DIY – Crayon Candle Making at Home


Just a few days ago, I revamped my entire room. It had been a while since I made any changes or additions to it. There were a few old things that needed to be replaced and a few that no longer carried any value. So, I got deeply involved in the task, personally deciding the new showpieces, flowers and frames to buy. I went as far as to change the curtains and drapes as well.

So, after three months of a massive treasure hunt and brainstorming, I finally completed the herculean task. And I must say, I was satisfied with the final outcome. The room looked quite much as I visualized it. However, there was one particular spot that didn’t seem right.  

As a book-lover, I got a customized bookshelf made with all my favourite books. But, the shelf had three spots that could incorporate something else. But, nothing I looked at appealed to me. It felt out of place or not upto the mark. I tried a variety of options from antiques to showpieces, flower vases to key stands. But, nothing fit. By this time, I had almost given up and decided to leave the space empty. This is when my best friend came over. Knowing about my failed attempts, she joked about how I should have probably have made something instead.

Her statement although made in jest struck a chord with me. Maybe that was it. I realized that the bookshelf was so important to me because it consisted of a collection of books I had gathered since childhood. It was important because it had stuff put together after investing a lot of time and efforts. Hence, nothing I bought from outside would match up to that. Whatever object I placed there would have to be something made by me, investing my time and efforts.

Having made up by mind, I started researching what options I had in hand. Not being anything close to an artist, I quickly eliminated options with beautiful but, complicated art and craft. Statues and sculptured were obviously out too. That’s when I came across an interesting DIY option idea – Colorful wax candles, by Divya who was kind enough to share it with us. They were not only easy to make but, looked spectacular as well.

And since such a beautiful idea needs to be shared, we present to you the process to make the most attractive crayon candles. You could use it or consider it for gifting purposes too.


  • Crayons (Depending on the colors you want)
  • Box of Candles/ Pieces of wax
  • Paper Cups (For melting purposes)
  • Glasses (For adding the mixture)
  • A Simple Thread (For wick making)
  • Candy sticks
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stove


Step 1) Add the crayons in different paper cups

Cut the crayons into small pieces. Keep each different colour in separate paper cups

Step 2) Melt the wax

Add the pieces of wax/ candle in a bowl. Heat it till it turns into liquid completely.

Step 3) Prepare the wick

Tie the thread to the candy stick. Place the candy stick horizontally on the glass and set the thread inside the glass before adding the wax. The length should be long enough to reach the bottom.

Step 4) Add the melted wax to the paper cups

Add the hot melted wax into the cups with crayon pieces added.

Step 5) Heat the mixture

Heat the mixture over the stove. Stir it well till the wax blends with the crayon. The mixture should be completely liquid.

Step 6) Repeat the process with different colours

Step 7) Pour the colours in a fancy, transparent glass

It will form layers one above the other.


  • Let each layer cool completely before adding the next layer
    Let the liquid poured cool before the next colour is added.
  • Use tainted glass
    Tainted colourless glass can also be used to get better effects.

Decorate the glass
The glass could be decorated to make it more attractive.

Watch our Video to see how to do it right:

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Yogesh Chavan
Yogesh Chavan
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