Draping Gorgeous Banarasi sarees makes you look outstanding and stunning


Banarasi sarees are one of the most expensive sarees. They are made from Banaras silk material and are very popular in Banaras. It is mostly woven with gold thread and that is the reason it is very expensive. Banarasi sarees are very often worn by the brides.

Banarasi sarees are woven by only the expert weavers who are highly skilled. They weave the most exquisite banaras sarees with intricate patterns and beautiful attractive designs. These sarees are popularly worn by most of the Indian Brides. Banaras saree is considered to be the finest sari in India, the most ethnic saree that is woven with gold and silver brocade or zari embroidery.

The main style of the banarasi sarees includes narrow patterns on both the edges of the borders which appears like upright leaves woven with special golden thread and are highly expensive. To weave the Banaras sarees it takes many weeks to complete a single piece, because it requires delicacy in weaving and that too with proper care.  The intricate design decorated on it makes the saree very heavy with respect to weight as well as the price. Every woman craves to purchase a banaras saree which is made of pure banaras silk.  Banarasi saree is truly endorsed through all ranks of the society.

Kanjeevaram silk saree is one of the most magnificent saree that every women wishes to have in her wardrobe. Kanchi is a place in the state of Bangalore city in South India.  The silk used to weave this saree is from Tamil Nadu, but the name is given to the sari is kanchipuram as it is made in Kanchi. Kanchipuram sarees are very popular for its vibrant color combination and contrast borders.  These sarees are very costly because of the intricacy of color, work, design woven by zari and gold thread.

The sari is woven manually with the help of weavers on either side of the sari doing different type of work on the sari. The specialty of the kanjeevaram saree is that the Pallu of the saree is woven in different shade than that of the main saree. Actually it is separately woven delicately and then joined to the main sari.

Kanjeevaram sarees are made of finest silk sarees  that is woven with dedication and care. Basically Kanchipuram sarees are very heavy to feel and wear. Women’s draping this silk saree looks very gorgeous and attractive. Kanjeevaram sarees are mostly chosen as a bridal saree by most Indian women because of its rich look and some consider it to be auspicious to wear on the wedding day.

Now it is very easy to shop Kanchipuram sarees online which can be done right from your home in a most comfortable manner.   The online services offers you an opportunity to grab the most attractive and stunning Kanchipuram sarees woven by the most skillful and experienced experts. You can also get traditional Kanjivaram sarees  with different grace and charm from the most popular online site which makes it easier for you to choose. Just click on your choice and place the order, the delivery will be done within the stipulated time at your doorstep. Isn’t it stunning  and easy to do online shopping such costly and heavy sarees.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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