8 Elegant Sarees to Look Even More Attractive


There are very less Indian attires that suit every woman, saree is one of them. Saree is not just a regular outfit that women wear, it is something that usually makes them look extravagant. Some simple saree designs, while some are out of the world. Some are made up of heavy fabric, while some are very easy to carry. But no lady will deny that they don’t like saree. However, there are some women who love to look classy in their simple saree design, while not doing too much with it. Something that is easy to carry, feels comfortable and looks amazing on them. So here is a list of 8 simple saree designs that will make you look attractive:

8 Latest Saree Designs List

1.Simple White Motif Saree:

While there are so many saree options, simplicity is always blissful. The white colour saree is something that is simple and playful. And to add more happy vibes to it, you can get it with some motifs. It will give you the most elegant look. Carry such simple sarees with matching blouses and minimal jewellery pieces. The overall combination of this simple saree will make you fall in love with it.

2.Black and White Saree:

Black and white are two colours that can never go out of fashion and suits every woman. When you are thinking to get a simple saree in both colours, you will admire how classic it will look on you. Such sarees will give you a vintage and simple look. You can complete your look with silver accessories. The particular saree will look amazing at events and the office.





3.Authentic White Simple Saree with Red Blouse:

The white simple saree is a praiseworthy piece and looks different on any occasion. When these sarees are combined with a red blouse, it becomes a perfect combination. You can choose your simple saree design with some golden work to make it look heavy. Also, colourful or golden jewellery will go well with this combination. This look will make you look trendy and different.

4.Dual Colour Saree:

Since the emergence of two colour sarees, dual colour sarees have become one of the most preferable sarees. It has two shades, which are merged together in the best way possible. Such saree look perfect at family functions and evening events. You can choose a heavy blouse and minimalistic jewellery to complete your dual colour simple saree design look.

5.Handloom Sarees:

Handloom cotton simple saree designs are one of the most playful Indian dresses of all time. These are easy to carry, feels soft on the body and gives a vintage effect. If you are thinking these sarees are old fashioned then you are wrong because a contrasting blouse and belt and do the magic with it. These simple sarees look simple though stylish. You can pair such look with chunky jewellery pieces.

6.Cotton Sarees:

Cotton simple saree design are unbeatable as no other fabric can come out with such finish. These are light in weight and gives authentic vibes. When you will pick it with golden border, it starts giving the heavy vibes. If you are thinking to wear these sarees to the functions, then heavy jewellery will go well with it. According to your choice, you can also go for light jewellery.

7.Tissue Sarees:

As the name suggests, tissue sarees are extremely light in weight and looks really authentic. You are blissful to have this style of saree as it looks stunning even with its simplicity. You can pick it in the pastel or light colour as it will do justice with its look. To complete your look, you can go for silver jewellery or less blingy pieces. Such sarees look fabulous at office and parties.

8.Kalamkari Saree:

Kalamkari sarees are fun, cheerful and reflect our history. These are one saree that can never go out of fashion. The cotton kalamkari sarees with matching blouses look simple yet elegant. It gives true Indian vibes. You can wear it as a daily saree or wear it to simple events. To complete this saree look, you can choose ethnic jewellery.

Apeksha Salunkhe
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