whole look. It is a very lightweight Salwar suit.

45. Temple Print Salwar Suit

Temple Print looks extremely religious and trendy. Most of the women love to go for such suits because of its unusual appearance.

46.Salwar Suit with Colla

Suits with the Collar looks extremely beautiful. It adds a different effect to it and makes it look heavy. It is perfect for an evening party.

47.Balloon sleeves Salwar suit

Balloon suits look very cool. It gives an Indo-western look to your outfit. You can get it in any colour and wear it on small parties.

48.Wedding Salwar suit

Some women love to go for a salwar suit on their wedding day. These are usually found in red and pink colour. It has some golden work on itself.

49.Night Event Salwar suit

This Salwar suit is found in the net and heavy fabric. It is usually found in Dark colour. Its filled effect looks very beautiful.

50.Plain salwar Suit with heavy dupatta

Most of the women use to wear this type of Salwar suit. Here, you have the simple suit which is worn with heavy dupatta. It is made up of Net.

51.Brasso Salwar suit

Brasso Material is different from others. It is mostly found in light colour. It looks attractive yet simple. It is perfect for a small party.

52.Embroidered Salwar Suit

Embroidery looks great on any fabric. The Salwar Suit on sleeves, neck and bottom of the kurta looks extremely beautiful.

53.Jute Silk Salwar Suit

Jute Silk is not preferred by people but looks totally designer and superior. You can combine this Salwar Suit with a glorious dupatta.

54. Silk Salwar Suit

Silk Fabric hugs the body in an amazing way. It looks shiny than normal fabric. Silk salwar suit feels smooth on the body and makes you look perfect.

55.Digital Print Kurta

Digital Print Kurta has a computerized print on it. It is found in many designs and looks perfect when worn on daily basis.

56.Pleated Style Salwar Suit

Pleated Style Salwar Suit has an amazing design like a saree. It has some pleats that add layers to your outfit.

57.Salwar Suit with a Zip

This Bollywood inspired Salwar Suit has a Zipper on itself. It looks extremely stylish and it is a perfect outfit for a Night party.

58.Apple-cut Salwar Suit

This type of Salwar suit has a short kurti with a little round shape and a Patiala salwar. It is mostly worn in Punjab and suits perfectly on a slim lady.

59.Net Suit with Pants

This suit is made up of the net where the stomach gets visible to the people. It looks extremely modern and Stylish. The matching Pants add power to the outfit.

60.High-Low Salwar suit

If you love the C-cut design, then this salwar suit design is perfect for you. It shows a little part of lower legs and gives a taller appearance.

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