Rakhi Festival- Alluring Occasion of Expressing Feelings and Bonding with Siblings!


Being a social animal, every human being does needs a relationship. The purest of all relationship is the true bond between the brother and sisters relationship.  In India the Raksha Bandhan day is celebrated to rekindle the joy, unity and togetherness of brothers and sisters. Regardless to the age group, this day remains to be special for every generation.  Even if the brothers are living far away from the sisters, with the help of advanced technology Rakhi is being sent at brother’s house.

kids-rakhiIn the ancient times the Rakhi was only made up of plain thread but now lot of variations has been introduced in the markets. The Kids Rakhi is feasibly available in local and online stores. In the Rakhi there are lots of variations available. Pertaining to the choices the kids can avail light rakhi, cartoon characters rakhi.  According to the ancient beliefs, the sacred thread is tied in the hand once a year, to protect brothers and sisters from evils. On the occasion of Rakhi day even sisters do apply tilak, rice and perform aarti.  Mostly tilak is applied with the belief that it would awaken the spiritual consciousness of brothers.  Even the brothers on the Rakhi day do personally visit the sister’s house to seek her blessings. The sisters usually give her brother blessing of good fortune and in turn even brother commits her of protecting her for entire life.  In order to express the feelings for their lovely sisters, brother does exchange lot of gifts.

In India the Rakhi day is known by various different names and every community. Even the gods are being worshipped with different foregoing. In the respect of Varuna, West of India has given the name of Narayali purnima. For gods worshipping, the fishermen’s do throw coconut in the sea, for smoother fishing and gaining the prosperity. In Gujarat people do worship lord shiva and both brothers and sisters do seek divine blessings of the god.

Usually the Sisters do wear new clothes and colors of rakhi do make the warmth of occasion more special and closer. For small cute sisters, there are lot of cute dresses and toys available on the online stores. Not only just brothers and sisters, the raksha bandhan occasion does bring closeness in the family also. People do visit each other’s places and the host too offers different kinds of sweets to the incoming visitor. The lure of happiness is everywhere. With the great lure of happiness, even sisters and brothers do prepare themselves with different variety of gifts for each other. In the modern times even sisters do give return gifts to their brothers to show their love and affection for each other.  This sacred festival even celebrated between the countries brave soldiers too. If they are protecting nation on the borders, the sisters do send them Rakhis and their favorite sweets. The reputed online stores are becoming most dearer option for both for buying or sending hampers to sister’s place.

Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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