15 Stylish though Spiritual Om Tattoo Designs For Men and Women


You can’t deny the fact that Om is a symbol of spirituality. It is the most beautiful symbol and people love to have it on their body. And the best way to have it is Tattoo. The tattoo design artists love to draw it and play with its style. The Om is something that has no Aadi and no Antham. It means that it has no start and no end. That’s the reason why most of the Indian choose Om Tattoo. It looks authentic and modern. So here are 15 Stylish and spiritual Om Tattoo designs that will make you look trendy:

Hand and Arm Tattoos Designs

1.Gautama Buddha Om Tattoo Design:

One of the mesmerizing tattoos is Gautama Buddha Om Tattoo design. It is really peaceful and Buddha sign too really appealing. These tattoos have too many shades that make it vibrant. You can choose its size according to your choice and skin colour. Either you are a man or a woman, this tattoos will compliment you a lot.





2.Simple Om Tattoo Design:

Simplicity is loved by most of people. If you are looking for a cute, small and spiritual tattoo, then go for Simple Om Tattoo. It has the best detailing and you can choose its details according to your requirement. Most of the people choose it to drawn on neck, hand and biceps. It looks the best on fair skin tone.

3.Sun Om Tattoo Design:

Another simple and astonishing tattoos is Half Sun Om Tattoo design. It has an Om, covered with the half sun border. Sun will admire its modernity, spiritual and ethnic look. Through this tattoos design, you will also able to show respect to Lord Shiva and Surya. You can go for small to medium sizes. Feel confident in this tattoos.

Shoulder Tattoos Designs

4.Om Tattoo Design with Star frame:

The Om Tattoo design with a star border looks really amazing. It looks elegant as well as bold. This design has too much design but doesn’t look cluttered in any sense. Mostly, men choose this tattoos. And if you want to enhance it, then go for dark shade and thick outline. It looks amazing on any skin tone.

5.Om Namah Shivaya Tattoos:

As the name suggests, this tattoo has a Lord Shiva image in the Om frame. It looks beautiful when played with colour like red and brown. You can even let your tattoos artist write NAMAH SHIVAYA under it. You will admire its modern and Indian touch. This tattoos will symbolize a peaceful mind, prosperity, soul and body.

6.Om Tattoo design with Tryambakam Mantra:

There are many tattoo designs, but the one with contemporary touch looks the best. You can get your Om Tattoo design with Tryambakam Mantra, which is a Sanskrit Shloka. It is usually written in the circular form around the Om sign. Few people choose it with a Trishul and an Eye on the top of it. This tattoos design looks great on any skin tone.

Neck Tattoos Design

7.Om Tattoo design with special effect and Letters:

One of the most unique styles of Om Tattoos comes with letters. You can choose a black and red colour touch. It is mostly seen with an eye and pupil, which shows the third eye of Lord Shiva. The best message that this tattoos design portrays is ‘grant me serenity’. You will love its traditional and modern touch. Choose it in medium to a bigger size.

8.Tribal Om Tattoos:

In this era, Tribal Tattoos and writing style is very in. It gives a youthful and funky vibe. When the same way of writing is done on the Om tattoo design, it started looking to its best. Mostly, it looks the best in the dark inks and several motional effects. You will fall in love with its bold touch.

9.Om tattoos with Lord Shiva image:

Nothing can be as spiritual and mesmerizing than having an Om and Lord Shiva image together on your body. It makes the best combination, after all, Om Symbol is all about Lord Shiva. When you choose this tattoos design, you can also get the other elements like Trishul drawn on your body. Mostly men choose this tattoos and look great on any skin tone.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

10.Small Om Tattoos:

There are many people who want to show their love for Lord Shiva, but don’t want to go for big tattoos design. If you are one of them, then go for a smaller tattoos. Play with the styles- just like Namaskar, you can get it half on both palms. And when you will go namaskar, it will look like a whole Om. It will look innovative and beautiful.

11.Beautiful Back Om Tattoos with flowers:

One of the extraordinary and rich styles of enhancing Om is with the help of flowers. It adds beautiful effects to your regular way of showing spirituality. Choose the multi-coloured ink and make it look perfect. From dark to light, all shades looks the best in it. Also, it will enhance the back. Most women choose this kind of design.

12.Complicated Om Tattoos:

Do you want some fullness in your Om tattoos? Then choose this style. It has so many colours like green, brown, black and blue. You will admire its details with the help of eyes, lotus flower, eyes, chakras and Buddha figure. All these things fit well in the Om frame. Choose its shades according to your choice.

Finger and Chest Tattoos for Men

13.Om Tattoo with 3D effect:

Are you looking for some 3D type of tattoo design? If yes then go for this tattoos. It has some strong flowy lines, which gives a 3D effect. It is simple and marvellous. Your tattoo artist will highlight it using the shadow. You will admire its darker colour and shady effect. It will make you look very elegant.

14.Very Small Om Tattoo on Finger:

Looking for a most elegant style of Om tattoo? Go for this one. It is smaller in size and usually made of either finger of women. Many celebrities also have this tattoo. It will look fancy and elegant and you will fall in love with it. Choose these tattoos in a smaller size. It suits every skin tone.

15.Geometric Om Tattoos:

One of the unique styles of Om tattoo design is geometric. It includes some boxes around the Om. Most people get it done in the black colour because it helps in highlighting it. You can even play with its shading and message in it. This tattoo design will be perfect for any gender and any skin tone. Choose its size according to your requirement.

Be your Om tattoo is on the neck, back, arm, hand or finger, it will give the most beautiful effect. So find an experienced tattoo artist and get yourself inked. Wish you a Happy tattooing…

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