6 Fabulous Tips to Choose Classy Handbags


Fashion is represented through a number of things including your clothes, footwear and accessories. Some people have a love for fashion clothing, some for footwear like heels and shoes while some have an inexplicable love for handbags!

This is why many of us have a huge personal collection of handbags in our closet. From sling bags to purses, we like to have it all in our wardrobe.

However, what should we look for in a bag, to pick out the classiest handbag? Here are 6 fabulous tips that can give you an answer regarding this question!

  • No Bulk and No Weight!
    Whenever you are shopping for a handbag, make sure you pick the one which is not too bulky in shape. Your handbag must also not be extremely heavy!
    Some handbags, such as those made from leather, can sometimes have a lot of self-weight. Therefore, if you fill it up with your necessary stuff, its weight can become too heavy to be carried around comfortably!
    Also, if your handbag has a very bulky shape, it can lose its graceful and classy look, making it look like a very tragic accessory with your outfit!
    Small Classy bags

  • Look For A Comfortable Carrier
    Your handbag is where you’ll be keeping all your important stuff when going on any outing. Therefore it is not something that you can skip taking with you. And since you have to carry it wherever you go, it is important to look for the comfort that it offers.
    A classy handbag is that which sits comfortably on your shoulder and does not slide off easily. Also check whether the handbag fits nicely under your arm or not! Investing in such a bag, even if it is branded will never make you regret spending the money!
    comfortable bags

  • Pick Out A Unique Design
    There are so many types of handbags available in the market, most of which have redundant designs. You will find many people carrying the same kind of handbag with them.
    This is why it is important to find out a handbag which is a little different from the rest and has a unique factor to it. Keep in mind that being different is not a bad thing, which is why such bags actually work as great conversation starters!
    Unique design bags

  • The Right Storage Pockets
    You must also go for a purse that has just enough pockets for you to keep your money, phone, all your important cards, you accessories and any makeup/personal essential that you wish to carry along with you.
    Some handbags only have one pocket, which makes it very inconvenient as you cannot segregate items that must be kept separately. While some bags come with way too many pockets, which can become very confusing when searching for an item!
    Pocket Bags
    However, different people have different priorities and needs, therefore some might find a handbag classy, if it has only a few pockets while some might like one which is full of storage areas! The choice you make, must be in consideration to what type of purse can fulfill your needs!

  • Buttons or Zip?
    There are handbags which have magnetic buttons and those which can be zipped up completely. What you go for, depends totally on the style of that bag. However, if you wish to buy a classy handbag for a specific purpose, for example for travelling, then you must check how the bags closes up!
    Multi zip bags
    This is because purses with buttons can allow things to easily slip from the pockets, making them unfit to carry when travelling with important things!

  • Go For Different Styles!
    You might have a large collection of bag, but if all your bags belong to the same category or style and usage, then it is of no use. Therefore, you must always go for handbags which are in different colour shades, have different designs and styles and vary in sizes, so that your handbag collection can be fit for every occasion!
    Different Style of Bags
    You must also buy a handbag which goes with your outfit, your skin tone and your hair colour. This way it can be used as a perfect accessory that enhances your entire look!
Apeksha Salunkhe
Apeksha Salunkhe
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