Indian hand woven designer sarees and the growing market for sarees online


Hand Woven designer sarees have been the most preferred among the Indian Sarees online when it comes to online saree shopping. These traditional Indian sarees are a result of months of craftsmanship of numerous artisans based in rural communities of India.

I’m Lakshmi a big fan and a huge collector of traditional Indian sarees, being a huge junkie when it comes to buying sarees online, here is a guide on types of designer sarees and the ways to

Why do people prefer Indian traditional designer sarees:

These handmade woven sarees stand out from the rest as each thread in it is woven delicately by weavers who have been in this profession for generations. Unlike the numerous machine woven clothes these hand woven sarees come with a distinct character and an individuality of its own.

Attractive colours, intricate design and embroidery, easy in maintenance, graceful appearance and affordable price are some of the reasons that contribute to the growing popularity of hand woven traditional Indian sarees worldwide. Many e-stores selling Indian sarees have come up to cater to this growing Indian Saree online market.

Types of Indian hand woven designer sarees

Each state in India has its own and distinct type of hand weaves and hand embroidery. A few of the most popular states and their hand spun sarees are given below:

  • Lukhnow Chikankari Saree
  • Block printed hand woven saree from Jaipur
  • Handwoven silk saree from Gujrat
  • Ghaddwal Saree from Andra Pradesh
  •  Hand woven Banaras silk saree
  • Orissa Vegetable dye saree
  • Bengal hand woven cotton saree
  • PatanPatola Saree
  • Chanderi hand woven silk from Madhya Pradesh
  • Hand woven Paithani Saree from Maharastra
  • Kantha hand Embroidery saree
  • Kanchipuram silk saree from Tamil nadu

With more and more top notch designers using their expertise to improvise the designs of the Indian traditional sarees.  They are now fresh and filled with energy. They have changed the perspective of the mundane sarees which was earlier reserved for women of a slightly older woman. They have brought out a new age of half sarees,

Designer sarees

Getting an Indian hand woven designer saree online:

As remote as accessibility to these numerous weaving villages in India sounds that easily accessible are these intricately designed handmade sarees. Online saree stores have made these sarees available at your door step a click away.

Buying Indian sarees online has been trending majorly because of the benefits involved in it. Sarees online give the customers the freedom to select from a wide range of designs and options. Buyers can check and compare prices of these sarees to get the best price.

Also the intense competition in the market has made the e-commerce sites keep the prices of online silk sarees low and compatible. And also has forced the manufactures to offer innovative offers and discounts on the sarees online.

Online sales of Indian hand woven sarees have helped small scale weavers grow in business. Also, it has attracted the attention contemporary designers. These designers have added a modern day touch to the ancient practice of hand weaving.

Modern designs added to the ethnic Indian woven fabric of India have brought not only acceptance but also recognition to the hand woven sarees in the global market. This has in turn helped in the growth in sales on Indian Sarees online.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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