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7 Secret Tips to Style Lehenga Sarees Perfectly


Lehenga style saree is counted as one of the easy-to-wear and unique Indian attire that helps a woman to look contemporarily fashionable. It looks the best with heels and you get a frame because of it. In today’s time, women don’t have time to drape their saree and they seek the easy replacement of the same. However, Lehenga style saree has is very easy to wear and it doesn’t require any special drape. It comes with a skirt, slit and zipper. There is no need to make special pleats in it.

There are a few things one should know while styling a Lehenga style saree for themselves. Slide Down and Have a Look!

1.Don’t ignore your body type:

You should style their lehenga style saree according to their body type as it will help you to feel confident. Every woman has a different body structure and there is no compulsion that every style will suit you. Therefore pick up the best piece, know your body type and wear your lehenga saree in that way.






2.Avoid tucking it too high:

The length of your saree defines your overall look. Whenever you are using a lehenga style sari, avoid wrapping it too high as it shows your underclothes. Also, it shows your footwear, which is against the saree rule. If you will tuck it too high, it will show your belly fat. So you can go for a lower waist style but avoid the high waist style.

3. Choose your Blouse wisely:

Blouse plays a very important role in defining the style of Lehenga style saree. It holds the pallu define sexiness of traditional look of this attire. So a fuller coverage look on the neckline and a designer look on the back will help you to look better. It will create symmetry and help you to look better. You can even try different sleeves patterns. For a sophisticated look, simply go for an Elbow-length blouse.

4.Don’t opt a lehenga style saree with too many details:

 Lehenga style saree is found in many different styles and patterns. These are different in appearance and in most cases, the bottom halved comes with a lot of embroideries. But if you want a better look, go for minimalism. Try to keep one of its parts simple and the other heavier. It will make a great combination.

5.Avoid an Unbalanced pallu drop:

Traditional saree look can’t be completed without a pallu and that’s the reason why we need pallu in the Lehenga style saree. It has to be paired in the right way. You have to define the drape as this attire don’t come with the stitched pallu. The correct pallu placement will define your overall look.

6.Try Contrast in Top and Bottom:

Don’t ruin the pattern of lehenga style saree by going for the same colour look. Simply try to make a visible contrast between two halves. You can either get this attire in two colours or simply play with the blouse colour. Also, contrasting footwear can make a big difference.

7.Don’t go for too many accessories:

Lehenga Style Saree is extremely gorgeous but only when you don’t go for too many accessories with it. You can only choose a lot of accessories with a plain lehenga style saree. For heavy styles, try to go for a minimal and clean look. The Choker, maang tikka and danglers makes a great combination.

Lehenga Style Saree has a contemporary look and we shouldn’t ruin its look by making some silly mistakes. The Above-given dos and don’ts will help you to style your lehenga saree in the best way. Simply follow them and enjoy the overall look.

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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