10 Top Trending Half Saree Designs for Trendy Women


Half saree is a traditional attire of the Indian women which is basically a mixture of the saree, lehenga, and ghaghra. The half saree is very popular in the southern part of the country. Half saree is a 3-piece dress which includes dupatta, skirt, and blouse.


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The only differentiating factor between the half saree and the lehenga is the way it is draped. Fashion designers have stepped in to revamp the half saree. Cutwork dupatta, zardosi work, and tassels make half sarees all the more attractive. A lot of trendy half saree designs have emerged but this article brings to you the 10 best of the best half saree designs. Let’s get started.


If you are looking for gorgeous silk sarees, South India is the right place for you. A combination of red and green silk half sarees designs will get the job done for you if you are a soon to be bride. The half saree has heavy mirror work on the skirt, dupatta, and blouse as well. On the whole, you will feel a bit on the bulkier side but you will look beautiful as well.


Designers actually know how to strike the perfect balance between bling and sober. Designer half sari tend to be on the costlier side but they look very stunning. A color combination of pink and cream with matching jewelry looks absolutely stunning. You can wear such an outfit for a friend’s wedding or family functions.


As the name suggests, this half sarees designs has mirror work only on the border. The dupatta is white and the skirt and blouse are purple in color. This half sarees has a perfect balance of contrast. The border and surface of the skirt have minimal mirror work whereas the neck region on the blouse is heavily embroidered. All in all, this half sarees is a perfect example of how all half sarees designs should be.


The blouse piece on this one has full sleeves which are completely covered in golden mirrors. The same goes for the dupatta and the skirt. The dupatta has a hint of peach in it. Such bulky outfits are a favorite of many brides. They look kitschy yet classy and elegant. Complete the look by teaming up the attire with heavy diamond jewellery.


This saree has a fishnet dupatta. The skirt is made from a velvety fabric and the blouse piece is sleeveless. The blouse is heavily embroidered. The skirt has floral prints on it. When going for such a half sari, make sure all the hues are of the same color. Colors like, blue, green, red, and black are perfect for net half sari.


Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the best designers this country has ever had. Sabyasachi specializes in sarees and his half sarees designs are absolutely stunning. The black blouse has full sleeves with intricate needlework. A combination of black and golden on the blouse looks truly amazing. For the dupatta and skirt, Sabyasachi uses a combination of red and baby pink. The fabric used is mostly velvet. The border of the skirt and dupatta also has golden embroidery. This is one of the best bridal half sari you will ever see.


As the name suggests, this half sarees designs has a lot of flowers on it. The dupatta, blouse, and skirt are studded with flower prints. Mirrors are used on the skirt to draw flowers on the skirt and blouse. Orange, peach, and pink are the main colors used in this half sarees designs . This is really an easy choice for brides.


This kind of half sari is really prevalent in West Bengal. The pista green dupatta and skirt really go well with a red, embroidered blouse. The skirt has a net on top of it and a red border at the hemline. This kind of half sari is perfect for Durga Puja, Kali Puja, and Diwali Puja and so on.


Coral here refers to the pattern rather than the color. The blouse is heavily embroidered and the same goes for the dupatta. The skirt, on the other hand, has heavy mirror work on both the ends. This is done so that the piece doesn’t look crowded and tacky. This half saree has a perfect balance of bling and subtleness.


This is pretty much similar to the last one. The only difference is that this one has a double skirt. The first skirt has mirror work in the hemline and the second skirt is made from fishnet which has mirror work in a certain pattern. The whole piece doesn’t look crowded but just perfect for the big fat Indian wedding.

These were the 10 most trendy and fashionable half sarees designs that you can purchase today. Most of them are appropriate for wearing to a family function. Half sarees  designs tend to be on the heavier side but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing it. These are a new iteration of the traditional saree and look just as amazing. Apart from these designs, there are many other designs as well. Choose the one which suits you the best. Hope you find this list useful.

Apeksha Salunkhe
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