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Top 10 Bridal Accessories for Indian Brides


The most important event in every woman’s life is her auspicious wedding day. It is on this day she is given the freedom of dressing up in the most beautiful way where she feels that she is the only beautiful lady on the earth. Yes, why not?, because she is been given, the maximum priority attention by many of them for the upbringing her beauty to make her look the most beautiful woman.

The bridal accessories for Indian Brides required from head to toe:

Hair accessories: There are variety of hair accessories depending on their dress, and shape of the face that suits them best. Using flowers to adorn her hair style or hair bands to which are encrusted to have a the bride look like a princess.  Since the bride should have the best look the hair style can be decorated with some hair sparkles or dazzle which will highlight the bride.

Necklaces: The perfect necklace match has to be done with the type of wedding dress of the bride as well as the neckline of the bride and her hair style too.

Maang tika: Most of the modern wedding the bride’s outfit is not complete without the maan tika or the tiara. It is mostly  associated with the Western weddings which is supposed to be the decorative piece.

Mehendi: In traditional Indian wedding the bridal wear becomes incomplete without applying mehendi to the bride. Her hands and legs are fully designed with mehendi and giving the bride a gorgeous look on the wedding day.

Bindi: Some of the brides are very particular about the bindis. They come in different color preferably red is mostly opted for.

Anklets: Wearing golden or silver anklets is a must to bring out the beauty of brides legs. There are even diamond anklets or they even come in colorful gems embedded on the silver chains, that can be worn depending on their budget.

Rings: Preferable diamond rings are very common these days. Depending on the choice of the bride it can vary from gold to diamond or platinum ring that comes in variable designs and patterns

Bangles: So far as the Indian culture and tradition is concerned golden bangles are preferred with beautiful designs to enchant the brides. Some go for the glass bangles with colorful designs that will match their wedding outfit.

Nose rings: There are different types of nose rings available some are big and long embedded with beads or some are short with diamonds some are just sparkling single diamond stone which ever suits the bride with the dress are normally selected by the brides.

Waist belt: As discussed high budget marriage will prefer their brides to wear golden waist belt or else most of them go for imitations with artificial diamonds embedded on t he belts.

Earrings:  When it comes to wedding jewellery can choose sparkly earrings with respect to the size of the face and can also wear hoop or chandelier earrings.

When the bride is decorated with all the above accessories for sure she gets entirely a different look and shine.