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How to Wear a Saree


Saree is one Indian traditional attire worn by women and girls of India . Saree is the most sophisticated and elegant looking attire. A saree can be worn as casual wear or for any important occasions. Saree differs in the length of it starting from a four yard saree to a nine yard long saree. A saree is typically wrapped around the waist with one end on the shoulder which is called the pallu of a saree. Saree is one such attrie which will always remain trendy. Draping a saree is not so complicated and one can learn to drape a saree easily.

This is for women who are inspired by the Bollywood actresses wearing lovely sarees dancing in dreamy locations and for women who don’t know much about saree in general but are inspired and attracted towards the look of it. A saree can instantly amp up your look and we all are saree lovers but every girl or women has this question of “how to tie a saree ?” situation once in their life. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. This article is all about how to drape a saree and with pointers so go easy with the learning!

 Wearing a saree is not so difficult and doesn’t require special efforts or skills. One can tie saree by seeking help of other person in just 15 minutes; yes it’s that simple. Here’s a guide of the following step by step tutorial which is required to tie a saree and let your heart fall in love with sarees all over again!

Step 1

Start by arranging everything in front of you that are necessary to drape a saree and to keep it in place afterwards i.e., a petticoat or under skirt, saree (of course), safety pins, footwear (preferably heels for more flattering look), accessories and blouse.

Step 2

Once you are done with the arrangements of things you require. Start by wearing the blouse and petticoat or the under skirt. Put on the blouse and make sure it fits you perfectly and ends under the bust area. Wear petticoat or the under skirt along with the blouse and make sure the colour of the petticoat is matching with the colour of the saree because some fabric are transparent such as sheer, lace or raw cotton are few examples of transparent saree type. These days glitter petticoats are also used for more party and glam look.

Step 3

After you’ve put on your petticoat make sure it’s tied tight to your waist as the whole saree is going to be tucked inside the petticoat. Then wear the footwear probably heels which you’ve chosen to wear with the saree.

Step 4

Here comes the actual draping of the saree. Start by figuring out the fall of the saree and from the other end; start twisting it around your waist, do it slowly and firmly. Tucking the saree inside the petticoat. Make sure to maintain the right length; for beginners : make sure the saree bottom shows only your toes. If you try to do more than that at the bottom; there’s a chance of tripping in it. If you’re going to show your ankle that will not be flattering.

Step 5

5.As soo as you are done twisting your saree once all tucked in, you’ll be left with much extra fabric. That fabric is for pleats. Start making pleats with the help of your forefingers and thumb one by one. Make about 6-10 pleats neatly.

Step 6

Use a safety pin first to keep the pleats in place so that they don’t budge. Tuck the pleats in the petticoat right below the navel area. Hold them and adjust them until they are straight and clean.

Step 7

So now you’re left with the rest of the length of the saree that will become the pallu of the saree. Twist it around your waist from left to right and when it’s in front after the one twist around the waist put it over your shoulder. Adjust the length of the pallu so that it comes till your knees from the back. Secure the pallu with the help of safety pins or broach.

Step 8

Pleat the pallu the way you pleated the saree or you can unfold the pleats of the pallu on your shoulder because of which the pallu will fall elegantly over your arm.

Be careful while using safety pins or seek help of a friend while using safety pins. Make it dressy and classy. After you are done with draping and securing the saree. Wear makeup and accessories. Do your hair right and you’re ready with the beautiful saree with elegance and style. We are sure these steps on how to wear a saree will help you immensely. You look amazingly beautiful and gorgeous in this saree!

Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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