15 Simple Yet Classy Waist Belt Designs For Every Women


Nowadays, there the trend of the waist belts has been revolutionized. The distinctive designs and patterns in waist belts, especially the gold colour is appropriate to match with every outfit. You can choose the waist belts design  in metal, chains, floral or any other stunning piece to pair it with any attire. From casual to a designer, there are a wide variety of designs, shapes and styles available in kamarband design, which are affordable to purchase and make your appearance a remarkable one.

To make a fashion statement on every occasion or with casual attire, add an oomph factor with these 15 waist belt designs in golden colour.

1.Woven gold waist belt design

For perfect casual wear, you can pair your pair of denim or shorts with the woven waist belt in golden colour. The broad belt can definitely make your casual look an elegant one.

2.Adjustable Gold Belt

What about a stunning white dress and paired with a golden adjustable belt? Well, there’s no comparison of this classy pairing. The leaf design in an adjustable golden belt is absolutely mesmerizing for every woman.

3.Cowboy kamarband design

For a classy and vintage look, you can prefer to purchase the cowboy style kamarband to pair with your favourite rugged jeans, especially in golden colour.

4.Sleek Waist Belt design in Golden

Presently, sleek waist belts design are extremely popular and trendy among the women fashion style. You can pair the golden sleek style waist belts with any short or long dress to flaunt your beauty as well as attire.

5.Floral Pattern kamarband design

The floral pattern waist belt is certainly a fantastic choice. This pretty belt with lovely floral design attached with a nylon strip will go perfectly well with any of your dress.

6.Chain kamarband design

Chain style waist belts design are now trendy in woman’s style as well. For a magnificent casual look, team up your boring outfit with this chain style belt.

7.Crystal kamarband design

No doubt, you must have seen crystal pyramid style kamarband in golden colour while roaming or shopping in the market. The combination of black and golden in waist belt design is absolutely amazing and goes well for a party look.

8.Embellished Golden Belt

Even for the ethnic outfits, there is a diverse range of embellished kamarband in glossy golden colour. On wedding functions, you can pair this belt with the saree for a tantalizing appearance.

9.Jingle Style kamarband design

The jingle style waist belt is another befitting option for the ladies to pair it with the traditional Indian garbs. This exquisite waist belt is stylish as well as simple in style.

10.Simple Gold Waist Belt design

The bold and simple waist belt in shiny silver and gold colour will look exceptional with the casual as well as party wear dresses.

11.Braided Style Waist Belt design

Nowadays, braided style waist belts are present in every woman’s wardrobe collection, but what makes this belt unique is its golden hue and lock in the front for a distinguishing look.

12.Snake kamarband design

For a comfortable yet stylish waist belt, snake skin style belt in golden and silver hue is absolutely exquisite. In the front, there is a flower pattern design, which has a plain opening. It’s a thick kamarband , thus it can be teamed up with any party wear dress.

13.Pearl Studded Waist Belt design

Yes, you have heard it right! Now, you can also get waist belts design , which is studded with beads and pearls. To flaunt your evening dresses or apparels, you can finish off the look in this stunning pearl studded waist belt.

14.Zipper Style Waist Belt design

To make your outfits much more magnificent and dignified, then don’t forget to pair it with the zipper kamarband design, which has a bold and solid buckle in the front to wear it comfortably.

15.Beads and Sequin Style kamarband design

You must have seen the belly dancers wearing the charming and sparkling waist belts with their attires. For a charming look, you can buy this exceptional beads and sequin style waist belt.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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