9 Ideas to Make Dresses From Old Sarees – DIY Dress-Up


The saree is the traditional attire of India, and it’s no wonder that many people find ways to reuse them in their own outfits. The saree is typically wrapped like a skirt and it looks like wearing a long skirt, edges of the saree can be also be wrapped around as a scarf or shawl in multiple ways to create a different look. If you have an old saree and want to make it into something new, there are several ways you can go about doing this. One way to do this is by making a dress out of saree fabric. By using an old saree with a few other materials like ribbon and fabric glue, you can make beautiful and modern dresses, like these seven examples below. So if you’re looking for an unconventional way to wear your favourite Indian outfit, try recycling it into one of these DIY dresses.

How to Make a Dress From Old Saree?

Making a saree dress is easy to do, and it won’t take you more than an hour. To start, you’ll need to find the right fabric. Most Indian clothing stores will have a variety of different colours and patterns to choose from. Once you’ve purchased your fabric, measure how much fabric you’re going to need.

Materials and Tools

-An old saree
-Thread and needle or sewing machine
-Hem tape (optional)

With the right materials and tools, you’ll be able to make any of these seven dresses from an old saree.

After measuring out how long you want your dress to be, cut off the excess material before sewing the hem together. It’s best if you sew this seam by hand because it’ll hold better than using a machine. If you want sleeves, make them about two inches shorter than the desired length of your dress so that they don’t drag on the ground. After cutting out the sleeves, sew them onto the dress according to where they should be placed. You can either sew them into place or leave them open-ended with buttons that are sewn on only one side so that they can be buttoned up when wearing the finished product. Now all that’s left is adding some embellishments.

Decide what kind of embellishments you would like first before buying any materials for this step–such as beads, lace trimming, or embroidery thread–since these things can be expensive depending on what kind of selection you have at your local craft store. Whether you’re adding beads for a colourful look or lace. After this step, you can cut your saree fabric as per the measurements (If you don’t have any idea then take the help of a tailor To do this step in the right way). Before this, you can have look at these dress ideas and make your decision that which type of dress you want to sew.

#Dress Ideas Which Are Made from Old Sarees

The possibilities for DIY dresses from sarees are endless! Here are seven ideas to get you started.

1) Modern Kurti from Old Saree

This sari dress is made by cutting a large rectangle of fabric and wrapping it around the body, with the ends overlapping in the front. It’s an easy way to make a dress without any sewing required. If you wish some more detailing on hand then you can take measurements of your old Kurti and do the required cutting and stitch freely with the remaining saree fabric.






2) Anarkali Dresses Made From Old Sarees

To create this sari dress, simply tie one end of the fabric securely behind your neck and knot the other end loosely around your waist. You can then drape as much or as little as you want over your hips to form a skirt. This quick and easy DIY dress is perfect for summertime. In this dress, you can sew your Anarkali in two parts one part is the top or bust side and the other one is to sew a frill of Anarkali and attach it to the upper part. This is the super easy hack to sew Anarkali from an old saree.

3) Modern Lehenga from Old Silk Saree

Every woman has atleast one silk saree in her wardrobe. A blouse and lehenga from a silk sari dress are made by cutting off one end of a saree and tying it around the body, low on the chest, so that it resembles a tube top. The other end is left long and draped over one shoulder to create a unique touch to this simple design.

4) The Saris as Skirts

If you have three or more different colours of saree fabrics, creating skirts from them is totally possible! Simply cut the material into strips and tie them together at one end, then use safety pins to attach each strip diagonally to the skirt at different lengths until you have all three colours evenly distributed throughout your skirt. You can even double up on strips for extra fullness if desired.

5) Modern High Neckline Gown from Old Saree

A high neckline gown is a popular style of dress, and there are many different ways to achieve this effect. One way is by using the saree fabric. To create this dress, cut your old sarees into a rectangular shape that reaches from your neckline to your wrists. Then, fold the fabric so it’s doubled and sew two straight seams on either side of the top edge. Be sure to leave the bottom open before sewing it shut so you have a place for your head to go through. Then, use a decorative fabric or ribbon to wrap around the seam on one side before tying it in a bow behind your neck. This dress is perfect for those who don’t want anything too tight around their waist but want some added coverage on their chest. It can also be worn with or without sleeves as desired!

6) A Dress with a Low-Cut Back

If you’re looking for a dress with a low-cut back, one of the most popular ways to make a dress out of an old saree is by sewing the fabric onto a stretchy tank top. This way, you have enough fabric to cover your stomach and still have enough to create a low-cut back. It’s perfect if you want to wear your hair up in pigtails or braids. You can find tutorials on how to do this online too.

7) A Sleeveless Dress From Saree

The first dress is a sleeveless one, which has a fitted bodice and draped skirt. To make it, you’ll need to cut the fabric of your saree into three pieces: one for the bodice, one for the skirt, and one for the lining. You’ll then sew the pieces together with the right sides of the fabric facing outwards, before turning them inside-out. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to hem. For this dress, in particular, you would want to use only one layer of lining for simplicity’s sake.

8) Party Wear Gown Made From Old Sarees

Party Wear Gown is made with two yards of fabric, one yard for the front and one yard for the back. To make the sleeves, use the same pattern as the dress but cut it out in half. Then sew them along the top of one side. The basic idea behind this dress is to use saree fabric to create a Party Wear Gown, a maxi-dress style dress that’s perfect for cold weather.

9) An Off-Shoulder and Frock from Saree

To create an off-shoulder Frock, get a piece of saree fabric and cut out the front and back panels. Next, get a piece of lace or other lightweight fabric to use for the trim. Sew your trim to the top of the panels and sew them together around the neckline. Finally, add sleeves.

These are the most trending ideas for making dresses from old saree. I hope that now you have a clear picture of your dream dress which you are going to make after reading this post.

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