20 Fabulous Wedding Day Clutch Designs


Aren’t we already bored with our old long purses and big bags? This is definitely a time to go for something more cool and handy. We all need to carry our important stuff together like a lipstick, a roll on perfume, some napkins, and so much more, and it doesn’t really matters whether it’s a normal day or your best friend’s wedding. But definitely, we no longer want to carry those big bags.


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Right here, I have some really fabulous clutches for all of you ladies. The clutches which depict your personality to the clutches that make you stand out in your whole girl gang.

#1. Clutches with Animal Motifs

Are you also an animal lover? Then why not let your animal love take over your clutches? Getting beautiful animal motifs on your clutches will give the extra personal touch. Also, it will be bohemian and will rock your colorful outfit.

#2. Beads for The Elegant You

Why not go for clutches with beads all over them? Beads give a very classy touch to pretty much anything. To rock out your any Indian festivities, beads clutches would be the best. Either one color bead clutch to give the minimalistic touch or the colorful beads clutch for a happy vibe.

#3. Floral Clutches for Your Feminine Side

From such a big and beautiful range of flowers, you can choose any flower patters that goes well with your vibe. Flowers embroidered beautifully on the clutch dominating your feminine side. Floral clutches will give elegance to your look and would work best with day time events. Also printed floral clutches will be colorful and are a go to for functions like a Mehendi ceremony.

#4. Jeweled Bridal Bag

Jewelry feels too heavy on your D-Day? Why not minimize the jewelry and opt for a jeweled bridal bag. Go for your favorite jewelry design embroidered on your bridal clutch with beautiful motifs and beads. Whether it’s your own wedding or your friend’s wedding festivities, the jeweled bag will be such a beautiful option.

#5. Intricate Kalamkari Art On The Clutch Boxes

Kalamkari art is famous for its hand painting technique. Get your favorite kalamkari art designed on your clothes to satisfy your coolest self. Kalamkari art clutch will give your outfit a very simple and sober look along with making you pass out a very cool vibe.

#6. Mughal Theme Unique Clutch Boxes for The Traditional Bride

Let’s get all traditional and royal with Mughal theme based clutch boxes. For the royal touch to your beautiful outfit, Mughal theme unique clutch boxes would be the best. It will go perfect with your silk sarees and also with your heavy bridal lehengas. Vibe it with your Mughal clutches ladies.

#7. Leather Boxes Add Some Richness To Your Outfit

If you’re in the mood to dominate your classy side, then leather clutches would be the best. It might go a bit heavy on your pocket, but there’s no other like them. Also, the best part is you can rock almost all the Indian and indo-western outfit with your leather boxes.

#8. Quirky Vehicle Motifs Clutches

Boxes designed with beads and stars but not in simple layout but vehicle designs. The most quirky and cool boxes I tell you. So many kinds of vehicle designs are embroidered on your clutch boxes giving them that extra dramatic look you need. It is for all the fun ladies out there.

#9. Pretty Embellished Stones and Gems To Clutch Boxes

‘’A woman’s first love is stones.’’ And I believe whoever said it, said it right. If you’re also one of those who is completely in love with stones, then why not add them into your clutch boxes too? For that elegant and rick look these clutch boxes would be a perfect fit. It’s for the diva in you.

#10. Hand Embroidered Beautiful Clutch Boxes for Your D-Day

Simply beautiful and royal. Giving an edge to your traditional or simple lehenga. Also, you can get your hand embroidered clutches according to your choices and your outift’s needs.

#11. Glitter and Beaded Clutch Boxes

For the one who likes too much, this is for you. Get your beautiful shimmery clutches to shine on.

#12. In Love with Words?

Let’s get our clutch boxes more personalized by adding on our favorite quote or just our name or maybe the initials of you and your partner. What can be a better way to stand out in the crowd and also for showing your love?

#13. Metallic Bridal Purse Along with Tassels and Pom Poms

Get silver, gold or copper brown clutches to add a statement to your outfit, also to add some quirkiness you can add pom poms or tassels to it.

#14. Pretty & Elegant Pearl Bead Clutch Along with The Lehenga or Saree

Is it your bestfriend’s wedding and you want to rock a plain minimalistic saree? Then what can be better than a pearly clutch box? To make you look more elegant and beautiful, rock on with the pearls on your clutches.

#15. Let’s Go for Unique and Quirky Clutch Pins

From your favorite flower to birds to so much more, in so many colors there are numerous clutch pins available. You can change the vibe of any outfit with playing around different pins. It will go best with pastel colored outfits.

#16. Some Shimmer and Sequin To Your Clutches

These clutches are for the dramatic diva in you. Add a little sparkle to your outfit with shimmery clutches or sequined beads.

#17. Tassel Clutches

Aren’t these just too adorable? Go for a pretty tassel clutch to combine with the same colored saree.

#18. Wooden Clutch

When you are someone who is not into too much shimmer and sequin, wooden clutches comes to the rescue. They are completely different and look so cute, for little festivities.

#19. Printed Clutches

The clutches with colorful prints all over them and topped with tassels or pompoms. These are something every desi girl desires to have. These are best when you have to add flavor to any simple outfit.

#20. Geometric Clutches

Are you someone who is crazy about shapes? Geometric clutches completely stand Out of the box. This is for the perfectionist in you. They’re quirky and cool to carry. You can either go for simple geometric clutches or sequined and glittered geometric clutches.

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