Viscose sarees – the best drape for summer


Saree is the traditional attire of Indian women, representing the epitome of being sophisticated and secure. Saree is such attire which outstands all the other glamorous attires.  Draping saree gives you a special identity of having a feminine power. Women should opt for such sarees that would add volumes to their look such as, tissue sarees, cotton sarees and tussar sarees. Saree always flatters every women who wishes to wear it

Tissue silk is popular for distinctive features of having uniform structure, flexibility and strength. The tissue silk can be interwoven with gold and silk threads or by coloring with fancy designs.  The designs and style make the tissue silk sarees very attractive and is also a wonderful drape for India weddings and other bridal ceremonies, or evening parties and other functions.

Tissue sarees have glossy appearance using gold and silver zari weaving on silk warp. The beauty of the tissue sarees can be still enhanced by printing block prints. Tissue sarees are very much in demand because of exquisite patterns.

Some of the kota handloom peach color tissue silk sarees having buttis spread all over flanked with peach pink borders and the pallu full of zari weaving makes the saree look gorgeous.

One of the most gorgeous form of designer saree is the Viscose saree made of artificial fiber and is an essential form of rayon.  The most important aspect of this fabric is it can be easily dyed and it retains its color for a longer duration making it look always new. The texture of the fabric allows proper air passage because of the pores and making it comfortable on draping. The best wear during the summer and in humid condition.

Tissue saree onlineViscose sarees can be draped very easily and in the manner you want giving you the best look and the look depends on the draping style. Designer viscose sarees are  liked by many women because they drape beautifully and in a perfect manner. Sarees generally are about how they drape instead of how attractive they are. The zari woven pattern brings out desirable glamour and second they can be purchased at an unbelievably affordable price.

Satin sarees are once again in fashion these days because of its rich look are suited for all party wear, functions and at times for some wedding parties too.  Satin sarees too have  glossy appearance giving a shining look on draping the saree. There are plenty of designs available on satin sarees. Every saree has its own exclusivity.

Satin sarees often come with vibrant colors which are very attractive.  Appropiate pattern makes it look charming and gorgeous.  Some o the satin silk sarees are popular for its attractive prints and designs that make it desirable. They can be even purchased online from a genuine website on the internet.

Saree has always been a part of woman’s life, whether it is for casual wear or for any function or marriage.  It is supposed to be the most comfortable form of dress that makes every woman look pleasing. The credit goes to the designer who makes the simplest of the saree look gorgeous giving it altogether a new look.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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